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Joao Gilberto – S’ Wonderful

This song is a celebration of love as well as happiness because happiness is within us, if we open to it, signs of happiness, light, joy are all around us, it’s just a question of choice : to focus on the good and beautiful or the contrary. Once you shift the focus of your mind to the things which make you happy, happiness start to emerge within you to blossom into your reality. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture :

Summer : A Calling To Shine

You know when you can feel this IS your moment to make time for yourself, to believe in the Universe and this is your time, your time to shine. Yes with the fantastic weather, warm and sunny I just want to open my wardrobe and wear something light, summary and sooo pretty. There is nothing better to raise your energy levels and be a real sunshine all the day, make people happy and smile to enjoy live with limitless opportunities. Each morning meditate and decide what you want for your day, what your day will be and raise your energy to attract all the greatness, the positivity and enthusiasm in your day. Have a fantastic day Beauties !