I Couldn’t Keep It For Me !!

Hi there,

I couldn’t keep it for me, honestly this interview is fa-bu-lous !! Don’t miss it.

You are wondering what I’m talking about.

Here we go : I watched the last interview of Marie Forleo with Franchesca Ramsey on Marie TV and

Mama mia ! this interview is a breath of fresh air in the saturated social media world. Marie did the walk and share helpful tips and bites of wisdom that you’ ll love to know.

I like that Francesca has confidence to share her experiences and lessons in a meaningful and funny way

This woman is a killer combination to make your learning pop of your inbox !

Quality over quantity, enjoy the present and switch off my phone for a day is sacred for me.

The thing you desire : your Time is at your fingertips.


Watch this video, it’s worth it.


How Can You Change Your Consciousness ? Take Back Your Power

Give up  the idea of following a step by step guide to show you how being present. We all have this power, to decide, to make this conscious choice to cut off Internet and social media to look around us. I am taking the train daily and I see everyone, practically everyone glued to their mobiles.

Why ? because someone smart had this idea to create so much possibility for these tiny or huge mobiles to hold everything : music, calls and an astronomical number of apps that we can do everything with them.

And this is the problem. Instead of connecting with people around us, we connect with this gem of technology and we cannot live without it. Is it really what you’ re going to become ? A slave of the modern technology ?

No, if consciously, you decide to take back your power and to make the choice to cut off social media when you want.

You have this power. Take it back, look around you, all the tiny details that you miss, all the opportunities you can have just by being more conscious, the lightbulb moments of creativity, the inspiring ideas popping in your mind when you do not expect it, discover something new, open your perspective, shift your mindset by challenging the status quo, dance to your heart content, there is so much more out there to live, to enjoy and to appreciate. Make the choice to see it.

What Are The Keys To Navigate Between Reality And Social Media ? Priority and Focus

You are the one to decide, you are the one in charge of your vision, destiny. Your choice reflect your goals, values.

And ask yourself this question : what is the most precious for me ? What is the priority for you right now ?

Interconnected, living in a frenetic world if we want to. You can stop, take a break, slow down the pace of our life. Everything is a question of choice. What do you prefer ? Having a drink with your besties or scroll down Instagram for hours ? Doing your meditation or seeing new notifications and just take a look at it ?

New notifications, new emails, new texts, it’s like there is no end to this relentless flow of newness, information and communication. But is digital communication the new way to interact with each other ? Let’s change the way we choose to communicate i.e. with consciousness, boldness and power. This time instead of losing yourself in the social media world, let ‘s try to make a break of it, to decide when and how long we will spend our time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Create your own manifesto to make the digital communication your friend and not your enemy, like “I will use, enjoy social media when I decide to, how long I want to and my choice is my power, my strength, my style”. What do you think about it, isn’t it powerful to reframe your position ? Me, I love it, it is such an amazing way to empower yourself and feel that you are not a slave of the social media world.

After using this tool,  you just need to make  a list of three goals you want to focus and stick to it. Three smart goals, achievable, doable and aligned with your intentions. Just give a try and let me know your thoughts !

The Yin And The Yang Of Social Media

The danger of social media is to lose yourself into it. To be excited by the likes and seek for the next picture to attract so many likes. This is so in contradiction with my personality that it took me time to put myself in people shoes and to see the roots of this addiction.

Social media can bring you so much happiness and deep, genuine connection with like minded people to the point that when you meet them in person, it’s like you know them for ages! And this is truly where the beauty of social media is : creating meaningful relationships with people like you eager to share, to connect, to expand positivity and self growth attitude. Yes, when you know what you want from social media, you can turn this world into a bubble of genuine friendship, opportunities to share and serve people and so much more…

However, there is no point to hide the negative impact of social media : hate, verbal violence, trolls. Yes, this is the pure darkness of this world and where is light, there is also darkness. One instagrammer Luciana (me_versus_me_) said : ” I honour their messages by my indifference ” and I truly love the meaning, the power emanating from this simple sentence against this darkness. It’s like some people took the liberty to consider social media as the Pandora box to say whatever they want irrespective of the hurt, the pain, the violence they can create.

This is when you witness that, you start to truly believe that spirituality, faith and fight for love are more necessary than ever to reach a better balance where respect, love and honesty remain important values in our world. Social media can be used in two different manners, either to share and connect or to spread hate and ignorance. It is up to us to make social media our power or our ruin.

Credit featured picture : Malika Favre

Inspiring talk with Red Smart Women Week

wp-1474789998207.jpgNestled in a beautiful building, the Saturday morning talks and workshops centred around entrepreneurship  was the opportunity to learn how your idea can be transformed /translated into a global business and make it successful. Beyond the good advice and efficient tools from Fanny Moizant, founder of Vestiaire Collective, Charlie Cottrell, Head of editorial at We Are Social or Sarah Turner of Angel Academe , it is the passion that I feel from each woman sharing her experience and journey to be an entrepreneur that I really appreciated.

Ambition and perseverance are the key elements to make your vision reality and become part of your daily life. There is no success without sacrifice. You have to choose between work, family or social life and generally they have two priorities : work and family. When what you’re doing makes you jump from your bed happy and excited for the challenges we will overcome each day, then deep inside you know you find your happy place. Sometimes it will be a shitty day, good or a fantastic day but whatever the outcome, your passion for it will guide you through during this journey.

What’s really inspired me is the talk of Tara Smith, one of the industry’s leading hairstylists. She explained passionately which fundamentals need to be set up before to start your business and launch your own product line. She experienced the sheer rockiness to set up a business with the high and the lows and despite all of that, she persevered, continued to believe in her idea, to make her vision come true and raise from the ground her idea to become a business. I think, it’s critical to keep in mind that being an entrepreneur is incredibly hard. You will be challenged everyday, can lose all your money but you really need to have the determination, the willpower to keep your DNA, your idea and fight for it. She was undoubtedly from my point of view, the smart woman of the week.

wp-1474789952376.jpgI had also the pleasure to see a selection of the new Boden winter collection and I fell in love with a pair of blue velvet trainers to die for, heard good tips from the Red fashion editor to have the perfect capsule wardrobe for the famous and unpredictable British weather.

wp-1474789798147.jpgFinally I am more excited about the journey than the result of it because it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow and bring something valuable to people. I can’t wait to put in practice the guidance I received to become an entrepreneur.


Jolia in love with Pinterest

Alors oui, ce réseau social qui permet de créer des tableaux avec des images épinglés de différentes sources, je le trouve pratique et intelligent. Pourquoi ? parce que j’ai toujours voulu garder les images, photos de ce que j’aime, admire ou trouve beau dans le monde et Pinterest me permet de recueillir toutes ces belles choses et de l’organiser de manière artistique. Que ce soit des coups de coeur, des envies ou même votre future déco ou la préparation de votre mariage, Pinterest vous permet de garder les images qui vous plaisent.De plus, l’originalité est de pouvoir partager les images avec tout le monde, et si vous avez comme moi envie de garder de belles images comme un rappel de vos rêves ou de vos buts alors vous aimerez ce réseau social.

En plus, si vous êtes fashionista à vos heures comme moi, “to pin” (épingler) vos coups de coeur mode, style, franchement c’est Gé-nial! Je me rappelle qu’avant j’avais l’habitude de garder les pages mode que j’adorais dans un classeur maintenant envolé le classeur!!!!!  You ” pin” le style que tu aimes et tu le retrouves dans ton tableau, elle est pas belle la vie?!

Bon, la seule chose qui m’a titillé au début c’est qu’on doit demander une invitation.Une fois que vous recevez cette invitation dan votre boîte e mail, vous pouvez vous identifier avec votre compte Facebook or Twitter. Je ne suis pas une fan de Facebook donc j’ai vraiment apprécié qu”il n’y ait aucune obligation de lier son compte Facebook à votre compte Pinterest.

Pour conclure, Pinterest, c’est un partage de belles images et une communauté sympa! D’ailleurs je viens de créer mon compte et mon pseudo c’est Jolia Jolia. Pour vous donner un aperçu de belles photos, la photo ci- dessous est l’image de présentation de mon tableau intitulé ” Belles, belles, belles comme le jour” . Qu’est-ce que vous en pensez ?

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