Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Creativity ? If Yes, Take A Nap !

I am always active, always learning, sharing or discovering but when this sinusitis attacked me, I really felt under the water and felt the strong need to rest.

Yes, for some, take a nap is the secret to perform and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. I used to see one of my colleagues take a nap of 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon and kick ass the rest of his day easily.

I am a morning person, so it mean that the earlier I woke up, the better because I can do all my morning rituals and feel balanced, positive for the day. However taking a nap changed my perspective and opened new doors to me. After this nap, I felt refreshed, more awake and really in tune with myself. I felt my body ready to go, relaxed and zen : I truly felt reinvigorated and with thousand of ideas, inspirations, it’s like your rest is the fuel for your creativity to blossom amazingly well.

It is, really, my friends amazing and confirmed by scientific studies. Sleep experts have found that daytime naps can boost creativity, increase alterness and attention and they are plenty of other benefits for your overall health. So, when I don’t manage to resolve an issue, I sleep on it which mean that I let my brain come up with a brilliant idea after a good and long night or nap and it’s really working and fast !

This simple solution of having a nap is such a key element to uncover so much creativity in us that we really need to sleep more ! So, if you can have a nap ,also have some digital detox during the day and particularly before to go to bed, you will master how to recharge your creativity for good !



Where I Am Is Where Is My Home

I woke up 10 minutes ago and I can also hear my bundle of joy, happy to be a vocalist this morning. My mind is empty, I mean, I know I have things to do to keep me balanced during the day but today, I just want to embrace this moment, between sleep and being awake and see what is happening.

Taking this time brings so much perspective to this day. Where I am ? What did I do ? Where I want to be ? My daughter just joined us in our bed and this, THIS moment is my response : I am where I should be no matter what, where I am is where is my home.

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Quality, Beauty And Empowerment With Neom Organics

I discovered recently an organic brand creating amazing candles, perfumes and skincare products. This brand has been created by a working mum who managed to make her vision a reality. What really struck me was the message of the brand “small steps, big difference.”

Why ? because as a woman working in the City, these small moments are key to preserve from insanity, stress and frankly lose the plot. Such moments invigorate, re-energise me so much that the world is my oyster and I am ready once again to keep my optimism and have a great day.

I received recently their last product, their Scent Discovery Test. It is basically a test composed of small vials, each of them containing a blend of essential oils which will identify your underlying wellbeing. At first, I was curious, intrigued but a bit sceptical, although tempted by it.

Why ? because I am extremely sensitive to smells, perfume. For instance I like lavender but found the smell of it too empowering. I love the smell of the lemon oil but cannot cope to put it on my skin due to allergies. However, what really pushed me to give it a go is to identify my wellbeing need.

All the blends in each vial, without exception smell amazingly good. None of the other blends, perfumes or mists made me react but this one miraculously made me smile instantly and uplifted my mood like sunshine beams. And a few days later, I still remember vividly about this blend like a magic potion to trigger my joie de vivre and my happiness. It is a revelation because this product is 100% pure quality : organic ingredients, amazing smells and the philosophy of the brand is the cherry on the cake. A brand based on a holistic approach (body, mind and soul) to truly make a difference in our lives and being a must-have in our bag to get on with our day.

No nasties, no fake promises, just quality, beauty and empowerment for all of us.

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It’s so good

It’s so good now, just now to feel the breeze on my skin, the freshness of the wind this morning after the heatwave from yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love this hot water,  sign of summertime and pleasure but I also love every morning feel on my skin this breeze, this light touch from the wind reminding me that I love the morning, wake up very early when the world is still sleeping and being in the present without disturbance. It’s so good.

The Longevity Book from Cameron Diaz


There are some days whatever your frustration, your annoyance, there are persons having the power to make you smile, hope and believe that everything will be alright, for me Cameron Diaz is one of them, she’s real, authentic and honest. Her new book written with the co-author Sandra Bark is out now and her curiosity and willpower to understand what is ageing lead to the creation of her second book : The Longevity Book: The  Science of Aging, the Ability of Strength, and the Privilege of Time.

I just read a sample and I am already dragged into it. The short paragraph I read touched my heart in a surprising way as if her level of maturity, wisdom and experience in life gave me the urge to look attentively to the message she is carrying in her new book,I felt intuitively that her voice, her words deeply resonate in me , to be more knowledgeable about ageing, more importantly, ageing gracefully and do what it takes to live longer and to the fullest. In a nutshell, knowledge is power and I would rather living longer than be lured into this eternal taboo of ageing and live in fear, worries and waste my time to fight against a natural process, part of my life as a human being.

Life is a challenge but it it is so worth it. I will read firstly her book,  Pretty Happy of Kate Hudson will wait.I will listen to my heart, read it and learn more about myself…and I will share with you my future review !


Wine, chocolate and my body

I used to go to bed early, most of the time tired and more than happy to rejoindre les bras de Morphee. But my discipline in terms of food, my internal combat to move on from events wasting my emotional energy created a need to relax with a glass of good red wine and one square of dark chocolate.I love red wine but didn’t expect to make an habit to drink red wine everyday…which finally for my own relief I am not doing because I relax but found myself a bit too lost and fuzzy.

I hate losing control so easily, so I prefer to enjoy my glass of red wine at home in front of a good movie. It seems like unconsciously that I decided to watch again the movies related to Marvel heroes, Avengers Assemble, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor.

Sometimes the need to be entertained is stronger than anything to chill out and realise that finally this day was no so bad. However, today my body demands rest. For this reason, I am leaving you to feel asleep in a few minutes and wish you a FANTASTIC day for tomorrow !

Un retour dans le monde de la littérature

J’ai pu me plonger à corps perdu dans un livre ce weekend. Je n’avais pas pu le faire depuis mathusalem et ça m’a fait un bien fou. Oublier le présent et lire sans interruption est un luxe sans pareil. Lovée dans mes bras, ma fille a dormi comme un bébé tandis que je dévorais les chapitres du nouveau livre de Louise Bagshawe (Mensch). Cette romancière est brillante pour créer des histoires fantastiques. J’ai lu pratiquement tous ces livres et c’est avec une certaine excitation que j’ai commencé à lire ce bouquin. Je n’ai pas été déçue, au contraire, ravie de retrouver le talent, l’inventivité de cette romancière qui a encore crée une histoire époustouflante… à tomber par terre ! Je vous en parle très bientôt, je l’ai fini en trois jours !