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Lorde – Green Light

This is one of the songs I discovered by working out, yes because the upbeat is really good and my personal trainer used it in her streaming sessions regularly to keep us energised… and let me tell you, finally I like this song quite a lot, different style but quite powerful in its own way. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture : Universal Music NZ Ltd.

Do you want to succeed in your life or perform better ? You won’t believe what you only need to do !

I just watched a brilliant Ted Talk about the power of exercise. We all know, we need to workout for various reasons and the most important one is to stay healthy, preserve our capital health. But I think it is always valuable to listen to a talk and have confirmation from another angle that doing aerobic exercise is the key to optimize our cognitive functions : memory, attention and imagination.  Yes, it scientifically proven with neuroscientists studies that moving your body regularly is the secret to feel like  a million bucks, help you succeed in your studies, exams, at work or to reach your goals.Yes, as simple as it is, find the workout which will invigorate, excite you and you will unlock your inner potential. To prove my point, I really recommend you to watch this Ted Talk, you will laugh sometimes (because Wendy is funny), smiling or being enthusiastic that moving your body can be fun and maybe still hear these positive affirmations in your head ! Credit featured picture :

March : A wake up call to be the best version of yourself

1st March 2017. Did you see the last months pass ? Me, to be honest, not at all. And it is always like that with January and February, you just start to make small changes to your life, to have new ideas to make your life easier that March is knocking on your door. Sign that our fellow guy Winter won’t stay too long (hopefully) and that Spring is around the corner,  slow awakening of the nature around us. This time, I think it’s time to embrace the vibes of this new month, to reflect on our goals, where we want to go and set up a strategy plan to reach our goals. It is a time to feeling energised, refreshed, invigorated, in a nutshell to wake up our mind and body and work to remain upbeat, happy and positive. Yes, working relentlessly to change our mindset, to emphasize the positive, learn from your mistakes, aim and rise high because we all can do it. If we put our mind to do it. And after …