How To Make Your Dreams A Reality ? Create Your Vision Board !

This is it guys, time to make your vision a reality by creating your vision board. Yes, a vision board is a fantastic manner to put your dreams, goals in pictures and to move them forward in the physical world.

It is of course good to think, to dream about it but my friends it’s even better to make them visual for your own motivation and willpower. Seeing your dreams is a trigger to keep your ultimate goal in ind and to direct your focus efficiently. No more distractions, finito the time to feel stuck and unsure of yourself. It is time to put yourself in priority and create the life you want.

With this fabulous drive in you, schedule a time for you to create your vision board, to choose the pictures, the words, the affirmations or mantras you want to see in your environment.

Why is it important to make a vision board ? Your imagination is the key to realise your dreams, to unlock this key, you need to visualise what you wish for daily for your mind to remember about it and lead your drive towards your dreams. Your mind needs to be remembered.

Choose in particular words or affirmations which will amplify your faith, your grit, your trust that what you want will come into your life. Your faith and positive attitude are your superpowers to co-create with the Universe. Learn each day to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and energy and you will match the energy of your desires.

My vision board is in progress, the fact to see it already makes me so happy and determined to reach my goals, I love the feeling of it !! You will feel excitement, hope, joy to see and feel that this TIME is YOUR time to go for it, being unstoppable and empower yourself for good. My friends are creating as well their vision boards either with PowerPoint, through apps or like me manually and I love the drive that 2018 ingrained in us to create a life we love. So, block some time in your diary and take action now !

My Friends, It’s Not Only Your Thoughts Creating Your Reality, It’s Your STATE !

When you feel low, under the water, unexpectedly annoyed, going through the motions, trying to decipher why you have the impression to move in muddy waters, Hum hum… your ego is taking over the control of your mind. It’s, we can say it, sometimes debilitating or completely out of order when you work relentlessly to witness it and stop in his tracks. But, yes, there is a but, when your fear is holding you back, when you are worried to leave your happy zone to get more of it.

What does it mean ? As human beings, we have this inner drive to evolve, to have more, do more to feel completely fulfilled. It’s never ending unless you convince yourself or someone convinced you that there is no “more” in your life. This drive is the catalyst to push us further, the key ingredient to sustain our motivation, the grit for our dreams to come true.

It is when your ego, not happy about taking a risk will try to stop you in your tracks. Yes, we are wired to protect ourselves and the only way to get out of it is to learn about it and disempower our ego. Yes, this is where call your intuition for help is NOW. Because she will respond, she will help you and move you out of this box where your mind is trying to keep you.

Even more your dreams, your desires are the fuel for your spirit, for YOU to believe, to act and to trust the process no matter what. So, when you feel yourself confused, lost, call you intuition, meditate, pray, read the last book of Gabby Bernstein, use a breathing technique to shut up your mind and Sunshine, you will see the light, the joy to have overcome this battle with your ego, once again.

What is “funny” is that you can see, notice that something is wrong, that you are overanalysing the situation, balancing the pro and the cons , trying to reassure you that everything is fine when deep down you know that this weak argumentation is bollocks!

You are getting despite yourself on edge, got triggered by a comment from your mum in the phone, irritated by the lack of understanding of your hubby because your mum is pushing again your buttons now… … totally, quick to snap or respond with agressivity with no reason and because you feeding your initial annoyance with more infuriated energy, you are so upset that you don’t know how to decrease or stop the emotional storm you have created. Yes, my friends by your thoughts, feelings and state as Tony Robbins said it (your vibration, your frequency, your vibes) you’re vibrating so much anger that everyone around you is of the same vibe as yours. This is your curse and power. Power if you are aware about it. Curse if you are playing the victim and let yourself governed by your emotions.

At this point, what would you do ? Empower yourself or playing the victim ? You have the choice my dear friends and I am sure you will choose the good one !

Do We Really Need To Work Hard To Achieve Our Goals ?

We have been advised for ages by our parents, relatives and grandparents that working hard is key to make our dreams come true.

To make our vision a reality, we have to agree that  we need to generate a lot of energy to move things in the direction we want but deep down , is it really physically hard to make our dreams come true ? I don’t think so or depending of your goal. If you want to lose weight or have a toned and fit body, yes it is unsurprisingly that you are going to work, physically working hard. We all agree on this point.

But what about the other goals ? like creating your own business, travel around the world, being an artist or write a book, yes what about these kind of goals ? From my point of view, if you really believe in your vision and passionately want to make it true, this is not hard work, this is not a task or a job, THIS is crafting your future, make your passion your purpose in life, add meaning in your life by excelling at something to help people.

Being an expert in your subject will come with consistency and practice. More you will practice and more you will be good at it. Use the power of practice and consistency to create an habit beneficial for you.

Being gritty  (blend of perseverance and passion) is essential to brush off the no, the negative comments or judgements and create what you want to see and have in your life. It is much more inspiring and motivating to wake up everyday to develop your passion than thinking working hard.

Your motivation lies in the words we are using. Think passion, grit, purpose and you will have a spring in your step to get closer to your dreams. Think contacts, ideas, opportunities and you will continue to work on your passion relentlessly until your dream will become reality. You can do it.

Credit featured picture : Pinterest