Part 2 – How To Declutter Your Mind ? Give A Try To Ziva Meditation, You Will Never Regret It !

It is often when you expect the least that someone is exceeding your expectations. Because you accept to give a try, to open your mind to new learning, this is where the “amazing” can happen. As you may know, one meditation blew my mind last year and I wrote an article about it last year. However, because I was interested by learning about new topics, I didn’t pursue my interest for Ziva meditation.

It’s only when I joined their Facebook group and really enjoyed the Facebook live that my interest for this meditation was re-ignited. I like the honesty and elegance of the founder Emily Fletcher but also her straight forward manner to explain the art of meditation and the science linked to it. It is fascinating and learning more about the mind, how my brain functions is something I love. So, when she created Ziva online, an online course to learn meditating as per her Ziva method, I felt challenged and intrigued because I truly not a newbie to meditation. Headspace has been my anchor during tumultuous times and I am meditating everyday. (I made the mistake to do not meditate a few times and I commit for this to never happen again!!)

As you can guess, I gave it a try and until now, never, ever regretted it. This meditation brought phenomenal results in my life : no more stress, natural balance in my diet, better sleep, ability to face and overcome challenges and stressful situations, more patience, harmony with my loved ones and more creativity. Your creativity is like liberated, able to expand and flow naturally and better connection with your mind and body.

What I truly loved is the foundations given by this meditation detailed below :

  • Disempower the preconceptions and judgement that people have about meditation
  • What is really meditation
  • What is mindfulness
  • What is manifesting
  • How is it combined with neurosciences
  • How the neurosciences confirm the benefits given by practicing meditation
  •  What is the good way to meditate
  • How to become a self-sufficient meditator
  • How Ziva meditation can uplevel your performance
  • How Ziva meditation can help you harness your potential
  • How Ziva meditation can help you create a life you love

On the last day of this course, I wrote this post in the Ziva Online Facebook Community which is a testament of the excellence of Ziva meditation.

“Day 15 : Ziva brings me so much peace, clarity and harmony in my life motivating me to set more empowering boundaries and to live with grace and beauty. I feel so at peace after my meditation and I am amazed by the results of it. It’s maybe the last day but it is truly the starter of a practice for life. Thank you so much Emily and Ziva team for your energy, commitment to change our lives.”

Tracy Anderson London Vitality Week – Day 1 : Being Yourself

My God guys, I went to the first day of the London Vitality Week with Tracy Anderson and it was epic. You know when you are following the founder of a fitness method, different from any other workouts in the world, buying her DVDs , following her workouts via streaming, seeing her in real for the first time is amazing !

Particularly when she is everything you expected and she manage to even exceed your expectations, it’s being filled with joy for all the day. Tracy is down to earth and so nice that you feel reassured that you are trusting her to sculpt your body.

More importantly she is an advocate of being yourself, own your body and knowing yourself and this is the epitome of connection I feel with her. Why ? Because I am your cheerleader to celebrate your uniqueness and we need to empower ourselves with the right tools to own our body. Being yourself is a journey because different parameters need to be in balance : emotional, psychological, physical and energetic (spiritual) part of you. Each of these parameters are interlinked and we, as individuals need to understand these parameters to fully be connected with our mind, body and soul.

It is for the above reasons that I love the Tracy Anderson Method because this workout is pushing you to tune with your body and mind to a level you cannot imagine, it’s like a constant detox for your mind (removal of your old or limiting beliefs), for your body ( removal of your stress and emotional baggage) and tap into your inner energy to become what you want to be. And such transformation  requires persistance, determination and consistency. When you truly want to reach a state of balance where harmony or balance is your mantra for each day, you need to keep going, to believe in yourself and work for it.

The music and the heat create an intense environment where you are challenged, to find your balance, to unleash your desire to push yourself, move like you want and have fun. Everything is done for your mind to be totally focused on the moves, on you and what you can do. It is slowly but surely a creation of your own flow where this deep connection allow you to speak with your body.

I truly think that consistency and perseverance is the price to see the results you want whatever you are talking about fitness, career, entrepreneurship or relationships. It’s achievable if you decide to have the right mindset for it, to focus on the positive and do not give a damn about what other people think !

This method is giving you much more than your dream body : you will build and develop your inner flexibility, your own dynamic to feel yourself and feel confident in your body. It is really an empowering process which requires reflection, analysis to learn about yourself , what are your weaknesses, your strengths, your limiting beliefs and your resilience. And this is where your transformation will start.

Credit featured picture : Adriel Reboh for Tracy Anderson

Are You Looking For An Empowering, Innovative and Efficient Workout ? Tracy Anderson Method Is The Workout For You !

I just finished my workout via streaming and I am drenched with sweat exhilarated and invigorated. Each time Tracy Anderson has the ability to create passionately new content which push the boundaries of her students and design our body in the best possible way.

There is no magic trick, it’s pure hardcore workout, perseverance, grit and commitment. As she said one time, think of your workout like you are brushing your teeth,you don’t think to do not do it, it has to be the same for your workout. And I will add, more consistent you will be, more strong and flexible you will become.

It is proven in many different areas of our life, that grit is the key to achieve our goals. And I found it powerful to do a workout which also push me to being perseverant and have a mindset of warrior. This is again un levier to apply the same mindset in my career and my personal goals.

And the cherry on the cake is seeing my body changing the way I want, to design it as I would like in a natural and physical way. It is feeling like a million bucks and my goal this year is to feel this way as often as I can.

Tracy Anderson Method is a fabulous combination of muscular moves, dance cardio taping in your small muscles to activate them. Her creativity and her method create a revolutionary content working all your muscles to bring balance where there is unbalance. I tried numerous workouts before to find her, learn how to focus and listen to my body when working out. Body mind connection plays a fundamental role when working out and we need to tap into this potential daily to design our body.

Additionally when women support each other, miracles happen and this is pure truth. All the women worldwide doing the Tracy Anderson method support each other via Instagram, Facebook…and this is pure gold in itself. Why ? because we motivate, support each other to keep going, to get back to it, make time for it and helping each other. This network is called Tamily and its power, strength and kindness are invaluable.

In a nutshell, if you want to empower yourself by tapping into your potential, seek an innovative and efficient workout and of course having fun, Tracy Anderson Method is definitely for you.

Empower yourself with Amy Cuddy

After another meeting in which I didn’t feel comfortable at work, I decided to find out about body language. It is as if people look at your body language more than what you are saying to know what you think. And I found it really unnerving. So, I went on YouTube and I searched for any TED Talks related to this subject…and I discovered some gems which absolutely blow my mind.

The first one which truly resonates with me is the TED Talk from Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School, because her message is authentic as well as deeply meaningful and she open herself to us and show that we are experiencing the same challenges, heartaches to overcome our fears and embrace our confidence. Her story and her scientific studies demonstrate the body mind connection and the power to unlock for all of us our greatness. It is revolutionary and life-changing and a strong message to empower ourselves.

Her book  is out now and I am actually reading it, will share my thoughts with you once I will finish it. In the meantime, I let you see her fantastic TED Talk. Enjoy !

Credit featured picture :

The best to balance my body and mind : Tracy Anderson Method

Good Morning Ladies ! I just finished my workout and I completely drenched with sweat but I am feeling so much better, thank you for all these endorphins coming in my body when I am working out and want to sweat for good. As you may know, my favourite personal trainer is Tracy Anderson and I am following her streaming class that I can bring with me anywhere with my tablet. I am so grateful to have finally found the workout which suits my needs, it is  a pure rejuvenation and mind body connection when you are following her method, you truly connect with your body and empower yourself emotionally and physically.

I don’t know how may times she blew my mind by her creativity, her talent to produce every week a new workout which exceeds my expectations… and the result to be consistent with her method is way beyond my demands. It is truly for me a discovery of a lifestyle and a way to empower myself and look after me physically as well as mentally. A workout is the solution to get rid of toxic, negative thoughts, to clear your mind and to have this light bulb moment for new ideas. New ways to make your life great, extraordinary and the way you want it to be.

Not only she is an expert in a field, she created a worldwide community of women who support each other and are dedicated to her method called Tamily. All of them are truly genuine, generous, talented and like me want to feel comfortable in their own skin and realise their dreams. It is so true that when women support each other, incredible things happen. I don’t know how many inches I lost since I am following her streaming class but the comments from my hubby, friends have been a loud statement that Tracy is the best person to design my body and look after it. Her method is different, original , revolutionary and I couldn’t recommend it more. I need to be challenged constantly and she’s so far the best to balance my body and my mind.

Credit feature picture : Well+Good