What Is One of the Keys For Success ? It is Strategy My Friends !

What I learned is that behind any goal you want to achieve, you need to have a robust strategy. In a nutshell, each goal you will achieve is purposefully connected to your ultimate goal.

The idea is, like a new building, you’re going to work on the foundations, the materials, the design before making it real and this is exactly what you need to do for the achievement of your goal. It’s like mapping the way to your goal/ desire/ wish. Because your focus is always directed to the success  of your goal, you will not be side-tracked or demotivated.

The key is to have a reminder of your purpose and knowing that we are getting closer from it daily, weekly, monthly is like from a telescopic view, we will create a kaleidoscope view which is your goal vision.

Because we are so much bombarded by information and so many choices that we can lose the plot and truly lose our focus. And it can happen BUT we have the power to say NO and to do massive action for change. And this is YOUR power. When you embrace change, everything you desire is going to happen my friends. Dive into it and enjoy the ride !

How To Transform Your Body ? Position Yourself As The Creator

The feeling to work on yourself, to exceed your limits with effort and sweat is so worth it. You have this effect to be grounded in your effort to improve, progress at your own pace.

Because you set your own expectations, you feel free and empowered. There is no pressure , just the sheer pleasure to move your body, to feel your muscles working and to know intuitively that it’s working. For your body, your mind, your soul.

It is a connection that our body and mind crave to work in unison with us to create the design and beauty we want. This partnership is so precious and powerful that igniting it is key to feel balanced, comfortable in your own skin and confident.

Confidence lies in the knowing, the core feeling that we are working in great collaboration with our body to learn another language which is called exercise/ workout. Your body needs to live this dance everyday to transform the way you want beautifully and harmoniously.

Transform your body requires patience, perseverance, faith and consistency. Why ? Because you are the creator, the creator to create this phenomenal flow of energy to design you body. The Power is in your hands. Position yourself as the creator. Grab it and own it.

This Is Your Time To Play Big !

If you have one thing that you desire most than anything, surround yourself with people having the same philosophy, mindset than you.

Once you will put a strategy in place to reach your goal, you will distance yourself from the persons, toxic, noisy, not willing to support you and embrace the new You. It can be painful but ultimately it is cathartic to find your tribe,your community.

We all strive to fulfill our desires and passions. We know deep down that pursuing our desires is like climbing a mountain because this is what we heard, learnt from our family, relatives, colleagues or friends. But listen to your inner voice, let her guide you to make the unfamiliar familiar, to face your fears, to bust off your limiting beliefs and to create a life you LOVE.

A life on your own terms surrounded by your tribe where you will positively impact the life of others while being free. Free of rules, of the should, have to, to truly transform your life and the life of others. My friends, you can do it.

All of us, we are seeking to connect, to make a difference in the world to leverage our uniqueness and be a creator. To share our knowledge, our skills, our talents in a savvy way and create our own happiness, our own bliss. Like you, I will not give up until I will make reality my vision.

Life is an adventure, a fabulous journey that we have the chance to live. Don’t ever forget about it. This is you time to shift your mindset.This is your time to play big.

My Friends, It’s Time to Unlock Purely and Simply Our Potential To Rock 2018 !!

If you have decided to meditate but you really don’t know where to start.

If you want before to delve into it to learn the link between neurosciences and meditation in an elegant and powerful way.

If you want to integrate more mindfulness, meditation and Manifesting with one practice, let me tell you my friends Ziva meditation is for YOU!

This powerful meditation method has the talent to explain how their meditation will uplevel your life for the better, for the funky and juicy stuff that you dream of. It is like find the Ali Baba cave and keep with you a Genius in your mind forever, it’s beyond all our wildest expectations because, honestly knowledge is Power and with this method, you’re going to ROCK 2018 !! Are you ready for it ?

Warning! Don’t expect that everything will be easy, a method like this one will uncover your deepest feelings, secrets to put them into light and remove your junk definitely. Ultimately you will have pure gold in your hands when you will step into growing and changing your life with this meditation…and this a no-brainer my friends, it’s time to unlock purely and simply our POTENTIAL!!! With this goldmine, 2018 is going to be YOUR year !

How To Grow ? Embrace The Storm for Freedom !

It is when the storm is coming…that you can truly see it and despite your gut telling you to stop, you run into it ready to fight, to stand for yourself and to know the truth.

When this is happening, a myriad of questions are exploding in your head to rationalise your feelings, your overwhelm need to let out your anger, your frustration and your refusal. Your brain is trying to find the answer to the issue, to put words on what you experienced.

But above all this fucking drama, after the storm passed, you do understand that the source of it is this ugly and blatant fear holding us back, keeping us small, scared and worried. And this is when you step away from this vicious circle, you say Adios to this limiting mindset and you make the conscious choice to fight for better, for love, for harmony. Because this storm is a miracle in disguise, to show you what needs to be changed for good and for ever.

Embrace this storm, this need to scream because you feel trapped, exhausted and lost. Honor your feelings. Cry. Fight back. Be the change you want to bring in your life.

Be Inspired, Motivated, Empowered by Gaëlle !

You may have noticed that the name of my blog changed. It’s not Be Yourself by Jolia but Be Yourself by Gaelle. A small change which translate my desire to do not hide anymore behind my nickname on Internet Jolia and to embrace this change wholeheartedly… because it’s TIME !

I used to navigate on Internet with this name since Caramail (which mean it has been for ages !!!) and I feel this drive to connect my true identity with my blog that I love.

I think it is truly the time for all of US to take action, step into our power and be unapologetically ourselves. It is a door for more authenticity, an identity statement to rock 2018. So with this new intention,  you will hear much more about me my friends to inspire, motivate and empower You !

Create Change At Any Age Is Possible.

I watched this video and it truly reminded me that any small action has an impact to the world around us. Having the courage to challenge the injustice or the preconceptions so young is a beautiful and powerful statement that each of us, we can truly create change and empower ourselves everyday. At any age.

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How To Celebrate Christmas On Your Own Terms ?

Mid-December is already gone and contrary to what you may think, I am not in a rush to start 2018. Because I learnt this year to being present i.e. raise my consciousness with awareness, meditation and mindfulness. So with all this craziness around Christmas holiday, how are you going to remain zen without being rushed to celebrate Christmas ?

1.Choose the Christmas you want.

My friends, the first rule to set is choose what type of Christmas you want. Do you want a messy, joyful party with laughter, fun and great food or a huge and conventional party creating so much pressure, obligations ad responsibilities that you will finish exhausted, stressed and flat tired ?

2. A flexible approach for organising.

Despite what people may think, it’s always possible to use Internet to order online all your Christmas food shopping. This is one of the solutions but not the only one. What I prefer to do, especially during the weekend before Christmas is to do my food shopping and buy the last presents on the morning once the shops are opened. I swear by God that the experience to buy beautiful presents and delicious food is much more enticing and pleasurable than being rushed, pushed, stressed during the peak hours of Christmas shopping. The same rule applies to Oxford Circus, Bond Street or Marylebone, the earlier you are to do your shopping, the quicker you will complete it with everything you need.

3. A Christmas with intention.

Yes, to avoid the circle of doing, doing without thinking, set up an intention for your Christmas this year. Elevate yourself by connecting yourself with the real Christmas spirit and decide now to celebrate Christmas on your own terms. Most importantly, ask yourself : What is Christmas for you ? What is dear to you during this time ? Connect with your family, giving back, reflect and rest ? Take the time to visualise your perfect Christmas.

4. Celebrate Christmas before Christmas.

Yes, some of you love to wait Christmas to receive your presents and others can’t wait to receive some of them before …Christmas which mean that having small presents before Christmas is a nice preparation and anticipation to celebrate Christmas in beauty. Simple gestures like a box of chocolate, a mulled wine, a new beautiful scarf, a long phone call with a dear friend : these are the perfect signs of joy, small moments creating a momentum to celebrate surely but gently Christmas before Christmas ! Pamper yourself with these treats to be in a place of Joy to celebrate Christmas.

What Can You Do To Experience Pure Bliss ?

I did not use it. I did not open it… and it dramatically changed my day. More in tune with myself, observing the world around me helps me greatly to be in the present and enjoy each minute of my life differently. It’s like being on another dimension and realise that this one is the correct one, the one I need to connect to to find back my balance. Time is slowing down, no more bips, news, notifications everything around me look more interesting and real than ever.

I enjoyed looking at the sky, at the environment around me and to feel settled once and for all. This is what I experienced by not having Internet in my flat for two days. Let me tell you, it was pure bliss, detachment from the digital world to not be driven by it but instead taking back control. Pure, real and raw power to switch off technology around you to appreciate more your life. Pure, pure bliss that I would repeat as much as I can.

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