What Is Appreciation To Truly Grasp It?

It is an innate feeling to appreciate what is around us. It is gradually to see your vision, your reality taking place and notice these little details every day. It’s like coming out of a bubble of revolving negative thoughts, overanalysis to see your world as it is. And this is where it’s YOUR turn to observe, listen and appreciate.

Sometimes it can be a job offered to your sister, the beauty of the sky after a violent storm, a good chat with your best friend, a compliment from someone. Small, simple events which make us feel alive, happy and part of the steps to have a good day. When you do notice all these little details, you do realise what is appreciation.

Appreciation is a feeling arising in our mind when we start to be aware, to set up our own pace by being organised for instance or changing our habits slowly but surely. It sounds cliché at first because we have been brainstormed to believe appreciation means slowing down which is the contrary of the motto of our time which glorify busyness and productivity.

But this is where it’s crucial to realise this : without appreciation, there is no taste for life, no thank you for what we have, no time to reflect and the risk to be engulfed in a vicious, stressful and negative circle. And this run has to stop. We need to take back control of our life and make the right choices.

Because we have this power, we need to use it meaningfully. And it’s only by being grateful that we can see where we are and what will be our next path/ direction. So, take the time to write down for what you feel grateful each day and your mind will help you to see more and more what you can truly appreciate in your life.

I am doing it daily and I discover all the beautiful gems in my life that I never noticed until now. It is sometimes life-changing or emotionally strong but I am coming back from these moments stronger, happier because I am learning more about myself.

Appreciation is a virtuous circle as well as a door to knowing yourself continuously. Let your life be a sunshine by accepting appreciation in your life.

What Are The Keys To Navigate Between Reality And Social Media ? Priority and Focus

You are the one to decide, you are the one in charge of your vision, destiny. Your choice reflect your goals, values.

And ask yourself this question : what is the most precious for me ? What is the priority for you right now ?

Interconnected, living in a frenetic world if we want to. You can stop, take a break, slow down the pace of our life. Everything is a question of choice. What do you prefer ? Having a drink with your besties or scroll down Instagram for hours ? Doing your meditation or seeing new notifications and just take a look at it ?

New notifications, new emails, new texts, it’s like there is no end to this relentless flow of newness, information and communication. But is digital communication the new way to interact with each other ? Let’s change the way we choose to communicate i.e. with consciousness, boldness and power. This time instead of losing yourself in the social media world, let ‘s try to make a break of it, to decide when and how long we will spend our time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Create your own manifesto to make the digital communication your friend and not your enemy, like “I will use, enjoy social media when I decide to, how long I want to and my choice is my power, my strength, my style”. What do you think about it, isn’t it powerful to reframe your position ? Me, I love it, it is such an amazing way to empower yourself and feel that you are not a slave of the social media world.

After using this tool,  you just need to make  a list of three goals you want to focus and stick to it. Three smart goals, achievable, doable and aligned with your intentions. Just give a try and let me know your thoughts !

Happy or Bad Day ? Do We Have The Choice To Decide ? Yes, You Do !

I am counting my blessings everyday recently and my vibes are more louder, positive and vibrant. The law of attraction is really working, what you give is what you receive and I set my intention to give a lot of love, light and support to my loved ones and my friends.

Helping them daily to focus on their happiness, to be grateful to what they have now is key to truly staying positive and make your dreams come true. I know some of you will tell me “easier said than done” but the beauty of it is when you are making the effort to do it, it works. It empower you proving that your attitude and mindset are your power to manifest what you want in your life. No need to rush, to run, to react, just choose to make a meaningful choice : to let it go or to stand up. You can do it.

Do You Really Know What You Truly Want ? If Not, It’s Time To Reflect

I missed writing and reading all the posts from the persons I follow. It’s a lot to commit to you but when what you are missing is a passion in your life, it’s never too much to the end. So, yes I have been more busy than usual at work, juggling between different projects and the insanity of some new systems. Apart from that, I managed to navigate smoothly through this storm and we are close to meet our targets well before the deadline, so everything look good.

I had a fed up crisis of the astronomical number of apps to our availability and that we are using. I mean, I understand some of us love to control everything or feeling in control of their diet, fitness to reach their goals, however from my point of view, I really feel disempowered to give so much power to all this technology. Practical, efficient or easy to use ? Yes, maybe but I truly feel that we should get back our power, choose which kind of lifestyle we want without sabotaging our diet, fitness or mind.

I also can hear from many people that the traditional way to work is outdated. Working for a company, or a corporate company does not give us the opportunity, flexibility that many people aspire to. Unsurprisingly these people quit their jobs, change their career or create their own business to live the life they want. It is a calculated risk , an adventure and a fantastic way to be happy on their own terms.

Ultimately reflection and reflexion are the keys to realise what you truly want. Take the time to ask you the good questions : Do you love your job ? Do you love your lifestyle ? Are you seeing your friends and family often ? Do you manage to  make time for yourself ? Do you truly enjoy your life ? If you are feeling hesitant, unsure and unsettled about the above questions, it’s time to take a break and reflect.

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Grit – The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth

I finished to read Grit from Angela Duckworth. If you are looking to boost your motivation, develop your perseverance, understand the mechanisms, the spirit behind any achievement, I can’t recommend you enough to read this book. It is purely an explanation of the journey taken by Angela to understand  how we can nourish our perseverance and passion in order to become a master in grit. It is also a life changing book delving into the psychology of achievement and a real discovery and an intellectual asset if you aim to reach your goals.

There are different ways to boost your grit by dedication, deliberate practice, support and affirmation. It is not only learn how to self grow but also an enjoyable read to see that Angela also at times struggled to find her path and didn’t give up. It is also a fantastic discovery to help students be more gritty, keen to learn and succeed in their studies.

If you are looking to deepen your perseverance and your mindset, this book is a must read for you.

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Princess Sophia, a pleasure to watch it even a thousand times !

From all the children series, my daughter chose Princess Sophia as a model and I am not going to complain. She didn’t reach the point to believe she’s a princess but she is happily dancing and watching the different episodes with the same joy. I try as much as I can to change them  for my sake and my sanity but sometimes it’s a bit tricky !

I have to say from my time we had Club Dorothy with les Chevaliers du Zodiaque,  Princesse Sarah, Nicky Larsson, Jeanne et Serge. And until now, I am happy to watch again Nicky Larsson. However Princess Sophia, I am not sure my daughter will be keen to watch it in a few years !

However, more I am watching Princess Sophia with my bundle of joy, more I have to recognise that the team behind this Walt Disney series is talented and created a beautiful series. Sophia, freshly new princess receives a gift from her father a medallion which appear to be magic. For each good act she will do,  Sophia will get a power. When she needs some help,  her medallion will call a princess to help her. Magic, courage and kindness combined with entertaining songs (Walt Disney is pretty food for that !) make this series a pleasure to watch, even tough thousands of times !

Of course I know the songs by heart ! Most importantly, this series convey the values and principles that I want for my child to adopt: kindness, sharing, perseverance and effort. More than ever, these values need to be highlighted and adopted by our children to be the best version of themselves.

Daring a Dream by Nora Roberts


When you are reading a book and so engrossed into it that you forget the time. That you have a strong connection with the main character because you understand her hunger for success or fame. Her need to be someone, to be different, to make a difference and to fuck up badly. Yes, shit happens. Everyday…and you need to pick up the pieces, raise and shine again on our own. It’s always good to have your friends that you consider your family to support you, no matter what’s happened because they know who you are and truly love you.

It’s spicy, daring and hot to meet a man matching your hunger for an exciting and adventurous life. To argue, tease and compete with someone who knows you by heart, it’s magical. The guy able to get on your nerves as well as being caring, understanding and making you laugh is the One but I never encountered two fictional characters who ignited in me so much emotion, reaction and action. I mean when you are flirting, playing and the man opposite to you is ready for this game and outsmart you, infuriating you, pushing your boundaries for your own good and gorgeous, this is hard to resist. But Margo Sullivan has all the beauty, power and heart to have what she dreamt. She needs like all of us to believe, fight and love.

I love every single page of this book. It had me hooked from start to finish, had me giggling, smiling and laughing out loud in my bed at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. This is a real page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed … a truly wonderfully crafted novel that I highly recommend for its amazing characters, plot and storytelling. A book inspiring you to dream and fight for it. 

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