Part 1 – How To Declutter Your Mind ? By Creating Space !

I decided to declutter, BIG time. In fact, I wanted to do so for a moment and the e-book by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman gave me the boost to declutter in a big way. They advised to throw, give 27 items not used or not bringing joy during 9 days.

I dived into this challenge straight away. I was ready to declutter BIG time and I knew the endless benefits of it : clarity, peace of mind, minimalism but above all, I was responding to a calling : to create space in my mind and environment for something new, different in alignment with my intentions for 2018.

Let me tell you the first two days were awesome, I decluttered with so much energy that this decision made me happy all the day. I felt free, light and excited. On the 3rd day, it was another matter, I still wanted to do it but felt torn. I already threw so much stuff that for me, nothing was left to declutter or give. This is where instead of giving up, I played the investigator and decided to persevere. After all, the challenge was to push me out of my comfort zone and it WORKED ! I was struggling, gauging what could leave my flat once again.

I stopped because I didn’t find anything to throw or give. However I couldn’t accept my defeat to declutter only for 9 days, so I started over and this time I thought carefully of all the items I could let go with no issues in each room of my flat. I really took the time to see what I have in a new light : books, magazines, cooking books, make up, skincare, shoes, clothes and more and more. Accumulating things is a manner for us to feel secured, to feel safe and reassured about our power of buying. The downside of it is we can be manipulated by the media, marketing that buying such product will change our life, our habits for good.

To the end, I managed to declutter my flat during 9 days and throw 27 items per day. It was exciting, challenging, getting out of my comfort zone and epic. Ultimately, the result of it, I am feeling so free emotionally and spiritually. It’s like make the decision to remove the heaviness that you are carrying all day without even realising it, it’s truly cathartic and  refreshing to open yourself to new ideas, thoughts, opportunities by just decluttering your space. Give it a try, you have everything to win !

How To Set A Powerful Intention This Year

What is an intention ? It’s the decision to make a choice and direct your energy by doing so. For instance, you can set up your intention to have a day filled with gratitude and joy. By doing so, you will focus your energy to anything bringing this outcome and attracted by you, (the Law of Attraction is a cheeky player), you will see, witness events, circumstances, results leading you to live in this state. Everything is Energy. The key is to know and direct your energy to what you want.

What is even better to set up intentions that you will achieve successfully is to create an intention from your soul and not your ego.

An ego intention is for instance to lose weight to do not feel judged or because you lost your boyfriend. The feelings behind such intention is often struggle, anxiety, lack, fear and a lot of should. An ego intention is rooted in the desire to be validated by the society, by others. Whereas if you choose to lose weight  to be fit and healthy, behind it, lies a beautiful idea of love, expansion and limitless possibilities that your soul aspire to. To reach a state of wellbeing and being comfortable in your own skin for yourself. The roots of this intention are so meaningful and positive that you will remember about it and naturally your mindset will shift to reach this intention.

So take the time to think about what you want to achieve this year and identify if your intentions are from your ego or from your soul. It is a fantastic empowerment exercise that I learned yesterday from Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman and I loved it !


May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein : Encouraging, Funky and Powerful !

“May Cause Miracles” : it is one of the books I have read daily and with a real pleasure. Why ? Because it is a self- discovery journey about you, your ego, your intuition and the relationship you have with your body, with money and others.

Yes, it’s look like an extensive program but the tone wise as well as funky and encouraging of Gabby truly motivate you to push further and to uncover your limiting beliefs, your illusions and beliefs. She is guiding you, holding your hand as well as letting yourself experience fully the discovery of your mind and deepest secrets.

She is a spiritual badass defining spirituality in her own terms and giving a refreshing, modern perspective of what is being spiritual nowadays. I learnt to embrace the power of Forgiveness which is bloody difficult (!) but with such a freedom effect and pure lightness that I dived into it fearlessly.

Until now I am still using some of the daily affirmations that truly shift my mindset and help me to change my perspective and be open to more miracles. Yes, a miracle in this book is having a shift in your mind resulting from what you are learning, witnessing and celebrating. If you want to know more about yourself and discover your spirituality, this book is definitely for you : encouraging, funky, meaningful and powerful, you won’t be disappointed at all if you are open-minded.

I truly recommend you to read, it is a must read to regain your balance. Honestly I cannot wait to read her new book ” Judgement Detox” out in January, we are spending too much time to judge instead of being focused on our goals. I will, of course tell you my thoughts about her new book very soon !

Have a great day beauties !


Lose The Plot Or Hold It Together ? The Soution : A Good Cry

When you feel ready to explode because you are accepting or taking too much shit in your life, it’s time to step back. Because deep down you feel disrespected, not listened to , frustrated by the state of things and trying to hold it together : with breathing, going outside to take some fresh air, in a nutshell break the cycle of your negative thoughts and unnecessary judgements.

This state of mind, most of the time is triggered by people, called in the Power by Rhonda Byrne as Personal Emotional Trainers because they have this fucking ability to push your buttons to make you lose the plot. It can be your family, your friend, your husband, a colleague ,an enemy or as simple as that a person with no awareness of what is respect or polite manners. And this is one of my triggers. Staying polite in front of such people is extremely difficult because you want to get these people out of your life illico presto. What I learned is not react, observe, analyse and to do not give an ounce of my emotional energy to these people. Easier said than done because this weekend, my patience has been tested e-very-day!!

I chose the option to hold it together , to rein my whirling and intense feelings of frustration, annoyance and anger for the sake of my daughter yesterday…but ultimately holding so much is not healthy. We need to let it go in private, have a good cry to release all of these negative and particularly powerful emotions. Yes, sounds horrible or weak for some, healing for others, a good cry is the solution in these cases. Let it go allow you to create space to analyse the situation, identify the root cause of the issue and find a solution. Most of the time, the solution is already in you but you need firstly to accept your feelings by acknowledging them, surrender to them to truly overcome this emotional storm. It’s not easy, nothing is easy but the pleasure to get out of  it is priceless.

You suddenly remember the punchy and funky music to lighten up your mood, all the blessings unnoticed since this morning, that you are doing what you love right now and you are feeling once again like a million bucks. Finally a good cry is nothing in comparison to this awesome feeling.

Credit featured picture : Malika Favre

Tracy Anderson London Vitality Week – Day 1 : Being Yourself

My God guys, I went to the first day of the London Vitality Week with Tracy Anderson and it was epic. You know when you are following the founder of a fitness method, different from any other workouts in the world, buying her DVDs , following her workouts via streaming, seeing her in real for the first time is amazing !

Particularly when she is everything you expected and she manage to even exceed your expectations, it’s being filled with joy for all the day. Tracy is down to earth and so nice that you feel reassured that you are trusting her to sculpt your body.

More importantly she is an advocate of being yourself, own your body and knowing yourself and this is the epitome of connection I feel with her. Why ? Because I am your cheerleader to celebrate your uniqueness and we need to empower ourselves with the right tools to own our body. Being yourself is a journey because different parameters need to be in balance : emotional, psychological, physical and energetic (spiritual) part of you. Each of these parameters are interlinked and we, as individuals need to understand these parameters to fully be connected with our mind, body and soul.

It is for the above reasons that I love the Tracy Anderson Method because this workout is pushing you to tune with your body and mind to a level you cannot imagine, it’s like a constant detox for your mind (removal of your old or limiting beliefs), for your body ( removal of your stress and emotional baggage) and tap into your inner energy to become what you want to be. And such transformation  requires persistance, determination and consistency. When you truly want to reach a state of balance where harmony or balance is your mantra for each day, you need to keep going, to believe in yourself and work for it.

The music and the heat create an intense environment where you are challenged, to find your balance, to unleash your desire to push yourself, move like you want and have fun. Everything is done for your mind to be totally focused on the moves, on you and what you can do. It is slowly but surely a creation of your own flow where this deep connection allow you to speak with your body.

I truly think that consistency and perseverance is the price to see the results you want whatever you are talking about fitness, career, entrepreneurship or relationships. It’s achievable if you decide to have the right mindset for it, to focus on the positive and do not give a damn about what other people think !

This method is giving you much more than your dream body : you will build and develop your inner flexibility, your own dynamic to feel yourself and feel confident in your body. It is really an empowering process which requires reflection, analysis to learn about yourself , what are your weaknesses, your strengths, your limiting beliefs and your resilience. And this is where your transformation will start.

Credit featured picture : Adriel Reboh for Tracy Anderson

How To Regain Your Balance

Busyness and rush is the must have in our society and in many corporations. Unsurprisingly many people feel burnout, have a breakdown or go on a sick leave for stress. When we are all aware of the danger of performance and productivity, it’s taking time, research and reflection to move from this mentality and connect with our inner self.

What I mean is to dig into us to truly see what is our purpose, what we want to achieve each day. Purpose is recently used by a lot of life coaches or spiritual leaders to help us to find our joy for life. Having a purpose is like seeing the ultimate reason of your actions daily and remain motivated to pursue your dreams to reach this purpose. However, let’s not forget that we are all human beings with strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to find a balance between our goals and our health.

Having a purpose or having goals is beneficial for your self esteem and confidence, feeling that you are moving forward BUT as an individual, you need most importantly to respect yourself.

Respect yourself is to know where it’s time to work towards your goals or take a break to relax. This is why I call Respect. Respect for you as an human being when you feel that you are acting on automatic mode, without any awareness of your thoughts or acts, in a nutshell act on autopilot.

This is where Respect is the word to stop in your tracks. To make you realise of your whirling thoughts and the impact they can have on you. To realise what you are doing to your mind, your body and your spirit. Respect is the ultimate way to fully regain your balance.

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Sometimes, just Sometimes

Sometimes this is only what we need, not hiding like an ostrich but just, just, make the time to fully embrace the small moments, the small victories of our day : a nice workout, a warm and tasty cup of coffee, a phone call with your mum, a chat with your best friend, an email from a relative, a beautiful bunch of flowers offered by your man, a smile from a stranger, the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, yes all these tiny moments create, all together a big difference to your day, your mood, attitude towards life.

With these little bubbles of happiness, you can see slowly that happiness is with us, within us if we are slowing down in our tracks, if we embrace being in the moment, being aware. It is only when we are aware that we can recognise these signs, these happiness bubbles. Sometimes in our increasingly frenetic world where we are overloaded with information, step back, close your eyes and just listen to your breathing, to realise that You are the only who can choose peace of mind, happiness over stress, rush and frustration.

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What are the 5 Keys To Unlock Your Potential?

What is Potential ? What is having access to your full abilities and rise from it ? We often heard about this term but the meaning behind it lead to understand 5 elements/keys to truly unlock it.

1.Learn being aware of your thoughts. Change your thinking process.

Potential is releasing what you are able to do. This stage involves to go through an awareness of your thinking process, to make time to meditate and see clearly your thoughts. Being aware of your thoughts helps you to differentiate, to distance yourself from them but also to make a “daily spring cleaning” to transform your negativity into positivity, see your vision and what’s bothering you to sort it out.

2.Positivity attract positivity.

Once you are able to see the positivity into your thinking process, you will be able more freely to think outside of the box, to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Why ? because positivity attract positivity. More you will bring, communicate your perspective in a positive manner, more likely people will respond to your enthousiasm and the manner you think differently.

3.Face your fears.

Often without realising it, we stay away from big goals or playing big because we are our worst critic and adversary but when you dare face our fears, ask questions to your critic voice relentlessly until this voice will be speechless or confused by your will to dig deep into the roots of your fear. And gradually your loving voice will intervene, to support you, elevate you and demonstrate that you can do it.

4. Articulate your goals.

It’s good to have goals but it’s even better to see the path, the steps to reach it. This process involves to break down your goals into manageable chunks that you can complete it everyday to getting closer to your goal as well as giving you a sense of reality and achievement boosting your motivation to go high to reach your ultimate goal.

5.Tune into your emotions.

Your emotional intelligence is your compass, your guide to tell you what you are truly feeling with no filter. Either some ideas, lightbulb moments will resonate with you and some don’t. Either you will connect instantly with people and sometimes you will feel these relationships will be toxic for you. Your uniqueness is based on your emotional intelligence, listen to it to embrace joy as well as sadness to comeback from these experiences stronger, resilient and insightful.

6. Nourishment from the outside.

You have to provide to your body and mind what it need to stay healthy and alert. Read books, magasines, articles to open your mind and develop your growth mindset. Eat colourful foods, vegan sometimes as well as a treat to create balance in your diet combined with pleasure and taste. And find the workout you love to move your body and developing this brilliant mind-body connection.

The Art to Let It Go

It is one of these days… when you manage to get organised, ready to kick start your day and despite your quiet confidence, you feel drained, physically drained. You are looking for answers, is it lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of motivation ? But no one of your analysis provide you a feedback, a reassurance that you know what’s going on. It is when you just need to LET IT GO. Yes, just let your mind rest from this incessant questionnaire and nourish your body and your spirit. Focus on keeping your Happiness Pot well filled by doing what you love and give yourself the permission to rest, reflect and daydreaming.

We are so caught up by our numerous goals that sometimes we missed completely the sense of life, being in the moment and enjoy the small things to truly appreciate our life and re-learn to do nothing. Just finish your job, go back home and give a kiss to your loved ones is what really matters.

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