How To Give Love to Yourself, Your Body and Your Mind : Use Coconut Oil Merchant !

It’s rare that I am falling in love with a product but this one is exceeding my expectations. It is in my bag all the time and It is a real multitasker. I use it to cook, to moisturise my hair and my skin, to prevent my lips being dry with the cold weather and the cherry on the cake it is natural, organic and affordable… and the quality of it is beyond your wildest dreams !

It slowly but surely changed my life and bring a little of tropical sunshine when cold, rain and flu are all over the place in my office. Small, pretty, my bambina de skin love it and myself, I am really amazed by the quality of it. Everyone knows it but to use all his properties is another matter, you have to make a place for it, give it his chance and you will be rewarded with benefits beyond your expectations ! This beauty is the small pot of Coconut Merchant that I bought at Stylist Live. And ladies, it’s the first time ever that I am using a rich, delicate, tasty coconut oil all over my body that I truly Love !

What’s this obsession with Turmeric ? Let me delve into it !

Everywhere… I can see this spice added to latte, smoothie, meals by organic shops like Planet Organic, Whole Foods and others. But my main question is why and how Turmeric start to be elected as the key ingredient to add in our food. What is seriously the craze behind this spice ?

Called the queen of the spices and present generally in Asian cuisine, turmeric has been proven by scientific studies that this spice is giving serious results to fight diseases like cancer, depression, asthma or eczema. The secret behind this spice is one of its compounds giving it its beautiful golden color and called curcumin. Generally used in curries, chicken tikka masala, the real benefits of this gold powder lead to this craze for it. But despite that, I wasn’t entirely convinced to add turmeric to my latte, so I continued to find out about the health benefits of the queen of the spices.

It appears that plethora of scientific  studies revealed over the years that turmeric has an astronomical number of health benefits : anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, participating actively to skin health, controls diabetes, reduces cholesterol levels, an immunity booster, antiseptic, antibacterial preventing cancer, Alzheimer and liver disease. For instance, in regards to its quality to prevent diseases, Turmeric is acting like a cleaner slowing, stopping, removing the growth of cells leading to the emergence of skin cancer, prostrate or breast cancer, having the same effect for other diseases. This spice is incredibly powerful to purify our bodies of any cells, effects, damages created by stress, bad diet or by the frenetic pace of the world right now. It’s like having a lifesaver with you permanently to keep your head above the water and be able to live your life, aware that you are giving to your body the perfect ingredient to stay healthy.

With this in mind, you will understand that I strongly recommend you to include turmeric in your diet. Let me tell you today, I will illico presto go to an organic shop and buy it today, I am not going to wait to have this natural spice in my kitchen any  longer ! If a bit of gold in its powder form can make wonders to my body and health, I am happy to take part to this trend and change it as an habit !

Next time, let’s see how this incredible spice can be added in our diet !

Credit picture : LIVESTRONG.COM



A real treat for dry skin : Shea Butter

 Native of West Africa, the shea tree is revered by its various properties in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Togo and Benin. Shea butter is the best remedy for women having dry skin.
This vegetable butter can be used to your skin and hair as a treatment, a mask or even a body scrub. It is known for its nourishing and protective properties for skin and hair. It is a treat for dry skin and makes the skin hydrated, soft and shiny. Moreover, it is a nourishing care for dry or frizzy hair and protects the skin against the sun. Since I was a toddler, my mother always used shea butter as a care product, strengthen and heal my skin.
I like shea butter because it is a natural, vegetable butter and multipurpose and has been recognised in the world of cosmetics for its goodness for our skin and hair. It is now standard to see it in the list of ingredients in the beauty products.
So when my skin demands attention, I do not miss to pamper my skin with this fantastic butter !
Credit picture : Emmanuel Layani

Yoga girl aka Rachel Brathen

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Yoga girl is genuine. She is natural and so positive. Not positive as to be naïve or innocent, but her belief that love, selflessness transforms us and helps us move forward, learn about ourselves is amazing. Her daily practice of yoga help undoubtedly to live in the moment and to be aware of the world around her. Be aware, it is stop letting our negative thoughts, criticism, belittling us, learning every day to understand the origin of our thoughts and reveal the positivism of every situation. It is a long process, to work our mind, to teach it to be positive.

By her smile and her innate talent to share her emotions, she allows each of her followers to connect with her and realize that we are lucky to be alive, to enjoy life to the fullest, to have this inexhaustible joy and learn from hard knocks as from our mistakes. Authentic because she does not hesitate to also share her pain, her sadness as much as her love for her family, her husband and friends. Without artifice, she express her need to share her passion but also the cons to have a business, attract lust and to be in meeting for hours with lawyers when the only thing she wants is to send them away. She just wants to share her passion, teach yoga (Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Stand-Up Paddle board yoga) worldwide and stay connected with her followers.

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

Yoga, meditation, love , one might think that this idyllic and bohemian life is the result of golden teenage years… which is very far from reality . Yoga girl was a real rebel , attracted by the forbidden, she was a teenager in constant rebellion with her environment and society and destroying her life by taking alcohol , drugs and others, she was the epitome of  ” l’enfant terrible” , destructive and rebellious teenager. This is yoga that helped her to soothe and remove her demons, to give her a better perspective of life, of what she wanted to do. It is now one of the most respected yoga teachers in the world, a guru for some, a friend to others, she has the ability to touch people , their emotions, their doubts, to get her message and stay true to herself, she is stunning .

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

She is also so human , generous and has a real smile from the heart ! She has written a book which is a New York bestseller and I learnt so much by reading her book ! She is a balm to the heart and a real joy to follow on Instagram meditate, practice yoga every day, sharing her life with us. I ‘m on Instagram as two million followers and she inspired me to meditate, reflect on the meaning of life, take advantage of this time and achieve my goals with a smile. In short , I love her !!

Instagram : YOGA_GIRL (Rachel Brathen ) Website: http://www.Rachel

A must have in your bathroom : green clay

When I was 15 years old, I have been introduced to this clay by my dad who showed me the benefits to purify my skin once a week. He used to spend a lot of time in organic shops and was keen to protect his skin naturally. I have to say, at first I was quite doubtful about it, in addition it wasn’t too pleasant but my skin… I was speechless… my skin was even, more radiant in a natural way, in a nutshell beautiful. I never suffered of acne until I started to enter in my thirties and once again green clay has been my saviour !

Since then, I always believe that using the natural resources we have is the best for my skin and nature did not disappoint me ! Green clay is the most purifying clay we may have. It is a lifesaver for oily skin or skin with acne.

Mountain Rose Herbs says: “French Green Clay also sometimes traded as Sea Clay is by far one of the most majestic, most effective, and most Our French green clay has enormous absorbent powers due to the constitution of its micro molecules.”

As a deep cleanser, it literally pulls out the dead cells from the skin and contributes to a healthy circulation of the new cells. As a result your skin is smoother, even and radiant naturally. We are bombarded everyday by toxins in our environment, our food or even in our skincare routine, for this reason it is vital to let our skin breathe, to use green clay which is a lifesaver to detox deeply your skin from the toxins accumulated in our cells. Each time, I feel tired, moody and my skin is losing her natural light, I use green clay to give her a detox boost. Not only my skin will be purified but she will absorb more easily and efficiently my other “adorable” products, part of my skincare routine.

French Green Clay is a 100% natural bio-organic material and contains a cornucopia of valuable elements, with several important mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosporous, silicon, copper, and selenium. There are also other green clays like bentonite clay  but so far French green clay is my favourite.

If you have a sensitive skin, I would recommend you to use the pink clay, less harsh on your skin that green clay but also efficient. I used alternatively both clays depending of the state of my skin. To have access to a natural,  organic product which is purifying and make your skin more beautiful than ever, you know that  green clay is a must have in your bathroom and for your skincare routine.

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The Super Elixir : The key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle !

I really can’t live without this daily green supplement. Since I discovered it and gave it a try, I never, ever regretted my decision. Why ? because this product is doing a fantastic job for me, everyday to restore and boost my energy, to keep my ph balanced and to make me feel confident and healthy. Sounds too good to be true ? Seems like but it really works. I forgot to buy it a few weeks ago and I saw the effects of it immediately. I was tired constantly, not able to wake up early as I used to do, sleep deprived and feeling sluggish, not motivated to do my my daily Tracy Anderson workout, it was a proper nightmare, a deep dive that I couldn’t accept. I didn’t waste my time and bought again The Super Elixir and magic arrived : I found back my mojo, my feisty motivation to be healthy, enjoy life to the fullest and be energised and ready for any new challenge.

What is truly magic and important is this green supplement is 100% healthy. There is no risk to find nasties in this product because all the ingredients are natural… and between us, this is really what we need now, to go back to our roots, eat organic and enjoy at last what is really high quality food. We are bombarded by toxins everyday and we know we need to get back the control of it and quickly for the sake of our lives. Each ingredient in the Super Elixir comes from natural, organic and whole foods and all hand made in Australia… and the cherry on the cake each ingredient has been carefully selected for the properties by Dr Simone Laubscher and calculated to work in perfect balance with one another to support your body and bring it to an alkaline state i.e. without toxins !

There is also the arrival of the Nourishing Protein which come in classic Vanilla. I tried the chocolate one , if you LOVE chocolate, this is for you definitely and it really works as well. However I am more interested in trying the Vanilla version, I like to have the idea to have a protein powder which is creamy, smooth and tasty. In a nutshell, if you have to trust a product, The Super Elixir is this product, the classic one first and if you want to give a try, try the Nourishing Protein, you won’t be disappointed, after all when you also see the body of Elle, this is a obvious statement that the Super Elixir is the key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle !

Credit picture : numinousnegrita.tumblr. com

A glowing skin with Antonia Burrell


Recently, my skin started to suffer seriously of my hectic lifestyle. Used to have a skin without breakouts, I recently started to see my skin suffer of my lack of attention and especially tiredness. I decided to look for a gentle and efficient face scrub and I did some research before to make a decision. I found it particularly difficult to find a skin product gentle enough for ma bambina de peau and also efficient to give me back the glow of my skin.  I am allergic to many natural ingredients and I need constantly to double check the ingredients used for any new skin product in order to ensure that they will respect the sensitivity of my skin. For this reason, I am really faithful to a skin product when I discover a fantastic product which makes ma bambina de peau happy!

I decided to give a try with the Polishing Powder of Antonia Burrell after managing to buy this face scrub at Harvey Nichols. I was quite lucky to find it because it was the last one available over there. My god, despite all the checks I am always wary to try a new product… but I tried it and by miracle my bambina de peau reacted well after using it.

Antonia Burrell is a London based holistic facialist. She is the founder of the Antonia Burrell skincare line, 100% made with natural plants, herb and flower extracts, entirely free of “nasties” like parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic chemicals or fragrances. Ethically sourced and sustainable, her skincare line will protect, nourish and restore the glow, the natural beauty of your skin.

I have to say, this is the first time I noticed an immediate effect on my skin, my skin was so smooth, so instantly beautiful. To be honest, I am still amazed by the results. Even after a few days, if you’re looking after your skin, this exfoliating powder is boosting the effect of your skincare products. Your skin completely purified from impurities can enjoy the benefits of your other products, my skin was more smooth, moisturised and flawless than ever. It is when you truly see the results of an exfoliating powder that you realise again, exfoliating your skin is essential not only for the health and beauty of your skin… but also for your confidence ! My overall complexion is more radiant and brighter, my skintone is more even… I am still in awe of the fantastic results of this polishing powder.

This product is the best exfoliating powder I am using. My skin is naturally glowing, thank you Antonia!! I strongly recommend you to buy it, you will be amazed by the results ! I just can’t stop raving about it… because this is truly an incredible product.

Love your skin with One Love Organics

What’s One Love Organics ?

One Love Organics est une marque de soins bio américaine et elle a dépassé vraiment mes attentes.

Depuis quelque temps, je donne une chance aux nouvelles marques bio pour que ma bambina de peau s’éveille lumineuse et en pleine santé. Ma prise de risque m’a apporté un pur sourire sur ma bouille à la vue grandissante de la bonne mine de ma bambina de peau. Je voulais un sérum ou un soin qui réveille la luminosité de ma peau et rehausse la couleur de ma peau chocolat au lait.

Le sérum Chia Seed Oil est un petit élixir de beauté qui vous redonnera le sourire en un rien de temps, c’est une huile qui va booster l’hydratation de votre peau et parfaire votre teint. C’est une huile à base de graines de chia et 100% bio. L’effet de cette huile a été immédiat, elle a réveillé l’éclat de ma bouille et a ainsi favorisé une hydratation plus longue de ma peau. Elle est composée d’ antioxidants  qui renforcent la barrière cellulaire de la peau.Depuis je dois le dire, je ne peux plus m’en passer, même pendant mes vacances , je préfère partir avec ce soin que ma crème hydratante.

Par contre, pour trouver les points de vente de cette marque, c’est un peu le parcours du combattant. Au début j’ai eu la chance d’avoir une copine qui partait aux US et qui m’a dit qu’elle essayerait de m’acheter l’uns de leurs sérums à base de vitamine C. Elle est revenue bredouille et étonnée que le soin qu’elle cherchait était en rupture de stock même aux US. J’ai eu la chance de trouver One Love Organics à Planet Organic à Londres.