Create Change At Any Age Is Possible.

I watched this video and it truly reminded me that any small action has an impact to the world around us. Having the courage to challenge the injustice or the preconceptions so young is a beautiful and powerful statement that each of us, we can truly create change and empower ourselves everyday. At any age.

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Dear Sister, I Wholeheartedly Support You

The patriarchy is not happy. But seriously who cares?! And it’s time for them to see the real truth. Women do not accept to be harassed, underestimated, diminished by their expectations, preconceptions or judgements. Women are ready to fight for equality, for their rights, for their body, for their health and define their uniqueness with bravery and boldness.

The time is coming where women support each other, unified by the same desire to live authentically,unapologetic about their choices, their decisions, their life.

A modern woman is a woman with a Wonderwoman mindset, she wants to make a difference in the world, embracing her difference and owning her power. She will relentlessly rise and overcome challenges because she is the one faced with issues to resolve daily. Everyone is expecting from her to do it because they know that women are peacemakers, good at finding new solutions or ideas.

However, this time, yes this time, the modern woman look around her and saw the absurdity of it all : before to resolve the problem of others, she has to deal with this ongoing issue, she must fight for her, for her voice to be heard, to be respected, to own her power and challenge the status quo for her rise.

Yes, it took us ages to realise that we have been educated the way people want to see us. Thankfully, our mothers, fathers instilled in us the fire to be strong, independent, empower ourselves to live the life we want. Now, more than ever, the world is your oyster if you decide to be. Dare to begin and now that I wholeheartedly support YOU.

From Fiction to Non-Fiction, Ava Miles Continues To Empower Women !

No one has ever released seven books on one day in the non-fiction field and Ava Miles, international best selling author just realised this miracle with her guides to empower women entitled ” The Goddesses Guide to Being A Woman.” More known for her fiction series that I love, Ava Miles is making a big entrance in the non-fiction world with her goddess guides.

Each of the guide is providing guidance on a different topic for women to embrace their self, feminity with confidence, beauty and grace. The purpose of this series is to help women to be in alignment with their divine self and reclaim their power as modern women. It is a celebration of the essence of any woman to being, knowing herself to remove the old beliefs holding her to play small to finally embrace her uniqueness and fire up the light within her.

I am hesitant as to know which guide to read but I will definitely give it a try. Being a Goddess Woman is the life changing journey we need to truly make our life extraordinary. Stay tuned for my next review of one of these guides!

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You Want To Feel Feminine And Sophisticated ? Intimissimi Is For You !

I am not going to hide it to you any longer…my board Lingerie on my Pinterest account confirm my love for lingerie. I am always amazed by the talent of the designers to create for our bodies and to enhance it delicate, elegant underwear.

It is for most women the manner to add a touch of sensuality and care to their body and person because we all deserve it : find the collection, the piece which will give you instantly confidence and sexiness. Yes, if the lingerie is a beautiful tool for women to empower them and embrace their feminity, we should all wear lingerie for us and for our men.

I know the italian brand  Intimissimi for ages and so far, I always found my happiness in this shop. I love the design, the care, the quality given to each piece and the exuberant colors of the Summer collection. I noticed quickly by walking in Paris today that Intimissimi has opened stores in the city of Love… undeniable sign that Intimissimi target a customer base keen to be feminine and sophisticated.

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Wonder Woman : Wonder, Courage And Grace

I went to see it last week and the messages of this movie really resonated with me. At a time where hate try to engulf us and we fight to preserve and nourish our hope, light and love for life, this movie is the one to remind you vividly that Courage an Faith are everything . Standing up for yourselves, fight for your values is an incredible message that we have to keep in mind to live the life we want.

I have to say, the movie is a smart balance between humour, history, peace, war and bravery.  Each day we can choose our side : to love or to hate and Wonder Woman is the personified woman which convey courage, grace and peace.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is astonishingly beautiful, an amazing athlete and so refreshingly human with no awareness of the human society. She wants to protect women, men and children, protect the world against war and her faith, her belief in her duty makes her invincible and strong.

More than ever, ultimately Wonder Woman convey the message that believing in love is the key for peace. This movie is what we truly need to keep fighting for peace and harmony whatever the issue you are dealing with.

I believe that each woman believing in Love and fighting courageously for her values/beliefs is an incarnation of Wonder Woman. It is our turn to change the world with Love.

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Experiment, variety and empowerment with…Make Up !

I start to like make up, incredible but true because  I changed my attitude towards it. I also think that meeting a brilliant adviser at Bobbi Brown help me to give a try, try different nuances to find the one matching my mood and my desire.

Make up is more than looking groomed, it is a fantastic way to express your personality, your strength and boldness. As a make up specialist told me : “make up is to enhance the beauty of women and the Pandore box for experiment and fun.” Yes, he was right that you need to take some risks to find your mojo, your make up style but most importantly you have to be ready for it. Even if you look superb with this must have lipstick, you need to ensure that this lipstick will be an investment and not a waste of money.

What I like with make up is the freedom to experiment, try new colors, discover new products perfect for my bambina de peau and my positive attitude. With Spring, it is an explosion of colours, of beautiful and delicates shades to express our awakening, our pleasure to feel the sun on our skin and feeling prettier.

I discovered recently that blending, mixing lipsticks is the secret to create my own lipstick with the perfect nuance. I love testing, trying, try unconventional blending to create something new, different and great.

I love the variety we have : decide that a lip balm, mascara and perfect eyebrows is my signature to look groomed and kick ass my day. It’s quick, great and my formula for work day but also that one day, I can choose to drag attention more to my lips, eyes or face. We become the maestra of our seduction and confidence. It is empowering, a sign of freedom and another way to express ourselves. Ladies, we are spoilt !

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Celebrate self love instead of Valentine’s Day

I’m not single and I am not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day today. Why ?  because love should be celebrated daily, not just particularly on the 14th February. Today I want to inspire you to love, love yourself, take the time to pamper yourself and to look only after you. To all the single women and men, today do something different, crazy, risky to mark this day as the day to differentiate yourself and  do something extraordinary for you, just for you without guilt, hesitation or overanalysis.

To all the single working mums, you are the wonderwomen of our time and I am amazed by your strength, passion and resilience to raise children on your own. To all of you, celebrate self love to always bring the best for your bundle of joy and loved ones. Today is the day where I forgot Mr Valentine to focus on my bundle of joy because she woke up at dawn and needed to be cuddled by her mummy to face the day. She is now sleeping peacefully and this is the reason why I can write this post right now.

This time forget about Mr Valentine and celebrate today as a day for pure self-love.

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Anne Marie – Alarm

Love. Trust. Cheating. Second chance. And when your guts are telling that he’s doing it again. Alarm. Red alarm ringing in your head. This time, no tears, no cry just a good song who celebrate that women don’t stay around for the rerun. Enjoy !

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