A Scent To Make You Happy : Neom Organics Is A Must Have

This is the scent that my mind and body need. Instantly the smell of this Home Mist revives me and uplift my mood. I can feel my frequency raising up gradually and I am literally bathing in this powerful scent. Aromatherapy is the must have right now. Why ? Because if you want to have a cheerleader to kick your ass, gives you some oomph for the day, this range of scents is remarkably brilliant. To tell you, I cannot live without it. I need my daily dose of happiness to get on with my day and spread my enthusiasm and positivity to everyone.

What is particular is that the Scent Discovery Kit is a precious ally to identify my wellbeing need. Between work, family life, appointments, personal commitment and other responsibilities, it can be tricky to keep track of your wellbeing so focused we are sometimes to make our family and others happy. Neom Organics, as a branch with a holistic approach is a good reminder to love yourself and to make time for yourself. We need to restore our energy, our joy for life with beautiful, quality and 100% natural products to feel our best.

Additionally, Neom Organics has created ebook guides which provide a ton of tips, advice to make small changes in your life and change your life tremendously. Actually, I am lacking energy and I am trying one step at the time to apply these changes to feel energised and ready to kick ass my day. I really encourage you to look at their website and try to get a copy of their guides, it is honestly a positive and holistic manner to help us each day enjoy our life as we should be.

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Quality, Beauty And Empowerment With Neom Organics

I discovered recently an organic brand creating amazing candles, perfumes and skincare products. This brand has been created by a working mum who managed to make her vision a reality. What really struck me was the message of the brand “small steps, big difference.”

Why ? because as a woman working in the City, these small moments are key to preserve from insanity, stress and frankly lose the plot. Such moments invigorate, re-energise me so much that the world is my oyster and I am ready once again to keep my optimism and have a great day.

I received recently their last product, their Scent Discovery Test. It is basically a test composed of small vials, each of them containing a blend of essential oils which will identify your underlying wellbeing. At first, I was curious, intrigued but a bit sceptical, although tempted by it.

Why ? because I am extremely sensitive to smells, perfume. For instance I like lavender but found the smell of it too empowering. I love the smell of the lemon oil but cannot cope to put it on my skin due to allergies. However, what really pushed me to give it a go is to identify my wellbeing need.

All the blends in each vial, without exception smell amazingly good. None of the other blends, perfumes or mists made me react but this one miraculously made me smile instantly and uplifted my mood like sunshine beams. And a few days later, I still remember vividly about this blend like a magic potion to trigger my joie de vivre and my happiness. It is a revelation because this product is 100% pure quality : organic ingredients, amazing smells and the philosophy of the brand is the cherry on the cake. A brand based on a holistic approach (body, mind and soul) to truly make a difference in our lives and being a must-have in our bag to get on with our day.

No nasties, no fake promises, just quality, beauty and empowerment for all of us.

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Balance : a clever and balancing act between news and wellbeing !

I think I found it. The magazine for Londoners that I can enjoy reading and take my time doing it. First of all, this magazine is informative and so positive, all the time seeking for information that will make a difference to our life and insightful. I realised with it that I had a broken sleep and needed to slow down or drink herbal teas to sleep like a baby. I think we are in a position where we can knowledgeable, after, to keep yourself updated, this is honestly another matter. So, I was glad to discover this little gem, read interesting interviews from Naomie Harris, David Gandy, Idris Elba giving us the opportunity to know them and realise that, these persons work really hard to be where they are. And I truly like this reminder.

But this is not the end of it. The articles are meaningful, pushing the reader to pause, to read positive stories , facts, to realise that London is a fantastic community of like minded people and that we all want to live well, enjoy our life in a more meaningful and peaceful manner. Learning more about us will improve our relationship with ourselves and with others. If you are comfortable in your own skin, people around you will feel it and feel comfortable around you. This is a domino effect and a simple but smart way to live in harmony with others.

Balance is a clever and balancing act between news and wellbeing. The November issue is out and I really recommend you to read it, dear Londoners, it’s truly a gem.

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Building a stable network for our children

More my baby is growing up and more I realise that building/having a stable network around her is primordial. Even tough we know that people come and go, it is essential to maintain as much as I can a stable network of friends, nanny or babysitters for our children. At first because my daughter look so confident, independent , you may think that if someone is going to leave, she will, of course, understand but ultimately she will go over it and accept it. Yes, she will because she has no choice but the key element is despite these changes, it is crucial to fight to preserve the same circle of people around her. She needs stability. Like all children. And it can he hard and this is where, as mums, we need to fight, to go beyond our comfort zone to protect the wellbeing and happiness of our children.

So that’s why when I had the opportunity to meet the daddy of my daughter’s best friend, I didn’t hesitate , didn’t shy away from this chance to speak to him, to introduce myself, take his phone number to arrange something for our daughters to play together. I grasped this opportunity and I took it because my daughter will go into a new nursery next week and won’t see her friend everyday as before (they are in the same nursery for the time being). Trust me, it look easy, simple but I think it becomes to be the norm when you want the best for your baby. I can’t wait to see the face of my daughter when she is going to see her, it will be so worth it !

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Music is everything

b34a927263b5c7a8164c6b563d69f34aSince my childhood music  is source of joy, fun and passion. This is one of the things I can’t live without it. Whatever your mood,  your state of mind, music has the ability to shift your attitude, to either soothe you, energise you or saddens you. More importantly music can be your ally, your partner to alleviate your stress, anxiety and help you each day to step back from the hustle and bustle of London. I see everyday in the train, the tube, in the street people listening to music with their headphones or earsets. It is an evidence once again that music is a daily part of our life. Everyone from big to small businesses, to hospitals and childcare use music as an invaluable and powerful tool for their goals.

Music is also used to work with children and adults of all ages and social backgrounds with a range of issues including : eating, communication disorders, anxiety, addiction and behavioural and emotional difficulties. Music therapy can be particularly helpful when emotions are too confusing to express verbally. Music therapy is a psychological therapy that aims to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement in live musical interaction between client and therapist.

I also learnt to my daughter to enjoy music and dance to the fullest, to express her joie de vivre constantly and to be familiar and confident with her body. This is, I think something you should learn to each child : be comfortable with your body, know how to move it and embrace dancing, moving which is the celebration of life. I don’t want for her to feel ashamed of it or to feel clumsy with it. We are how we move. Music is part of my DNA.

I  learnt recently that music is the best tool for babies to learn how to speak due to the repetitive intonation patterns of a nursery rhyme or song. They are developing their verbal and physical coordination as well as their rhythm. This is brilliant and so playful that they don’t see it as an exercise but as a funny and entertaining game. I really love the idea of learning by having fun, particularly at this age.

Music is everywhere. It is from my point of view one of the best hobby to have and it is so rewarding emotionally. Music is everything because life would be devoid of meaning, joy, passion, love, without the expressions of our emotions owing to the music. Music is definitely everything.

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