What Is One of the Keys For Success ? It is Strategy My Friends !

What I learned is that behind any goal you want to achieve, you need to have a robust strategy. In a nutshell, each goal you will achieve is purposefully connected to your ultimate goal.

The idea is, like a new building, you’re going to work on the foundations, the materials, the design before making it real and this is exactly what you need to do for the achievement of your goal. It’s like mapping the way to your goal/ desire/ wish. Because your focus is always directed to the success  of your goal, you will not be side-tracked or demotivated.

The key is to have a reminder of your purpose and knowing that we are getting closer from it daily, weekly, monthly is like from a telescopic view, we will create a kaleidoscope view which is your goal vision.

Because we are so much bombarded by information and so many choices that we can lose the plot and truly lose our focus. And it can happen BUT we have the power to say NO and to do massive action for change. And this is YOUR power. When you embrace change, everything you desire is going to happen my friends. Dive into it and enjoy the ride !

What’s being on holiday mode ?

When you woke up early to prepare your luggage, when you are feeling super excited just to the idea of traveling, to see family and friends, to enjoy some well-deserved break because you survived between the flu, the various cold and diseases in the office, you know you ready to join the tribe in holiday mode.

What’s being on holiday mode ? It’s a mindset of light, peace and joie de vivre where you affirm yourself as an individual and don’t give a damn about people’s opinion. Not only it is liberating but it also a fantastic way to get out of your box, your comfort zone and your boundaries to reflect, chill out and prepare a solid strategy for the next months.

To enjoy life to the fullest, to embrace the unknown, recharge your batteries and empower yourself just by making time to truly connect with the nature and yourself. Despite the tiredness of my trip to go in France, just feeling the balmy air on my skin and having a nap in the garden help me effortlessly to be on holiday mode for the next days with no guilt at all. Next step : switch off from the digital world.

Credit featured picture : ileftmyringinthekitchen