Self Care Is Good But Self Love Is Even Better !

It is when the truth is slapping in the face that you always stop yourself in your tracks. Your all awesomeness start to dip down and you start to be worried, concerned and put yourself in the guilt box. Because you knew. You knew that it was time to slow down, disconnect from the digital world and make yourself as a priority.

Self care is good but Self Love is even better. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself, if not it’s time stopping, dipping your toes in the distraction sauce and focus on the essential stuff which is only YOU.

Yes, no need to find reasons not to, excuses when your doctor ask you to have an ultra sound to check if you have a disease that you’re not aware.

Was it scary to hear that ? Yes !

Did I go into the drama rollercoaster that my dear ego wanted to ? No.

Did I feel down and needed some time to reflect ? Yes.

Did I change my habits straight away ? Yes

The result of it, today is my last day before to go on holiday for a well deserved break ON MY OWN. Don’t wait until the last minute, listen to your intuition and have the courage to change for good. My friends, Self Care is good but Self Love is even BETTER !

Building An Healthy Relationship With Your Body

It took me some time to get back to it. It’s good to learn about the mind, discover new meditations but, but when my body start to be sore due to lack of intense and regular workout, I knew it’s time to get back to it.

Not only my body crave for it but I wanted to have my good sweat sessions to detox my body and my mind. I wanted to feel the effect of the pheromones and be invigorated and energised. I spent a lot of time meditate and the effects of it have been life changing. But connecting with my body daily is also a must…and this is where you identify/ recognise your needs/ your passions that deep down you need to make time for what you love. I love writing and learning and it involve being organised to keep a flow of positivity and not feel bad to have missed doing something.

It is a struggle to find balance between our needs, expectations and self care. It’s taking time, planning, flexibility and kindness to reach our milestones. Most importantly this is where it is crucial to break your goals : having small, intermediate goals will allow you to reach your ultimate goal without any feeling of guilt or shame.

As any person, I need to feel that I am moving forward my goals, whatever the steps are small or big, the most important is to have the feeling to getting closer to your dreams.

So with this is mind I am back to move my body with Tracy Anderson to feel alive, dynamic and energised. This is not a race, this is a commitment to connect with my body in a healthy manner to feel good. And I have another motivator… I will tell you more about it next week! Have a good day beauties !

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The Power by Rhonda Byrne

I really need to speak to you about this book. You may know already the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne evidencing the law of attraction and how to use it at your advantage in your daily life to bring into reality your dreams in career, relationship and wealth.

Contrary to others, I felt more attracted by ” The Power” because I am seeking to empower myself, empower people all the time in different manners. What resonated with me is what is the ultimate power in our world, what is the common denominator to make my life, your life amazing ? And this book is giving you all the answers to these questions. There is more to it.

This book is giving you the formula to make your life extraordinary by understanding what is your power. From this point, the author is giving you the keys to remove negative emotions, to keep your frequency and how to turn events or circumstances the way you would like to be. For instance, the Law of Attraction is always playing a crucial role to manifest things for you.

It can seem pretty easy but this is not the case. As for everything you want to be good at, you need to practise and this rule applies for any guidance given in this book. What I can tell you is this book will have a tremendous impact on your life if you are willing to believe and give it a try.

I am close to the end  of this book and let me tell you, I am still gobsmacked by what I am learning. I bought this book because I feel that I needed to read this book to uncover new ways to live my life the way I want it to be. So far, I applied some of the guidance in my life and it truly works at high speed if, yes there is an if, if you let go of your scepticism and believe in it.

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When I Have it, My Frequency of Happiness Touch The Sky !

I was waiting for it, impatient to have it because I cannot get enough of it. I mean, having it in my letterbox every month is pure bliss and joy ! This is a celebration of happiness, good mood with improvised dance in my kitchen to express my excitement to feel like a million bucks when I have it in my hands. One time it didn’t come as usual and it practically ruined my day…for me to reverse the situation and buy it illico presto to enjoy it at last.

I think it’s the first time ever I am so overjoyed, happy to know that with it, I am going to learn more about myself, discover new ways to be stronger, wiser, happier and share their new ideas with my tribe and you. It is truly, because of it, start a new adventure where growth mindset and self care are essential for being myself and keep my curiosity for ongoing learning and authenticity.

And what is amazing it does not stop to impress me. The quality of the content, the relevance of the subjects are always perfecto like they know that this is what I need to hear, read right now to find peace within myself, a kind of confirmation that what I am doing right now is well thought and smart.

So, who is it ? and I will tell you immediately : it’s the remarkable magazine Psychologies UK edition that I truly adore !! I just received it today and my frequency of happiness touched the sky straight away, I needed to share this with you and the cherry on the cake : never, ever have I been disappointed by this work of art, quality and beauty. If you want to unlock your potential and explore new ways of self discovery, Psychologies is the magazine for You!

Meditation And Self Care, My Saviors To Find Back My Balance

Always my savior when things unravel,  when I can feel that I am getting impatient, snapping, reacting instead of observing and act accordingly.

Yes when I feel that my inner patience is not attainable, I  know that I need to meditate, to become centred, more aware and see what are the real reasons of my increasing impatience.

Sometimes like yesterday it’s just the feeling to juggle so many things that lead me to lose my cool. Between work, food shopping, play and look after my bundle of joy, prepare the dinner and find 5 minutes to eat, I really felt that setting up boundaries is necessary to keep my sanity…and meditate to get back my dear balance.

In these moments,  we really need to stop running and this is what I did. I sat down and ate, I took the time to do it and my daughter got it and played alone for a few minutes…and this is only what I needed, a few minutes for myself to slow down for awareness and mindful eating. I also wrote my gratitude list and by doing so, I realised that I had a fantastic day and it was only depending of me to keep it that way. We have to make the choice either to run or to stop. In my case, stopping multitasking was the best thing ever because it was unproductive and self destructive for my self esteem. But this is where we all have this ability to get back on our feet, focus on the positive, be grateful and see clearly what our life is : extraodinary, exciting, challenging with so much love.

So if you feel like you are losing control, stop what you are doing, take a break, meditate, go outside, do something you love and write your gratitude list. I am 100% sure that you will feel much more better after this well-deserved break for your self care.

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Self Care and Body Positivity with Iskra Lawrence

When we really start to enjoy Spring, we know that Summer is not too far. With that in mind, we cannot prevent ourselves to think what we will look like in a 👙 on the beach. Oh yes, we all are strong, confident but like everyone we all have body insecurities.

This is where I came across this Ted Talk and honestly, it’s the first time I found a talk so honest, refreshing, liberating with very good tips. Hearing the experience of a model who went through hell to finally reached a love for her body is truly uplifting and inspiring. Self care and body positivity are essential to love our body and respect it. Enjoy !

A bubble of self care with Pukka

Sometimes just taking the time to enjoy a Pukka tea, feel the warmth of the cup around my hands, smell the delicate smell of it, clever mix of lemon, ginger and manuka honey and I am slowly but surely getting my precious equilibrium to continue the day.

If you can enjoy this blissful break snuggled in your sofa with your favorite blanket, you have all the ingredients to make a delicious recipe which is Self care. Yes, self care after a busy weekend to recharge your batteries and finish the end of January in beauty ! Have a good day beauties.

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