My Friends, You Are A Human Being, Not A Human Doing !

Do you take the time to give yourself a break ?

Do you take the time to eat ?

Do you take the time to listen to yourself ?

Do you take the time to reflect ?

Do you take the time to be, just be, in silence and not thinking about the next thing to do ?

You are a Human being, not a Human doing. Act as you are born to be.

Reclaim your time by scheduling what truly matters to you.

Reclaim your time by setting empowering boundaries.

Reclaim your time by choosing wisely your tribe.

Reclaim your time by spending time with your loved ones.

Reclaim your time by daydreaming.

Reclaim your time by choosing choice, patience and passion.

What would YOU do to act as a human being today ? Leave a comment below.

This Is Your Time To Play Big !

If you have one thing that you desire most than anything, surround yourself with people having the same philosophy, mindset than you.

Once you will put a strategy in place to reach your goal, you will distance yourself from the persons, toxic, noisy, not willing to support you and embrace the new You. It can be painful but ultimately it is cathartic to find your tribe,your community.

We all strive to fulfill our desires and passions. We know deep down that pursuing our desires is like climbing a mountain because this is what we heard, learnt from our family, relatives, colleagues or friends. But listen to your inner voice, let her guide you to make the unfamiliar familiar, to face your fears, to bust off your limiting beliefs and to create a life you LOVE.

A life on your own terms surrounded by your tribe where you will positively impact the life of others while being free. Free of rules, of the should, have to, to truly transform your life and the life of others. My friends, you can do it.

All of us, we are seeking to connect, to make a difference in the world to leverage our uniqueness and be a creator. To share our knowledge, our skills, our talents in a savvy way and create our own happiness, our own bliss. Like you, I will not give up until I will make reality my vision.

Life is an adventure, a fabulous journey that we have the chance to live. Don’t ever forget about it. This is you time to shift your mindset.This is your time to play big.

How To Be Yourself Unapologetically

If you feel overwhelmed

If you feel stuck or pressurised

If you feel like a hamster running in a wheel and never see the end of it

If you just learnt that your health is not going to a happy ending

If you feel that people are taking advantage of you

It’s time to learn saying NO. Because saying YES is costing you too much now. Now is the time to set up empowering boundaries and to define what is acceptable for YOU or not. This is what we call get back your power and respect yourself.

It’s also time to put yourself as a PRIORITY. No more excuses, this time you’re going to make a radical change for the best. Not only you’re going to pamper yourself but you’re going to SCHEDULE these bubbles of happiness where everything is vanishing in the background for only being in the present and appreciate, this TIME, only for YOU.

I learnt the hard way to create these “me time” for myself being a working mum and creating my business. I was so eager to move forward that I lost myself in the process and truly found my balance when my doctor told me that my pace is too intense for my health. It’s scary, tough, it’s like your heart cracked open and I realise with tears in my eyes that I am still vulnerable. It’s not the truth sometimes we want to hear, but ultimately its very cathartic to make some changes to regain your balance and be kind with yourself.

Make yourself a priority. You are enough. You are more than enough. Be Yourself unapologetically.

How Can You Empower Yourself With Kindness and Celebration ?

When time is given to us like now, reflect of what we achieved is the perfect time. Because we are in a state of relaxation, joy and kindness, go back in the past is a step you can do with more ease and focus. And it is most of time revealing of the huge work/ projects we completed this year. We are easy to judge ourselves and look for better but the secret is to celebrate any victory, success, failure because ultimately all these steps lead to ongoing learning and personal growth. And this is a subject close to my heart to embrace our uniqueness and empower ourselves.

Empower yourself is not only finding the products, methods or online courses which will undoubtedly open your perspective and change your understanding of you and the world, it is truly be open to learn in an unconventional way to challenge the status quo and put to light what is not working for you right now : judgements, preconceptions, media, society definitions of success, beauty, education in a nutshell brules as defined by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley.

It is also, learning from your life journey, failures, comic situations, achievements or circumstances getting you out of your comfort zone to truly experience and live.

So, take the time to enjoy your loved ones and reflect on the past 12 months to identify what you want to achieve in 2018.

Ask yourself : What do you desire the most ? Why is it so essential to have what you desire ?How can you achieve it? What’s stopping you ?

These questions will guide you to uncover your real desires, the purpose behind them and your inner limiting beliefs and/or roadblocks to give you the opportunity to blast them off. If you need more guidance to replace them by empowering beliefs, do not hesitate to contact me, as your cheerleader, I will be happy to empower you and help you transform your life in an authentic way. 2018 is the perfect time to dare, to rise and to shine.

And If It’s Time To Invest In Yourself ?

“Keep up the good work! ” This was the end of her unofficial review for mid year and she couldn’t prevent herself to notice that her manager has big projects for the rest of the year. Somewhere in the ocean of words that her manager was saying a few minutes ago, a realisation came upon her : ” big projects again ? really ? Why I invest my time, my energy in this job and not for me ?”

Gradually during all the day, she felt that she didn’t want to be only good, she wanted to make a difference in people lives, heal them by empowering them and fire up the light within them to make their life extraordinary.

She was thinking that if she has to give her energy for this company, it’s time to make the investment of her life, take a leap of faith and set up her own business.

To overcome her fears and make her voice heard. To live in line with her purpose and feel fulfilled for good.

But first she needed to face her fears…

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A revolution is in progress

 Hello Beauties, how are you?
Now that I have more time to devote to my blog, you will, I think, see my articles popping in your feed more than usual. I do not know if you noticed it but writing makes me blissfully happy and energised ! and I love to share, so if we can support each other, there is not reason to hesitate, we must seize these opportunities !
I always want to talk about everything and show the diversity of the subjects that I want to share with you. It’s like my brain is in action mode and has no desire to take a break, so yes, a revolution is starting for my blog because I always have a plethora of ideas, articles and want to provide quality, beauty, authenticity to empower you to make your life extraordinary, achieve your dreams and do what you love.
I begin to find a common thread in my thoughts and I cannot wait to see the result of my thoughts online. I you want to discuss about a subject that it matters to you, please let me know !
Have a good day Beauties !

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Inner calm and confidence with Andy Puddicombe

Illustration by Malika Favre
Illustration by Malika Favre

I can’t help to reflect on the overwhelming need we have to reach a peaceful mind. With a pace of life more busier than ever, it start to be truly challenging to keep our head above the water.

With that in mind and the stress we have to overcome every day, it is not surprising that we are extremely close to be completely kaputt, emotionally and physically broken.

Painfully aware of my hectic state of mind, I started to seek a manner/a way to free up my mind, detox him of all these negative and revolving thoughts. I started to meditate last September. Yes, to meditate. I jumped on the wagon of this new tendance, willing to recover my peace of mind like one million people across the world who swear that meditation is the key for a calmer, happier life. Yes, meditation works, once you let your preconceptions guide your judgement.

Learning to free up your mind takes time, dedication and consistency. Most importantly the benefits are so rewarding that meditate will become a new habit for you. Meditation improves mood, lowers stress and makes you more focused… and all these benefits are backed up by science research.

The introductory programme of the app Headspace helps you to start your journey to a better, clearer mind. Andy Puddicombe will guide you to meditate every day with no rush and the pressure of any expectation, slowly but surely, your mind will start to react to these well deserved breaks. Andy makes meditation normal , accesible and especially modern. The updated application of Headspace allows you to personnalise your meditation, depending of your time (10,15 or 20 minutes) your needs (improve your focus, creativity  for instance) and even when commuting. Since then, I am able to meditate more consistently, either on the go (when I walking to got to work) or even in the trains on the morning (when I can have a seat, of course!)

Meditation gives me the power to overcome the hectic pace of my thoughts, not by controlling them but by accepting them, understand them to let them go…the feeling to free up my mind from these thoughts is mind-blowing. I am more emotionally grounded, mindful and as a consequence my calm attitude has a direct impact on my relationships (family, friends or colleagues).

I cannot thank enough Andy Puddicombe to have created this app helping me daily to restore my inner calm and confidence. You can feel that Andy is genuinely generous and calm. I strongly recommend you to give a try to meditation, the benefits are overwhelming and you would not regret it !

My Personal Trainer : Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson, peut-être ce nom vous évoque quelquechose mais vous n’êtes pas sûre de vous. Moi, j’ai fait sa connaissance un peu par hasard en cherchant une nouveau DVD pour affiner ma silhouette et perdre ces satanés kilos. Je lui ai donné sa chance parce que sa méthode inclut beaucoup de danse et je me suis dis que si Gwyneth Paltrow ou Shakira lui ont fait confiance, c’est que ça vaut peut-être le coup!

Ce p’tit bout de femme a tenté tout pour avoir un corps de danseuse et en faire son métier.Plus elle faisait du sport et plus elle s’éloignait de son rêve de corps de danseuse.C’est ainsi qu’elle a commencé à entreprendre des recherches pour comprendre le fonctionnement des muscles et du corps humain. Les résultats de ses recherches ont abouti à une méthode de sport qu’elle à développé pour sculpter son corps tout en conservant ses courbes féminines.

Une chose est sûre , je n’ai pas été déçue, j’ai découvert une méthode de sport qui consiste à faire travailler les petits muscles de notre corps qui sont quatre fois plus nombreux que les larges muscles et surtout qui ont une capacité à sculpter votre body d’une manière hallucinante. Il est clair qu’au début, je suis restée un brin dubitative devant les exercices qui sortent de l’ordinaire (j’ai souvent haussé les sourcils du genre “C’est quoi ce déliiiiiire!!? ouhlà elle y va pas de main morte, là!”) mais comme j’aime bien les challenges (more challenges, more changes) et un esprit de compétition (Si Shakira peut le faire, I can do it!!) je me suis prise au jeu. Je le reconnais, cette méthode marche à 100%.

Par contre comme toute activité physique, Consistency is Key. Vous devez vous appliquer à faire les exercices régulièrement et à manager votre temps. Alors je reconnais , réussir à caler une heure de sport tous les jours n’est  pas des plus aisé mais vous pouvez très bien diviser votre séance de sport  en deux pour réussir à tout faire en une journée. Moi, c’est ce que j’ai fait et j’ai réussi à enfin affiner mes gambettes tout en restant féminine (et ça fait plaisir de faire du shopping et de pouvoir porter tout ce qu’on veut!!!!!). C’est une sorte de cercle vertueux, tu t’affines, tu perds du poids donc tu es motivée pour continuer.

Elle conseille de faire de la danse (aérobics) comme cardio avant ces exercices mais j’ai souvent varié en faisant du kickboxing ou du vélo ou du zumba et ça marche tout autant! Alors si vous êtes déterminée à avoir un corps de déesse pour cet été, Tracy Anderson will be your new friend.