Headspace : The Savior Of My Mind

There are  some days when you are so overwhelmed by your emotions that you are truly struggling to keep it hold together. More you are trying to diffuse your pain by keeping yourself busy, more your sadness, anger or loneliness is holding you back in this emotional storm.

It is when you need someone or something to give you a hand, a friend, colleague, stranger that you have this lightbulb moment or your usual reminder to meditate with Headspace. This is what happened to me this morning. I totally grabbed this opportunity to let my mind calm down with the soothing voice of Andy Puddicombe.  I started to be aware of my breathing, to relax my body when breathing out and the concept of mini-meditations for breathe, restore or unwind completely transformed my state of mind. From agitated and uncontrollable my mind became calm and zen. Yes, just with these meditations.

It really helped me to start my day with the right mindset and zen attitude to face various pressures at work between deadlines, escalations and unexpected workload to be completed in two days, seriously sometimes better to step back and not to take it too seriously.

What I love also about Headspace is their new style and format : more interactive, more tailor made to your needs : you can jump from a package to another , choose the length of your meditations and give a try to new packages like Productivity.

There is a new Series section entitled Brave which comprise the package Regret, Anger, Change and Restlessness. I love the concept to help us train our mind in challenging situations and/or intense emotions. We truly need that now when you are so close to the edge sometimes without even realising it.

In a nutshell, innovation and novelty are included in the Headspace app and give you even more this impulse, this need to dig deeper to calm down, train your mind to be your best friend. I completely agree with you, it’s taking a lot of time, practice and consistency but the benefits of it are priceless. Just give it a try, you will not regret it !

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Une pause bien méritée

J’adore ralentir le rythme de ma vie, de mes pensées pour réaliser ce qui se passe autour de moi. Plus j’essaye de profiter du moment présent et franchement, je vais vous le dire mieux c’est.

Quand je suis en France, je me sens pleine de vitalité et de dynamisme comme si l’air est différent, le rythme est plus dolce farniente que ce soit dans les grandes villes ou à la campagne. Les gens prennent leur temps de manger, de boire, d’apprécier la douceur de vivre et ça fait du bien.

A Londres, cette douceur de vivre existe mais vous devez apprendre à être réceptif pour l’avoir et en profiter pleinement. Elle est présente si vous arrêtez de courir, d’être stressé et de vouloir à tout prix rattrapez ce petit malin appelé le temps. C’est à ce moment-là que vous pouvez en jouir pleinement, l’inviter chez vous dans votre regard et dans vos pensées…et nous en avons besoin n’est-ce pas ?

Alors si vous sentez que là c’est trop, que vous êtes au bord du craquage, respectez-vous par vous écoutez, prenez une pause,un café, un thé et profitez, juste profiter de cette pause bien méritée.

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Sometimes, just Sometimes

Sometimes this is only what we need, not hiding like an ostrich but just, just, make the time to fully embrace the small moments, the small victories of our day : a nice workout, a warm and tasty cup of coffee, a phone call with your mum, a chat with your best friend, an email from a relative, a beautiful bunch of flowers offered by your man, a smile from a stranger, the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, yes all these tiny moments create, all together a big difference to your day, your mood, attitude towards life.

With these little bubbles of happiness, you can see slowly that happiness is with us, within us if we are slowing down in our tracks, if we embrace being in the moment, being aware. It is only when we are aware that we can recognise these signs, these happiness bubbles. Sometimes in our increasingly frenetic world where we are overloaded with information, step back, close your eyes and just listen to your breathing, to realise that You are the only who can choose peace of mind, happiness over stress, rush and frustration.

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How to Reach A Quiet Pace of Life

I noticed something quite particular living in London and with other European countries like France, Spain, Italy or Portugal. Where I always feel in a rush to manage/ juggle so many things to do when I am living in London, it’s completely the contrary in France.

All the time, I had this strong feeling that I put myself on autopilot to be able to tick off my to-do list in London. It’s a weird sensation especially when I am coming back in France, in Brittany and the pace of life is so peaceful. People are taking the time to have a coffee, enjoy their meal and being in the present, for me they are more settled because they are in harmony with their environment. It is so relaxing, to take time to do things, to get used to this pace, to this quality of life it’s pure bliss.

When I am back in London, I am trying to keep this pace, this quiet confidence allowing me to face and enjoy my day. It is very easy for a few days but I get caught up in my habit to multitask slowly but surely. This is where meditation and the brilliant Scent Discovery Kit of Neom Organics are my tools to keep myself on my tracks, to pause, realise what I am doing and decrease my pace of thought to take time to do things.

It is really a learning process to be able to speed or slow down your pace when you want instead of following a negative thinking process or imagine the worst. I think truly the key is to just ask ourselves : do we really need to stress about it? Is it the end of the world ? if your responses to these questions is no, clearly there is no need to run like a rabbit and put yourself in this frenetic pace. No point.

And unsurprisingly, it is when I am taking time to do things, to do it properly and accurately that everything is falling into place. No need to double check, check again my mobile, send several emails, just make time to complete my tasks at my pace is THE solution to remain efficient and productive. Not only you will have a quiet confidence but you will remain happy and satisfied about your day, and THIS is really the cherry on the cake to finish your day in beauty !

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Quality, Beauty And Empowerment With Neom Organics

I discovered recently an organic brand creating amazing candles, perfumes and skincare products. This brand has been created by a working mum who managed to make her vision a reality. What really struck me was the message of the brand “small steps, big difference.”

Why ? because as a woman working in the City, these small moments are key to preserve from insanity, stress and frankly lose the plot. Such moments invigorate, re-energise me so much that the world is my oyster and I am ready once again to keep my optimism and have a great day.

I received recently their last product, their Scent Discovery Test. It is basically a test composed of small vials, each of them containing a blend of essential oils which will identify your underlying wellbeing. At first, I was curious, intrigued but a bit sceptical, although tempted by it.

Why ? because I am extremely sensitive to smells, perfume. For instance I like lavender but found the smell of it too empowering. I love the smell of the lemon oil but cannot cope to put it on my skin due to allergies. However, what really pushed me to give it a go is to identify my wellbeing need.

All the blends in each vial, without exception smell amazingly good. None of the other blends, perfumes or mists made me react but this one miraculously made me smile instantly and uplifted my mood like sunshine beams. And a few days later, I still remember vividly about this blend like a magic potion to trigger my joie de vivre and my happiness. It is a revelation because this product is 100% pure quality : organic ingredients, amazing smells and the philosophy of the brand is the cherry on the cake. A brand based on a holistic approach (body, mind and soul) to truly make a difference in our lives and being a must-have in our bag to get on with our day.

No nasties, no fake promises, just quality, beauty and empowerment for all of us.

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Urgency, stress, anger, pressure ? Use the Power of Your Mind to stay in control

This is it ! a bloody urgent email from an incompetent person pushing me to act asap and I can feel my temper rising to the top ! Not only my anger is triggered by the lack of professionalism of this contact but also my stress is rising high up to the sky because I feel now pressurized when I shouldn’t be put in such situation ! And you know what ? I just want to stuff my mouth with a big, tasty, and fatty burger to fill this need, this gap created by my stress and my anger… just because of one email and one person…Unbelievable !

But this time, I am aware of my changing mood and, even upset I don’t want to jeopardize my good work of eating well because of this individual. So, interestingly my stress triggered my hunger, my dear hormone leptin is happy to jump in the wagon to help me, the problem is, I do not want to. And this is where, by myself I am taking long and deep breaths to regain control of the fierce, furry storm happening right now in my head.

It start to be better, just by writing about it and to realise that what happened is not the end of the world. It is once again urgency and incompetency mixed together but this is where it is vital to realise that we can, yes, be infuriated but also being able to calm down quickly and move on to work on our priorities. Its is a brilliant example of the Power of Our Mind and our ability to change our mindset by small tweaks to focus only on the positive and our goals.

2017 : Une fabuleuse promesse pour repartir de l’avant !

Une chose est sûre c’est que plus les jours passent pour quitter l’année 2016 et plus j’entends, je sens que tout le monde a envie de tourner la page sur l’année 2016. Je ne vais pas revenir sur les évènements qui ont glané cette année mais on peut dire que cette année, nous n’avons pas été gâté. Pour autant, je pense que cette avalanche de situations difficiles a instillé tous en nous le désir, la rage de se battre pour une vie meilleure et d’agir à notre façon pour changer les choses. Nous n’avons pas les pleins pouvoirs pour changer radicalement la face du monde mais chaque action de notre part est une sacrée différence et une preuve que nous sommes les acteurs de notre vie.

Si près d’arriver en 2017, je ne suis pas prête a faire ma liste de nouvelles résolutions, je pense avant tout que je veux continuer à me battre pour atteindre mes buts et profiter chaque jour de ma famille et mes amis. Le temps passe à la vitesse de l’éclair et j’ai envie de multiplier les moments de joie, de bonheur, d’avoir la patate chaque jour, inspirer et faire sourire les gens.

Alors, oui 2017 est réellement l’espoir d’une année heureuse, différente où notre foi en la vie, le bon l’emportera sur la peur, l’ignorance et la stupidité. Alors, travaillez sur cette peur, ces inquiétudes, ce stress, cette anxiété pour leur claquer la porte au visage et les remplacer par de l’ambition, de l’optimisme et une pêche d’enfer ! Voilà ce qu’est 2017 a mes yeux : une fabuleuse promesse, une opportunité à ne pas manquer de repartir de l’avant, optimiste, riche de nos expériences passées pour devenir ce que nous souhaitons et réussir notre vie en beauté ! Je vous souhaite en avance à tous une fabuleuse Année 2017 !

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Meditation : my anchor

As a working mum, juggling is one of my skills. But before to do so, it’s good to find the secret, the tool, in a nutshell your lifesaver when you are coming back from your holiday relaxed and rejuvenated and you have to face work, childcare, appointments, family matters and others. I, decided, to meditate again when I heard about the Headspace package Patience because in the bustle and hustle of London, patience is not my forte.

However, meditating by listening to Andy Puddicombe’s soothing and gentle voice helps me considerably to remain patient and calm in many situations either conflicting or not. Being able to do so everyday is a life-changing experience. Your awareness is acute, your focus is better and your ability to find new ideas or solutions increase. Sounds a bit too good to be true but this is it. It’s real, true that practising meditation consistently helps your brain to rewire and put you at ease with the environment around you. You are sending positive and calm vibes and people, consequently are receptive/responsive to that.


You are nourishing your inner calm and strength by learning how to meditate, how to reduce the chaos in your mind caused by the chaos of your life to reach a state of calm and serenity. I know it really sound unachievable when we are overloaded by information, responsibilities and expectations from others. However, I truly think that meditation is an efficient response to resolve a lot of our worries, concerns and various diseases.

With meditation, it’s like regaining your posture, your place in the world in an harmonious manner and be more compassionate with others. It’s like walking in the grass at sunrise and marvel at the wonders of the nature. It’s an open door to let your mind have a go, breathe again, relax or just be. I manage much more events or circumstances in a calm and quiet manner than previously and, I have to say, I am amazed by the result of this package Patience. I went back to it because learning patience to diffuse your daily impatience is permanent on a long term with consistency. It also increase your intuition i.e. to know when it’s time to set some boundaries and stand up for yourself. Meditation is my anchor and I am so glad mindfulness is part of my daily life. I strongly recommend you to give it a try, you would not be disappointed.

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Observe, Listen, Act

Malika Favre/undermatic.com
Malika Favre/undermatic.com

Since I came back from work, I am learning to preserve my good mood, my enthusiasm and my optimism. I decided to stop mourning and/or complaining on the poor state of the processes to focus my energy on what really matters : my projects and my team. Beyond the politics, the diplomacy to navigate and obtain what you want, I finally realised that I like my work until a certain point. When the laziness of others push your frustration to be the cherry on the cake, it’s time to step back, breathe and go outside to take some fresh air… in a nutshell learn to chill out again. Thankfully, I didn’t reach this state of mind yet but at least I know when it’s time for me to relax.

On the other side, by coming back from my holiday, peaceful and happy, I re-learnt to observe and fully realise the environment around me, in the sense that the open floor was pretty quiet and agreable to focus on complex matters for one time.I am really in love with my ability to be in control as well as in harmony with my environment. It is the feeling to be aware and enjoy the present. Furthermore, my awareness makes me more perceptive of the drama (sometimes) happening/occuring around me just by listening : gossips, conflicts, angry calls, tempered control, senior management crisis etc. The most interesting thing in this drama is to perceive the tone of the atmosphere or mood of your colleagues. By observing and listening, I know when it’s time to act or react. Not only you can intervene at the perfect/right moment but you’re still in control (believe me, I am not a control freak ! but it’s good sometimes to lead the situation).

We used to observe, listen and act without even notice it because we are so stressed, pressurized by urgent projects or deadlines, however the ability to realise it allows us to step back, to pause and to regain a sense of control and normality that we all aspire to. You empower yourself thanks to your ability to observe, listen and act…and this is an amazing feeling trust me !