Quality, Beauty And Empowerment With Neom Organics

I discovered recently an organic brand creating amazing candles, perfumes and skincare products. This brand has been created by a working mum who managed to make her vision a reality. What really struck me was the message of the brand “small steps, big difference.”

Why ? because as a woman working in the City, these small moments are key to preserve from insanity, stress and frankly lose the plot. Such moments invigorate, re-energise me so much that the world is my oyster and I am ready once again to keep my optimism and have a great day.

I received recently their last product, their Scent Discovery Test. It is basically a test composed of small vials, each of them containing a blend of essential oils which will identify your underlying wellbeing. At first, I was curious, intrigued but a bit sceptical, although tempted by it.

Why ? because I am extremely sensitive to smells, perfume. For instance I like lavender but found the smell of it too empowering. I love the smell of the lemon oil but cannot cope to put it on my skin due to allergies. However, what really pushed me to give it a go is to identify my wellbeing need.

All the blends in each vial, without exception smell amazingly good. None of the other blends, perfumes or mists made me react but this one miraculously made me smile instantly and uplifted my mood like sunshine beams. And a few days later, I still remember vividly about this blend like a magic potion to trigger my joie de vivre and my happiness. It is a revelation because this product is 100% pure quality : organic ingredients, amazing smells and the philosophy of the brand is the cherry on the cake. A brand based on a holistic approach (body, mind and soul) to truly make a difference in our lives and being a must-have in our bag to get on with our day.

No nasties, no fake promises, just quality, beauty and empowerment for all of us.

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Me time : the perfect ingredient to come back relaxed !

I have to admit it, when your own daughter is pushing you to relax with her in your bed or in your sofa, this is a fuxxxng wake up call that it’s time to relax. This level of exhaustion has been crescendo since the last few weeks for various reasons and my willpower to stay in control (of course of what I can!). I,  for the first time not rushing to go back in France for Christmas, instead of doing it, I will, this time, enjoy Christmas here at London with my loved ones…because we need to have this time for rest, restoration and coziness at home.

So today is my “me time day”. Being alone, free to do what I would like to do, it is liberating but a bit weird. Why ? Because left alone, it took some time to figure out what I wanted to do. Go to the cinema? Do some shopping? Enjoy a apple and pear crumble at Le Pain Quotidien or as simple as it is, be adventurous, prepare my bag and go where I want with no plans at all?!?  And yes, this is really what I did. I enjoyed a nice meal at Las Iguanas at Bankside and I am drafting my next articles at Le Pain Quotidien at Covent Garden right now with a matcha tea latte next to me. Christmas is around us, really close in fact and I am taking all my time for my Christmas presents. Today is no rush, stress, crazy day, I am not in charge and it’s good to let another captain take charge during my absence. As a mum, it’s not easy to do but taking time for ourselves is the perfect ingredient to come back rejuvenated, relaxed and easygoing.

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Trouver un équilibre 

Je trouve qu’on reçoit une ribambelle de conseils, de guidance pour nous aider à vivre notre vie à fond. Ok c’est cool mais j’en viens à en déduire qu’il faut vraiment faire le tri et décider ce qui est prioritaire pour moi. Je pense que c’est une question de bon sens et de choix et que tout le monde y pense mais il est vraiment dur avec le bombardement d’infos qui nous tombe dessus de se concentrer et rester fidèle à ses choix. C’est comme le sport, j’ai trouvé la méthode de Tracy Anderson qui est incroyable et révolutionnaire et que j’adore. C’est dur, me pousse dans mes retranchements et à me concentrer différemment pour créer un lien entre mon corps et mon esprit. Et pourtant…dur dur de rester active tous les jours quand on doit gérer tant de choses sur tous les plans : carrière, famille, vie sociale, et autres. J’ai réussi à retrouver un équilibre après quelques mois mais pas sur tous les plans parce qu’être une working Mum, c’est un art de jonglerie dans toute sa splendeur !

Malgre tout, je releve le defi de faire face a tout, de trouver des solutions, de rester tenace malgre les generalites. Si j’ecoutais les autres, je ne serai jamais ou je serai maintenant. Faites-vous confiance. C’est en prenant du recul, en observant que je trouve des solutions…et malgre une vie pleine de challenges et d’imprevus, c’est la ou reside mon equilibre, la savante mesure entre routine et nouveaute, entre habitude et originalite, entre famille et nouvelles connaissances.

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