Premium Streaming with Tracy Anderson : Let’s Give It A Try!

The streaming service with TA is for me pretty awesome, working out with her each week is amazing. What is even better is the launch of the Premium streaming. Tracy on her Instagram profile show us that she is working hard to provide more value, more content and even guidance from her experts. So, I have decided to give it a try.

I have nothing to lose, everything to win, the price is reasonable. Tracy is extremely professional and passionate to deliver high value content with always a strategy to create balance in our body. As you may know I am following her  method for ages and never, ever another workout helped me to have a feminine, toned and sculpted body. She is the best to empower the small muscles to design your body the way you want to if you are consistent.

This new Premium streaming promises to give us access to an exclusive content produced and presented by Tracy  with :

  • An intro video from Tracy
  • Monthly dance cardio routines
  • Muscular structure breakdown tutorials
  • Video recordings of Tracy’s in-studio Fireside Chats with her roster of leading doctors and experts
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Seasonal additions

The launch of the Premium streaming is on the 1st February. I will tell you more about it next week ! if you want to know more about Tracy Anderson Method, my previous posts are a perfect guide for any newbie. Have a great day beauties !

Tracy Anderson London Vitality Week – Day 2 : Knowing Yourself

Amazing, amazing!!! No other words can express my joy and my gratitude to work out with Tracy Anderson and her fabulous team at London. Each of them is truly nice, kind and approachable.

Today, I was more at ease with the heat and the moves were even greater than yesterday. More close to where Tracy was, so I could have a better look of the moves.

The interrogation mark in all of our minds, I imagine is why putting so much heat and humidity and I was myself quite intrigued to know the rationale behind it. Tracy explained that our bodies naturally can survive in worse conditions. What she is trying to achieve is an environment where your mind, your body and yourself cannot escape from the workout. She wants you to be in the game, to be totally focused to perform the moves and this heat, humidity and loud music are keys to reach this level of focus and access to the flow of the moves. The moves are innovative, feminine and complex which require your muscles to be loose to respond appropriately to your demands and perform to the level they can be. It is mind blowing because you are pushing back your own boundaries constantly. When you see that all the ladies around you keep at it, sweat buckets of water like you, it give you THIS boost to push, to perform and to do better.

It is truly an experience to workout in this heated environment with moves challenging your muscles, your form and your mind. I think at times, when I understood the move straight away, I was able to create my own flow and it is priceless, you get in the flow and you are performing and you feel at your best.

All the girls from the second session were more used to the heat and truly enjoyed it. I like the fact that I was able to tap into my energy source to workout and enjoy this time with Tamily and Tracy.

I really resonate with the guidance from Tracy to find your own formula to know the  amount of exercise and level you can do : beginners, intermediate or advanced. Once you know what is your line (your level) to being in the game by showing up for yourself, and bring your own fairy ninja.

Additionally the key is to find the right balance between your eating, your workout to tap into the ability of your body and brain to burn more calories to either lose weight or to reach your balance. It is not necessarily easy but it’s worth to try and to find it. This search is definitely on my agenda from today to know more about my metabolism and my body. It it once again pushing your boundaries of what we know, we hear i.e. developing a growth mindset to learn about your metabolism and to truly earn the results of it.

When you are learning about her goals behind her method, you have a better understanding of what she is trying to achieve. For instance, she wants us to learn how to distribute our energy because when you look at the manner she is moving from a move to another one, you TRULY need to gain this awareness and try moving like an animal. She referred to a cat because such animal is so relaxed but can use instantly its body energy to attack, run or jump and this is what Tracy wants us to be. To tap in our body energy when needed, to develop our energy and cultivate it by moving daily.

She also advised that her streaming platform will evolve with a standing series. For her, the best of her method is the MC. With streaming, you can see the real her, in the studio, sweating and working out daily, it is truly her authentic self and she wanted for us to have access to that.

Once again, she advised that there is a strategy behind each move in MC, so better not to change the weights because it will destroy the intention behind the moves. In regards to this point, I stick to MC now because if I managed to do the Vitality Week, yes, the MC is perfect for me. However, it’s crucial to listen to your body, if you can’t do the moves, you can modify it until you will be able to do it. You can start without the weights as well if you truly don’t feel it. It is a question of balance between listen to your body and knowing what you can do. Tune in with your intuition, your inner voice to know what you can do. One thing for sure, when I am calming down my mind instead of freaking out, most of time my perseverance pays off. Completing one hour of TAM workout is the best way to feel energised, feeling like a million bucks and ready to kick ass your day.

I have no regrets at all to have attended this Vitality Week. It is worth the investment and I am even thinking to go to the second Vitality Week in London once her new studio will be ready to welcome us. Ladies, you have to attend it next time !

Elle me rend patraque mais je l’adore !

J’adore ma fille mais être réveillée par elle au milieu de la nuit plus d’une fois dans la semaine alors qu’elle a 4 ans commence à me rendre patraque. Mademoiselle est dans sa période difficile pour manger et a un appétit d’oiseau si elle ne voit passe qu’elle aime dans son assiette. Forcément au bout de quelques jours, ce changement commence à se remarquer par ces réveils sonores et chanteurs au milieu de la nuit. C’est à ce moment que Mademoiselle veut papoter et refaire le monde, sérieusement et puis quoi encore !?!?? Elle me fait mourir de rire 🤣 même si je sais que je vais ressembler à un zombie le lendemain.

D’ailleurs, je suis réveillée depuis une demi-heure et je commence à émerger lentement de mon état de comateuse réfléchissant à ce que je peux faire pour retrouver mon mojo. Faire du sport pour booster mon énergie, méditer pour rester zen et concentrée ? Hum, hum je pense que je vais faire les deux pour commencer ma journée d’un bon pas avant de partir en formation pour apprendre les avantages d’Excel 2013.

Bonne journée à tous !

Building An Healthy Relationship With Your Body

It took me some time to get back to it. It’s good to learn about the mind, discover new meditations but, but when my body start to be sore due to lack of intense and regular workout, I knew it’s time to get back to it.

Not only my body crave for it but I wanted to have my good sweat sessions to detox my body and my mind. I wanted to feel the effect of the pheromones and be invigorated and energised. I spent a lot of time meditate and the effects of it have been life changing. But connecting with my body daily is also a must…and this is where you identify/ recognise your needs/ your passions that deep down you need to make time for what you love. I love writing and learning and it involve being organised to keep a flow of positivity and not feel bad to have missed doing something.

It is a struggle to find balance between our needs, expectations and self care. It’s taking time, planning, flexibility and kindness to reach our milestones. Most importantly this is where it is crucial to break your goals : having small, intermediate goals will allow you to reach your ultimate goal without any feeling of guilt or shame.

As any person, I need to feel that I am moving forward my goals, whatever the steps are small or big, the most important is to have the feeling to getting closer to your dreams.

So with this is mind I am back to move my body with Tracy Anderson to feel alive, dynamic and energised. This is not a race, this is a commitment to connect with my body in a healthy manner to feel good. And I have another motivator… I will tell you more about it next week! Have a good day beauties !

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Are You Looking For An Empowering, Innovative and Efficient Workout ? Tracy Anderson Method Is The Workout For You !

I just finished my workout via streaming and I am drenched with sweat exhilarated and invigorated. Each time Tracy Anderson has the ability to create passionately new content which push the boundaries of her students and design our body in the best possible way.

There is no magic trick, it’s pure hardcore workout, perseverance, grit and commitment. As she said one time, think of your workout like you are brushing your teeth,you don’t think to do not do it, it has to be the same for your workout. And I will add, more consistent you will be, more strong and flexible you will become.

It is proven in many different areas of our life, that grit is the key to achieve our goals. And I found it powerful to do a workout which also push me to being perseverant and have a mindset of warrior. This is again un levier to apply the same mindset in my career and my personal goals.

And the cherry on the cake is seeing my body changing the way I want, to design it as I would like in a natural and physical way. It is feeling like a million bucks and my goal this year is to feel this way as often as I can.

Tracy Anderson Method is a fabulous combination of muscular moves, dance cardio taping in your small muscles to activate them. Her creativity and her method create a revolutionary content working all your muscles to bring balance where there is unbalance. I tried numerous workouts before to find her, learn how to focus and listen to my body when working out. Body mind connection plays a fundamental role when working out and we need to tap into this potential daily to design our body.

Additionally when women support each other, miracles happen and this is pure truth. All the women worldwide doing the Tracy Anderson method support each other via Instagram, Facebook…and this is pure gold in itself. Why ? because we motivate, support each other to keep going, to get back to it, make time for it and helping each other. This network is called Tamily and its power, strength and kindness are invaluable.

In a nutshell, if you want to empower yourself by tapping into your potential, seek an innovative and efficient workout and of course having fun, Tracy Anderson Method is definitely for you.

Sculpt and tone your body with Tracy Anderson !

I subscribed to her streaming classes which are amazing. However, recently I took time to re-think about my fitness goals and what I wanted to get out of it. A healthy body ? Absolutely ! Lose some cellulite ? Of course !! but most importantly I want to have a strong, toned and confident body I can rely on to, because I want that my body be a reflection of my mindset and attitude to life.

So with this in mind, I decided firstly to focus on myself, not to follow her streaming classes but to entirely focus on what I wanted to do. I heard about one of her brilliant dvds Precision Toning to tone and sculpt your body and I decided to go for it. I really want this time to tackle my body issues which can have an impact on my overall confidence.

Since being a mum, I think one of the area I want to see flat and toned is definitely my abs. Yes. I therefore chose to work on my abs everyday coupled with exercises for legs, butt or arms. And oh boy , it’s working !! I never been so sore and, crazy but true, I am happily sore because I can feel the effect of her exercises on my body everyday.  Being sore means it is working, full stop, no need to dwell on that. It means as well that taking arnica pills and enjoy a bath with magnesium salts is mandatory to pamper my ached muscles. But despite the soreness, this result pushed me even further to wake up and stay committed to do this workout.

And this is not the end of it. Because Tracy is not working my muscles in a traditional way, I know that she makes participate all my muscles at the same time even tough she focus on one area of my body to tone it. And this is true. I feel it constantly. Added to that, I am happy to dance for my cardio session…because dancing is part of my DNA. Either it is freestyle dancing, following a choreography or just dance for fun, I need to DANCE everyday. To ensure I can fit and stay committed to it, I am doing my workout like everything I like early morning. It’s blissful, calm and my “me time” before to start the day. When you start to be a working mum, you have the choice : either to sacrifice yourself or making time for yourself. I chose the second option because it is the most healthiest one and everyone will benefit from it. So, my dear readers, I will leave you to move my body right now with my favourite personal trainer : Tracy Anderson.

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Trouver un équilibre 

Je trouve qu’on reçoit une ribambelle de conseils, de guidance pour nous aider à vivre notre vie à fond. Ok c’est cool mais j’en viens à en déduire qu’il faut vraiment faire le tri et décider ce qui est prioritaire pour moi. Je pense que c’est une question de bon sens et de choix et que tout le monde y pense mais il est vraiment dur avec le bombardement d’infos qui nous tombe dessus de se concentrer et rester fidèle à ses choix. C’est comme le sport, j’ai trouvé la méthode de Tracy Anderson qui est incroyable et révolutionnaire et que j’adore. C’est dur, me pousse dans mes retranchements et à me concentrer différemment pour créer un lien entre mon corps et mon esprit. Et pourtant…dur dur de rester active tous les jours quand on doit gérer tant de choses sur tous les plans : carrière, famille, vie sociale, et autres. J’ai réussi à retrouver un équilibre après quelques mois mais pas sur tous les plans parce qu’être une working Mum, c’est un art de jonglerie dans toute sa splendeur !

Malgre tout, je releve le defi de faire face a tout, de trouver des solutions, de rester tenace malgre les generalites. Si j’ecoutais les autres, je ne serai jamais ou je serai maintenant. Faites-vous confiance. C’est en prenant du recul, en observant que je trouve des solutions…et malgre une vie pleine de challenges et d’imprevus, c’est la ou reside mon equilibre, la savante mesure entre routine et nouveaute, entre habitude et originalite, entre famille et nouvelles connaissances.

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Anti-Aging and Hormones happy with Dr Ana Casas

I just read a brilliant interview by Tracy Anderson of the Doctor Ana Casas specialised in Anti- Aging and Regenerative Medicine and I felt deeply inspired by it. This article deliver what you really want to understand about how to prevent body aging and a quick insight into the mysteries of our hormonal system. More I was reading and more I started to be either gobsmacked or really reassured to use Herbs of Provence which is a simple way to counteract the effects of skin aging.

I always wondered what are the effects of our hormonal system on our physical and health goals. It’s good to have the knowledge and therefore feel empowered because we understand the mechanism behind our hormonal system.  Did you know for instance that we have 20 hormones helping us for weight loss ? I can’t believe it, 20 hormones !

What I also appreciated is the confirmation that our ability to cultivate our joie de vivre, our happiness is key to have a healthy life. It is simple as it is and I always advocated this philosophy of life around me.This is a serious article talking about a subject affecting men and women and I recommend you to read it. It is life changing  and I am currently looking to buy the book by Ana Casas entitled ” Optimal Hormone Weight Loss System for Women and Optimal Hormone Weight Loss for Men : Strategies, Tools and Breakthroughs To Naturally Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones “. After all, knowledge is power.

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Unlock your inner power with Tamily

I realised the true power of support, kindness, love between women and women are a force to be reckoned with. Since December 2015, I jumped overexcited on the wagon to follow the current workouts of Tracy Anderson via streaming. Let me enlighten you, I never, ever regretted my decision, to the contrary I am so overjoyed with love and gratitude for Tracy Anderson as well as the countless women worldwide who are dedicated to her method and are all of them beautiful, generous and supportive. Tracy Anderson studio

From the start, I built my strength with each workout changing every Thursday doing the advanced or beginner Masterclass. Seeing these smart women working out consistently and with such gusto made me speechless. Their love and dedication to Tracy Anderson Method push your boundaries, challenge you as well as listen to your body. I really think that I would never have achieved the level of commitment for Tracy Anderson Method without all these women entitled Tamily. The concept of working out 5 or 6 days is completely outdated for me now. If I can workout everyday, I will. However I always listen to my body, if my body is screaming for rest, I am not crazy to workout again and have an injury, this is stupid and dangerous. 

To unlock your inner power, love and support are the key elements to achieve your goals. There is nothing better that a group of women united by the same love and commitment for a revolutionary method who empower them daily. Working out is not to wear a bikini in summer, working out is now part of my lifestyle like taking a shower every day. This is not a chore but a real need to connect my mind and my body and to start my day, energised, positive and full of joy. How can you let yourself down when other women are waking up to the dawn to do their workouts ? You can’t !! No comment. I always glad I moved my body instead of procrastinating. 

Ultimately  how I am feeling now ?

  • I am starting to have a goddess body because Tracy Anderson is sculpting my body daily
  • I am feeling incredibly powerful and ready to live the life I want it to be.
  • I said au revoir to all my insecurities for ever !

Don’t tell me that you are not tempted, even slightly intrigued to find out about this fabulous method !!

Compliments sur compliments

Hé oui c’est rare mais quand on les reçoit, ça fait toujours plaisir non ? D’ailleurs c’est la raison pour laquelle j’en parle parce qu’il faut s’en rappeler quand on commence à être trop dur avec nous-mêmes.

Mes efforts pour affiner ma taille ont porté leurs fruits et vous savez quoi ? au début je ne l’ai même pas remarqué !! C’est mon entourage et ma famille qui ont commencé à me complimenter que là, je me suis dit “something is going on”. Tracy Anderson a encore tenu ses promesses et ça fait du bien au coeur et au moral de pouvoir faire confiance à ma personal trainer jusqu’à maintenant. Elle m’inspire et me pousse à me dépasser et à devenir ce que je veux être.

Je suis pour autant toujours une apprentie yogi, adore le Bodycombat (j’ai besoin d’en faire chaque semaine) et danse toujours avec ma choupette quand l’envie nous prend, it is so much fun !

Côté style, j’ai coupé mes cheveux et me sens libérée, free, débarrassée de ce bagage négatif (un mix de frustration, ressentiment, colère) que je gardais avec moi. Depuis cette décision, j’ai reçu aussi compliment sur compliments que ce style me va bien, that I am pretty, more confident and stronger as a woman…and strangely this is true, I am feeling empowered because I know what is truly essential for me and what I want to do of my life. The feeling to reach this step is exhilarating and powerful.

I really wish for each of you to reach this step, this state of mind when you know what will make your life extraordinary and exciting, keep in mind compliments when you are feeling down, it is a boost to maintain your positive energy.