Do You Want To Set Yourself Up For Success ? Let Me Show You How !

Any new achievement demands to create a flow of creativity, determination to see step by step that we are getting closer to your goal. Our brain is wired to look for evidence either that we succeed or fail, hence the reason of the importance to write down/celebrate any tiny success. It’s a fantastic booster for your self esteem, your confidence and your motivation. Your energy rise, your joy bring you more enthusiasm and a kick ass, positive attitude to keep going.

And honestly, we all know it. The tricky question is :

  • How I can ensure to stay consistent ?

This question ask us to delve more into explanation and to look at the state of our life. Let’s do it in a slow and conscious manner, shall we ?

  • What are you doing daily consuming your time ?
  • What are the roadblocks/barriers to carve out some time to work on your project, continue your research or update your CV ?
  • What is holding you back each time ?
  • How long are you spending  on social media, responding to emails, watching TV ? Hum, hum I know already that our time on social media can be pretty, pretty long when we are honest with ourselves.

So my friends, the method is :

  • to identify the tasks consuming your time.
  • put in priority the tasks that truly matter to you.
  • schedule them in your diary to see your dream, project, desire come into our reality.

You can be really surprised when you start to be aware where you focus your energy all day. Trust me ! This exercise has been a real eye opener for me ! I cut off my time on social media, unsubscribe to tons of mail lists and I found an inner balance that I LOVE !

The key ingredient is to make a choice to focus your energy on the tasks which truly matter to you and to manage your expectations when there are roadblocks.

Set up small expectations they day you are tired or exhausted, for example, work on your goal 15 or 20 minutes and the day after, you commit to work on it longer for instance 1 hour. It’s a question to add flexibility in your consistency to ensure that no matter what, you will still spend time to work on your goal.

Act consistently, keep your faith and grit high and stay positive. With that, you will set yourself up for success, no matter what.