Jessie Ware – Midnight

Soul and beautiful voice to start my day, there is nothing better to start my day with great music ! This song makes my heart sing. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture :

Bruno Mars – Too Good To Say GoodBye

I listened to this song and I thought : Damn, this is another song which will convince  many women to give a chance to their ex, seriously ! Beautiful song with meaningful words which can really have an impact on us ! Enjoy ! Credit featured picture :  

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

You cannot like this upbeat and dynamic flow created by Bruno Mars, it’s fun, energising and give you the urge to dance, to enjoy your time and just have the best time of your life ! This is so good to start your weekend with these happy vibes , enjoy ! Credit featured picture :…

Anne Marie – Alarm

Love. Trust. Cheating. Second chance. And when your guts are telling that he’s doing it again. Alarm. Red alarm ringing in your head. This time, no tears, no cry just a good song who celebrate that women don’t stay around for the rerun. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture :