Where I Am Is Where Is My Home

I woke up 10 minutes ago and I can also hear my bundle of joy, happy to be a vocalist this morning. My mind is empty, I mean, I know I have things to do to keep me balanced during the day but today, I just want to embrace this moment, between sleep and being awake and see what is happening.

Taking this time brings so much perspective to this day. Where I am ? What did I do ? Where I want to be ? My daughter just joined us in our bed and this, THIS moment is my response : I am where I should be no matter what, where I am is where is my home.

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Posez-vous pour voir les bulles de bonheur dans votre vie

Un temps changeant, des changements au travail et des bonnes séances de sport et… je fatigue. Je ne suis pas du tout du genre à faire une siesta dans la journée ou un mini-break pour faire une micro sieste mais hier j’ai eu sérieusement un coup de barre. Quand vous vous sentez endormie et avez besoin de vous asseoir et de vous poser, vous savez qu’il est temps de vous pauser pour de bon.

Alors j’ai ralenti mon rythme, laisser couler et laisser mon regard noter tous les détails autour de moi. Infiniment mais présents dans notre vie, il y a une myriade de détails qui m’ont amené à apprécier ces bulles de bonheur : les jouets de ma fille étalés sur le tapis du salon, les photos de nos vacances à Amsterdam, mon homme à la cuisine, tout ces détails m’ont aidé à poser mon esprit et à jouir pleinement de cet instant. Pas de stress, pas de rush, pas d’intérêt, juste être et le réaliser. Ce moment de serenite m’a apaisée, rassurée et relaxée immédiatement. De temps en temps, juste faites-le, vous poser pour voir les bulles de bonheur dans votre vie et en profiter pleinement.

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Une pause bien méritée

J’adore ralentir le rythme de ma vie, de mes pensées pour réaliser ce qui se passe autour de moi. Plus j’essaye de profiter du moment présent et franchement, je vais vous le dire mieux c’est.

Quand je suis en France, je me sens pleine de vitalité et de dynamisme comme si l’air est différent, le rythme est plus dolce farniente que ce soit dans les grandes villes ou à la campagne. Les gens prennent leur temps de manger, de boire, d’apprécier la douceur de vivre et ça fait du bien.

A Londres, cette douceur de vivre existe mais vous devez apprendre à être réceptif pour l’avoir et en profiter pleinement. Elle est présente si vous arrêtez de courir, d’être stressé et de vouloir à tout prix rattrapez ce petit malin appelé le temps. C’est à ce moment-là que vous pouvez en jouir pleinement, l’inviter chez vous dans votre regard et dans vos pensées…et nous en avons besoin n’est-ce pas ?

Alors si vous sentez que là c’est trop, que vous êtes au bord du craquage, respectez-vous par vous écoutez, prenez une pause,un café, un thé et profitez, juste profiter de cette pause bien méritée.

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Sometimes, just Sometimes

Sometimes this is only what we need, not hiding like an ostrich but just, just, make the time to fully embrace the small moments, the small victories of our day : a nice workout, a warm and tasty cup of coffee, a phone call with your mum, a chat with your best friend, an email from a relative, a beautiful bunch of flowers offered by your man, a smile from a stranger, the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, yes all these tiny moments create, all together a big difference to your day, your mood, attitude towards life.

With these little bubbles of happiness, you can see slowly that happiness is with us, within us if we are slowing down in our tracks, if we embrace being in the moment, being aware. It is only when we are aware that we can recognise these signs, these happiness bubbles. Sometimes in our increasingly frenetic world where we are overloaded with information, step back, close your eyes and just listen to your breathing, to realise that You are the only who can choose peace of mind, happiness over stress, rush and frustration.

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Just a drink and everything is falling into place

I never felt so good, it’s not due to my workout, it’s just because I am working from home today, feeling a bit down and feeling sick and despite this difficult start, I am feeling much more better because I am taking my time to enjoy my chai latte and it’s truly blissful.

Just a few moments to pause, being in the moment and appreciate the taste, the warmth if my beverage instantly calm me down and awake my mind, my senses. Just a drink and everything is falling into place.

Be happy on your own

Yes I did it. I needed so much to have a break where I could relax, enjoy, being on my own without responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love enormously my daughter and my man but when you feel ready to lose the plot despite tons of patience, mental and physical strength, it’s time to do it. Think about yourself and made the decision to escape to rest fully and properly. Because as you may know between work, family life and other commitments, our ability as woman to juggle everything can lead us to being stressed, overtired and emotionally drained. Yes, unfortunately. So, today I left London on my own enjoying a nice and safe journey to see my family and friends in France.

I enjoyed being able to eat my breakfast in silence, relaxing by reading Red magazine. In a nutshell, I truly embraced the opportunity to be happy on my own. And it was blissful. Gone the guilt, being teary to leave my daughter because I really know that her daddy will fantastically look after her and she will have a great time between her nursery, soft play, swimming pool and trampoline sessions.

So to all of you ladies, mummies or not who balance the pro and cons prior to act impulsively, just do it. Take a leap of faith, listen to your heart and jump in the unknown because you know what ? You will always get back on your feet because you are strong, clever and gorgeous.

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Me time : the perfect ingredient to come back relaxed !

I have to admit it, when your own daughter is pushing you to relax with her in your bed or in your sofa, this is a fuxxxng wake up call that it’s time to relax. This level of exhaustion has been crescendo since the last few weeks for various reasons and my willpower to stay in control (of course of what I can!). I,  for the first time not rushing to go back in France for Christmas, instead of doing it, I will, this time, enjoy Christmas here at London with my loved ones…because we need to have this time for rest, restoration and coziness at home.

So today is my “me time day”. Being alone, free to do what I would like to do, it is liberating but a bit weird. Why ? Because left alone, it took some time to figure out what I wanted to do. Go to the cinema? Do some shopping? Enjoy a apple and pear crumble at Le Pain Quotidien or as simple as it is, be adventurous, prepare my bag and go where I want with no plans at all?!?  And yes, this is really what I did. I enjoyed a nice meal at Las Iguanas at Bankside and I am drafting my next articles at Le Pain Quotidien at Covent Garden right now with a matcha tea latte next to me. Christmas is around us, really close in fact and I am taking all my time for my Christmas presents. Today is no rush, stress, crazy day, I am not in charge and it’s good to let another captain take charge during my absence. As a mum, it’s not easy to do but taking time for ourselves is the perfect ingredient to come back rejuvenated, relaxed and easygoing.

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