How To Sky Rocket Your Confidence ?

Confidence is a word we hear a lot. Whatever you are right now in your life, in your career, love life, confidence is essential to convince, be respected, live in harmony with others and feel comfortable in your own skin. But what is the core, the source of your confidence ?

There are four keys to unlock your confidence and cultivate it no matter what.

1. Knowing Yourself. Yes, know your strengths, weaknesses, your improvement areas. Your triggers, your values are fundamental to build your confidence. When you know that you ‘re good at something, you feel, think and act confidently.

2. Consistently Practice Self Love. I cannot emphasise enough how Self Love is vital to feel balanced and confident. Honestly, this is one of the first step to accomplish mentally (your ego is going to say : what the hell is going on !??), physically ( your ego is in the stage to be drama queen…) and emotionally (your ego is in the stratosphere right now! I know !). But let me tell you, managing the life crisis of your ego is normal, is even good sign … Why? because the ego is here to protect you, keep you in a comfort zone and when drama, comparison, overanalysing or excuses are coming up at light speed, you know that you are on the path to LOVE yourself, this time for GOOD. Self Love is an ongoing practice, more you will make it familiar to your mind, less your ego will intervene but first, you have to face your ego drama queen. You can do it.

3. Your Motivation. What is the source of your motivation ? Is it to be happy, enjoy your life, being healthy or be comfortable in your own skin ? The core of your motivation is the purpose behind all your acts. The challenge is to keep yourself aligned with your purpose. Are you doing a self check ? A kind of review of where you are right now to reach your desires ? Just do it and cross-correct (if necessary), don’t judge yourself (we are human beings, not perfectionists!), just make another choice, this time a more conscious choice. This exercise is excellent to step back and empower yourself and keep going in the right direction.

4. Continuous Learning. When you are still eager to learn, keep your mind open to new possibilities, think differently, you are inherently building your confidence as an individual because you are learning daily. You are expanding your ability to think, create and THIS my friends is invaluable. It’s not being arrogant, it’s being knowledgeable to continuously grow. Knowledge is power. Power to fuel your confidence positively.

Give a try this week to use one of these keys and tell me the results. Your confidence will reach the sky!

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality ? Create Your Vision Board !

This is it guys, time to make your vision a reality by creating your vision board. Yes, a vision board is a fantastic manner to put your dreams, goals in pictures and to move them forward in the physical world.

It is of course good to think, to dream about it but my friends it’s even better to make them visual for your own motivation and willpower. Seeing your dreams is a trigger to keep your ultimate goal in ind and to direct your focus efficiently. No more distractions, finito the time to feel stuck and unsure of yourself. It is time to put yourself in priority and create the life you want.

With this fabulous drive in you, schedule a time for you to create your vision board, to choose the pictures, the words, the affirmations or mantras you want to see in your environment.

Why is it important to make a vision board ? Your imagination is the key to realise your dreams, to unlock this key, you need to visualise what you wish for daily for your mind to remember about it and lead your drive towards your dreams. Your mind needs to be remembered.

Choose in particular words or affirmations which will amplify your faith, your grit, your trust that what you want will come into your life. Your faith and positive attitude are your superpowers to co-create with the Universe. Learn each day to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and energy and you will match the energy of your desires.

My vision board is in progress, the fact to see it already makes me so happy and determined to reach my goals, I love the feeling of it !! You will feel excitement, hope, joy to see and feel that this TIME is YOUR time to go for it, being unstoppable and empower yourself for good. My friends are creating as well their vision boards either with PowerPoint, through apps or like me manually and I love the drive that 2018 ingrained in us to create a life we love. So, block some time in your diary and take action now !

What Are The Keys To Navigate Between Reality And Social Media ? Priority and Focus

You are the one to decide, you are the one in charge of your vision, destiny. Your choice reflect your goals, values.

And ask yourself this question : what is the most precious for me ? What is the priority for you right now ?

Interconnected, living in a frenetic world if we want to. You can stop, take a break, slow down the pace of our life. Everything is a question of choice. What do you prefer ? Having a drink with your besties or scroll down Instagram for hours ? Doing your meditation or seeing new notifications and just take a look at it ?

New notifications, new emails, new texts, it’s like there is no end to this relentless flow of newness, information and communication. But is digital communication the new way to interact with each other ? Let’s change the way we choose to communicate i.e. with consciousness, boldness and power. This time instead of losing yourself in the social media world, let ‘s try to make a break of it, to decide when and how long we will spend our time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Create your own manifesto to make the digital communication your friend and not your enemy, like “I will use, enjoy social media when I decide to, how long I want to and my choice is my power, my strength, my style”. What do you think about it, isn’t it powerful to reframe your position ? Me, I love it, it is such an amazing way to empower yourself and feel that you are not a slave of the social media world.

After using this tool,  you just need to make  a list of three goals you want to focus and stick to it. Three smart goals, achievable, doable and aligned with your intentions. Just give a try and let me know your thoughts !

Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein

Yes, it just arrived, exactly yesterday…and I have started to delve into it. What really pack a punch from the first lines of this book is the total honesty of Gabby being herself previously the one to judge all the time !

I started to think that for a spiritual author since a decade, judging is not  a good example for us and…BAM I started to judge her straight away, yes , just instantly like my mind was on autopilot to judge. Hum I am telling you if being judgemental is so ingrained in us, it is worth to understand the trigger of such behaviour to truly heal from it, being more compassionate and kind.

With Christie Marie Sheldon, I learned to do not judge and this simple guidance removed so many layers of negativity in my life that I am now immediately aware when my habit of judging is working.

What I really noticed is that we always judge without having all the details, the background to understand such attitude or behaviour…because it happen to me so many times to judge, to criticize strongly to finally feel guilty or ashamed when I learned the roots of such behaviour. So, with this is mind , just to see the impact of your judgement, just give a try to witness your judgements with kindness and remember that we never have the whole story.

I will make a review of her book and you will know if truly ” Judgement Detox” is transformational to heal your judgements habits.

How To Set A Powerful Intention This Year

What is an intention ? It’s the decision to make a choice and direct your energy by doing so. For instance, you can set up your intention to have a day filled with gratitude and joy. By doing so, you will focus your energy to anything bringing this outcome and attracted by you, (the Law of Attraction is a cheeky player), you will see, witness events, circumstances, results leading you to live in this state. Everything is Energy. The key is to know and direct your energy to what you want.

What is even better to set up intentions that you will achieve successfully is to create an intention from your soul and not your ego.

An ego intention is for instance to lose weight to do not feel judged or because you lost your boyfriend. The feelings behind such intention is often struggle, anxiety, lack, fear and a lot of should. An ego intention is rooted in the desire to be validated by the society, by others. Whereas if you choose to lose weight  to be fit and healthy, behind it, lies a beautiful idea of love, expansion and limitless possibilities that your soul aspire to. To reach a state of wellbeing and being comfortable in your own skin for yourself. The roots of this intention are so meaningful and positive that you will remember about it and naturally your mindset will shift to reach this intention.

So take the time to think about what you want to achieve this year and identify if your intentions are from your ego or from your soul. It is a fantastic empowerment exercise that I learned yesterday from Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman and I loved it !


How Can You Empower Yourself With Kindness and Celebration ?

When time is given to us like now, reflect of what we achieved is the perfect time. Because we are in a state of relaxation, joy and kindness, go back in the past is a step you can do with more ease and focus. And it is most of time revealing of the huge work/ projects we completed this year. We are easy to judge ourselves and look for better but the secret is to celebrate any victory, success, failure because ultimately all these steps lead to ongoing learning and personal growth. And this is a subject close to my heart to embrace our uniqueness and empower ourselves.

Empower yourself is not only finding the products, methods or online courses which will undoubtedly open your perspective and change your understanding of you and the world, it is truly be open to learn in an unconventional way to challenge the status quo and put to light what is not working for you right now : judgements, preconceptions, media, society definitions of success, beauty, education in a nutshell brules as defined by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley.

It is also, learning from your life journey, failures, comic situations, achievements or circumstances getting you out of your comfort zone to truly experience and live.

So, take the time to enjoy your loved ones and reflect on the past 12 months to identify what you want to achieve in 2018.

Ask yourself : What do you desire the most ? Why is it so essential to have what you desire ?How can you achieve it? What’s stopping you ?

These questions will guide you to uncover your real desires, the purpose behind them and your inner limiting beliefs and/or roadblocks to give you the opportunity to blast them off. If you need more guidance to replace them by empowering beliefs, do not hesitate to contact me, as your cheerleader, I will be happy to empower you and help you transform your life in an authentic way. 2018 is the perfect time to dare, to rise and to shine.

How To Remain The Captain Of Your Ship With Your Ego ?

What is Your EGO ?

The ego is synonymous with fear, and produces judgement, attack, jealousy, and all the negativity that separates you from loving truth.” Gabby Bernstein

The Purpose Of Your Ego

Your ego is building false perceptions around money, happiness, relationships, self-esteem to keep you safe and belong to a community because :

a) his role is to protect you

b) he wants to survive and he cannot survive without fear. He needs to manipulate your perceptions of various concepts to make your fears more real when they are not at all. As per Gabby Bernstein in her book “May Cause Miracles” our fears are “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Once your ego will consolidate his influence with these false perceptions, your logic/rational brain will look for evidence confirming your fears. For instance, you had previously a manager micro-managing you, dismissing your opinion and judgemental. This manager left, alleluia ! You have a new manager. Unconsciously you can re-create what you experienced before by projecting your fears, anxiety onto your new manager who won’t feel comfortable with you and feeling defensive. He/she will feel your energy and react defensively. It can happen because your ego, your mind will recognise this situation, WILL RE-CREATE IT, remembering that you survived to it before, so this situation is manageable for him, can occur again.

Your Ego Is Doing His Job

What I noticed recently in the personal development world, the ego is seen as an enemy, the bad guy, the one to eliminate to truly embrace your greatness. Don’t demonize your ego, it’s the one that kept you safe from danger and unknown territories, you’re not going to label it as an enemy no ? When you think about it, it is doing purely and simply his job.

Disempower Your Ego by Feeling the Passion Of Others

When you are willing to witness your fears or old limiting beliefs, you are already weakening the stronghold that the ego has on you. I attended a training about Personal Branding and was speaking to one of my colleagues about the attempts of his ego to keep him in a comfort zone. He responded to me sadly : “My voice in my head is louder than your own voice”. But when he heard my passion in my voice when I pitched my idea, he felt motivated and encouraged to do the same and he delivered an awesome pitch later. His body language changed and automatically his presence and power. Being connected to others disempower the ego and open a space to truly embrace your uniqueness.

Your Job Is to Witness

Your job is to be aware, to witness his attempts and choose what to do. You have the choice, either to follow his thinking or listen to your intuition. From my experience, the book “May Cause Miracles” by Gabby Bernstein helped me enormously to develop my relationship with my -ing or intuition and give less power to my ego. It’s a process to gradually repositioning your ego to a role of adviser instead of commander.

When Your Fear Is Paralyzing You, Ask For Help

Immediately ask for help to your -ing, intuition. Your inner voice will guide you exactly where you need to go to demonstrate to you that your fear is just an illusion by showing the solutions. Just be open to the idea that you will receive the solution. Shedding light on our fears by asking for help is the catalyst to open a door for change and reality. From this point, your intuition will transform your fear as a learning experience and transformation.

Be The Captain Of Your Ship

You have to regain control and be aware of the purpose of your ego and intuition. Your ego is here to protect you and to protect itself and he will look for anything to do his job. To the contrary, your intuition want to make you happy, encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, see new perceptions, guide you to make your dreams come true. Your intuition is your best ally in any situation because your intuition has no selfish interest at heart.

Ziva Meditation : The Best Meditation I Have Ever Tried !

I am still shocked by the results of this meditation, it is super quick, easy to follow and truly effective. I really didn’t expect these results because I was intrigued by this Masterclass with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation but honestly a bit skeptical.

I meditate on a daily basis, it is something not negotiable in my life like brush my teeth or clean my skin every morning, it help me to start the day with good vibes and intentions to make my day fantastic by being kind, patient and keep my frequency high.

So, I was intrigued by the message of Emily Fletcher and decided to attend online this Masterclass yesterday. I was tired but noticed the values of the Ziva meditation based on neuroscience studies to release stress and fill your reservoir of adaptation energy. Adaptation Energy is the ability to handle changes in expectations, in a nutshell  unpredictable events and/or circumstances testing your balance.

I also took part to a 15min meditation with Emily Fletcher right before the end of the Masterclass but I was too tired to really see the impact of it. It’s only this morning, waking up in a cranky mode that I did this meditation again to see if this meditation is useful. I felt a shift in my body and my energy pushing me to go back to sleep which I did.

I slept like a baby, like I was waking up after a few days on holiday, feeling truly rested and peaceful. I woke up revived, energised and invigorated. The reason why I am sharing my experience is because the benefits of this meditation have been so fast, so powerful and so mind blowing that I really needed to share my story with you. Should you suffer of any sleep issues, THIS meditation is for YOU. I didn’t even know that I had sleep issues or needed to sleep more.

From what I read, Emily Fletcher, the founder of this meditation is a renowned Meditation teacher which brought to the world a modern meditation method that you can truly integrate in your daily life to perform better and be a magnet of the good things you want in your life. In any case, it works fast and is super efficient, so don’t be surprised if Ziva meditation is a subject coming back in my articles because THIS meditation is pure gold in your hands !!

The Masterclass is available on Mindvalley and free until July 11th. Grab this fantastic opportunity to make a dramatic change to your life ! Near the end of the Masterclass, you can purchase the M Word program created by Emily Fletcher at a special price. This is a ‘Thank You Gift’ Mindvalley provide to the Masterclass attendees. Don’t miss it !

Credit featured picture : Mindvalley Academy

The Power by Rhonda Byrne

I really need to speak to you about this book. You may know already the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne evidencing the law of attraction and how to use it at your advantage in your daily life to bring into reality your dreams in career, relationship and wealth.

Contrary to others, I felt more attracted by ” The Power” because I am seeking to empower myself, empower people all the time in different manners. What resonated with me is what is the ultimate power in our world, what is the common denominator to make my life, your life amazing ? And this book is giving you all the answers to these questions. There is more to it.

This book is giving you the formula to make your life extraordinary by understanding what is your power. From this point, the author is giving you the keys to remove negative emotions, to keep your frequency and how to turn events or circumstances the way you would like to be. For instance, the Law of Attraction is always playing a crucial role to manifest things for you.

It can seem pretty easy but this is not the case. As for everything you want to be good at, you need to practise and this rule applies for any guidance given in this book. What I can tell you is this book will have a tremendous impact on your life if you are willing to believe and give it a try.

I am close to the end  of this book and let me tell you, I am still gobsmacked by what I am learning. I bought this book because I feel that I needed to read this book to uncover new ways to live my life the way I want it to be. So far, I applied some of the guidance in my life and it truly works at high speed if, yes there is an if, if you let go of your scepticism and believe in it.

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A Simple Tool That Will Change Your Life ? Oh Yes, There Is One, Let Me Tell You

I have so much to do… I could hear this sentence in my head like a mantra today, more I emailed back and more I was receiving emails… Was it me trapped in this busyness mode or was I really bombarded by requests ?

Not easy at all to identify what you are experiencing particularly when you cannot prevent yourself to be emotionally affected by the tone or the type of queries you can receive. I was trying to keep it cool and cheer but I could feel my  tolerance decreasing minute by minute…and let me tell you, I am REALLY easygoing. But recently I learned something so simple and big that it transformed my life dramatically. I litteraly practised it daily, stopping the flow of my inner  negative voice and stopped judging people. Yes, because when you do that, you attracting to you everything you don’t want : criticism, complain, blame, anger in a nutshell negativity.

Negativity has its pro and cons but has to be managed carefully. If you are aware of it, and you know the impact on your life, either you will act to change it to make your life better or acting like a victim.

Let’s go back to this simple and fantastic tool : no judgement. When you apply this principle every damn day, it’s (I am not going to lie, bloody hard!!) but when you start to get the hang of it, it’s bloody miraculous ! You keep your good vibes,  your enthusiastic energy and you are more compassionate because instead of judging, you do realise that you have no clue the degree of pressure that people have in their life or if they have personal/health/professional issues.

Your perspective of life and the life of others shift to be more harmonious and peaceful. You only focus on the good. As a result your good vibes are attracting people, news, opportunities, circumstances matching your frequency and your life start to be truly amazing.

Next article, let’s discuss of the balance between love and objectivity, something to truly keep in mind. Take care beauties !

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