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Happy or Bad Day ? Do We Have The Choice To Decide ? Yes, You Do !

I am counting my blessings everyday recently and my vibes are more louder, positive and vibrant. The law of attraction is really working, what you give is what you receive and I set my intention to give a lot of love, light and support to my loved ones and my friends. Helping them daily to focus on their happiness, to be grateful to what they have now is key to truly staying positive and make your dreams come true. I know some of you will tell me « easier said than done » but the beauty of it is when you are making the effort to do it, it works. It empower you proving that your attitude and mindset are your power to manifest what you want in your life. No need to rush, to run, to react, just choose to make a meaningful choice : to let it go or to stand up. You can do it.

A Simple Tool That Will Change Your Life ? Oh Yes, There Is One, Let Me Tell You

I have so much to do… I could hear this sentence in my head like a mantra today, more I emailed back and more I was receiving emails… Was it me trapped in this busyness mode or was I really bombarded by requests ? Not easy at all to identify what you are experiencing particularly when you cannot prevent yourself to be emotionally affected by the tone or the type of queries you can receive. I was trying to keep it cool and cheer but I could feel my  tolerance decreasing minute by minute…and let me tell you, I am REALLY easygoing. But recently I learned something so simple and big that it transformed my life dramatically. I litteraly practised it daily, stopping the flow of my inner  negative voice and stopped judging people. Yes, because when you do that, you attracting to you everything you don’t want : criticism, complain, blame, anger in a nutshell negativity. Negativity has its pro and cons but has to be managed carefully. If you are aware of it, …

Sometimes, just Sometimes

Sometimes this is only what we need, not hiding like an ostrich but just, just, make the time to fully embrace the small moments, the small victories of our day : a nice workout, a warm and tasty cup of coffee, a phone call with your mum, a chat with your best friend, an email from a relative, a beautiful bunch of flowers offered by your man, a smile from a stranger, the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, yes all these tiny moments create, all together a big difference to your day, your mood, attitude towards life. With these little bubbles of happiness, you can see slowly that happiness is with us, within us if we are slowing down in our tracks, if we embrace being in the moment, being aware. It is only when we are aware that we can recognise these signs, these happiness bubbles. Sometimes in our increasingly frenetic world where we are overloaded with information, step back, close your eyes and just listen to your breathing, to realise that …

Self Care and Body Positivity with Iskra Lawrence

When we really start to enjoy Spring, we know that Summer is not too far. With that in mind, we cannot prevent ourselves to think what we will look like in a 👙 on the beach. Oh yes, we all are strong, confident but like everyone we all have body insecurities. This is where I came across this Ted Talk and honestly, it’s the first time I found a talk so honest, refreshing, liberating with very good tips. Hearing the experience of a model who went through hell to finally reached a love for her body is truly uplifting and inspiring. Self care and body positivity are essential to love our body and respect it. Enjoy !

What’s being on holiday mode ?

When you woke up early to prepare your luggage, when you are feeling super excited just to the idea of traveling, to see family and friends, to enjoy some well-deserved break because you survived between the flu, the various cold and diseases in the office, you know you ready to join the tribe in holiday mode. What’s being on holiday mode ? It’s a mindset of light, peace and joie de vivre where you affirm yourself as an individual and don’t give a damn about people’s opinion. Not only it is liberating but it also a fantastic way to get out of your box, your comfort zone and your boundaries to reflect, chill out and prepare a solid strategy for the next months. To enjoy life to the fullest, to embrace the unknown, recharge your batteries and empower yourself just by making time to truly connect with the nature and yourself. Despite the tiredness of my trip to go in France, just feeling the balmy air on my skin and having a nap in the …