Self Care Is Good But Self Love Is Even Better !

It is when the truth is slapping in the face that you always stop yourself in your tracks. Your all awesomeness start to dip down and you start to be worried, concerned and put yourself in the guilt box. Because you knew. You knew that it was time to slow down, disconnect from the digital world and make yourself as a priority.

Self care is good but Self Love is even better. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself, if not it’s time stopping, dipping your toes in the distraction sauce and focus on the essential stuff which is only YOU.

Yes, no need to find reasons not to, excuses when your doctor ask you to have an ultra sound to check if you have a disease that you’re not aware.

Was it scary to hear that ? Yes !

Did I go into the drama rollercoaster that my dear ego wanted to ? No.

Did I feel down and needed some time to reflect ? Yes.

Did I change my habits straight away ? Yes

The result of it, today is my last day before to go on holiday for a well deserved break ON MY OWN. Don’t wait until the last minute, listen to your intuition and have the courage to change for good. My friends, Self Care is good but Self Love is even BETTER !

Dear Sister, I Wholeheartedly Support You

The patriarchy is not happy. But seriously who cares?! And it’s time for them to see the real truth. Women do not accept to be harassed, underestimated, diminished by their expectations, preconceptions or judgements. Women are ready to fight for equality, for their rights, for their body, for their health and define their uniqueness with bravery and boldness.

The time is coming where women support each other, unified by the same desire to live authentically,unapologetic about their choices, their decisions, their life.

A modern woman is a woman with a Wonderwoman mindset, she wants to make a difference in the world, embracing her difference and owning her power. She will relentlessly rise and overcome challenges because she is the one faced with issues to resolve daily. Everyone is expecting from her to do it because they know that women are peacemakers, good at finding new solutions or ideas.

However, this time, yes this time, the modern woman look around her and saw the absurdity of it all : before to resolve the problem of others, she has to deal with this ongoing issue, she must fight for her, for her voice to be heard, to be respected, to own her power and challenge the status quo for her rise.

Yes, it took us ages to realise that we have been educated the way people want to see us. Thankfully, our mothers, fathers instilled in us the fire to be strong, independent, empower ourselves to live the life we want. Now, more than ever, the world is your oyster if you decide to be. Dare to begin and now that I wholeheartedly support YOU.

What is Being Vulnerable ?

Being vulnerable, what is it and why are we so afraid of it ?

Because it means once again we can suffer, we give all our heart to this person without games, calculations or manipulation. We want to show our real self and we are taking the risk to be hurt. Because deep down , we know that we need to show our authentic self to have this chance to find Our love, recognise it and be with him/her for ever.

In our increasingly frenetic world where we are put under pressure constantly, we are sometimes not ready to remove our layers of protection to show our true self but being vulnerable is ultimately a strength not a weakness.

Being vulnerable is to show your ignorance, your limits without shame, without excusing yourself for it.

Being vulnerable is let your tears drop on your cheeks, to have a blurred vision, accept it and let it go.

Being vulnerable is let your emotions taking over your mind and let your heart beating harder.

Being vulnerable is delving into your traumas, your emotional wounds and release them.

Being vulnerable is to give your trust, your everything.

Being vulnerable is being hurt because it will take time to recover from it, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years because time is needed to heal.

Being vulnerable is to admit our mistakes, our past actions and forgive ourselves.

Being vulnerable is accepting your humanity and embrace it.

Being vulnerable is understand the circle of life, happiness is linked to sadness, there is no strength without vulnerability,there is no black without white, no yin without yang.

Being vulnerable is to let go of the past and reveal your authentic self to live your life on your own terms.

Being vulnerable is to open a door for love, light, joy and ultimately healing.

Being vulnerable is being authentic.

And If It’s Time To Invest In Yourself ?

“Keep up the good work! ” This was the end of her unofficial review for mid year and she couldn’t prevent herself to notice that her manager has big projects for the rest of the year. Somewhere in the ocean of words that her manager was saying a few minutes ago, a realisation came upon her : ” big projects again ? really ? Why I invest my time, my energy in this job and not for me ?”

Gradually during all the day, she felt that she didn’t want to be only good, she wanted to make a difference in people lives, heal them by empowering them and fire up the light within them to make their life extraordinary.

She was thinking that if she has to give her energy for this company, it’s time to make the investment of her life, take a leap of faith and set up her own business.

To overcome her fears and make her voice heard. To live in line with her purpose and feel fulfilled for good.

But first she needed to face her fears…

Credit featured picture : Instagram