Part 2 – How To Declutter Your Mind ? Give A Try To Ziva Meditation, You Will Never Regret It !

It is often when you expect the least that someone is exceeding your expectations. Because you accept to give a try, to open your mind to new learning, this is where the “amazing” can happen. As you may know, one meditation blew my mind last year and I wrote an article about it last year. However, because I was interested by learning about new topics, I didn’t pursue my interest for Ziva meditation.

It’s only when I joined their Facebook group and really enjoyed the Facebook live that my interest for this meditation was re-ignited. I like the honesty and elegance of the founder Emily Fletcher but also her straight forward manner to explain the art of meditation and the science linked to it. It is fascinating and learning more about the mind, how my brain functions is something I love. So, when she created Ziva online, an online course to learn meditating as per her Ziva method, I felt challenged and intrigued because I truly not a newbie to meditation. Headspace has been my anchor during tumultuous times and I am meditating everyday. (I made the mistake to do not meditate a few times and I commit for this to never happen again!!)

As you can guess, I gave it a try and until now, never, ever regretted it. This meditation brought phenomenal results in my life : no more stress, natural balance in my diet, better sleep, ability to face and overcome challenges and stressful situations, more patience, harmony with my loved ones and more creativity. Your creativity is like liberated, able to expand and flow naturally and better connection with your mind and body.

What I truly loved is the foundations given by this meditation detailed below :

  • Disempower the preconceptions and judgement that people have about meditation
  • What is really meditation
  • What is mindfulness
  • What is manifesting
  • How is it combined with neurosciences
  • How the neurosciences confirm the benefits given by practicing meditation
  •  What is the good way to meditate
  • How to become a self-sufficient meditator
  • How Ziva meditation can uplevel your performance
  • How Ziva meditation can help you harness your potential
  • How Ziva meditation can help you create a life you love

On the last day of this course, I wrote this post in the Ziva Online Facebook Community which is a testament of the excellence of Ziva meditation.

“Day 15 : Ziva brings me so much peace, clarity and harmony in my life motivating me to set more empowering boundaries and to live with grace and beauty. I feel so at peace after my meditation and I am amazed by the results of it. It’s maybe the last day but it is truly the starter of a practice for life. Thank you so much Emily and Ziva team for your energy, commitment to change our lives.”

2017 – 2018 : Finish Strong, Start Stronger with Ziva Meditation

I used the guided visualisation by Ziva meditation to design my goals in 2018 yesterday evening. The experience ha been meaningful, cool and elegant. I truly think that the creator of Ziva meditation, Emily Fletcher has the innate talent to convey the values of mindfulness, fun and elegance packaged in an authentic way that I love.

To come back to it, firstly with this visualisation, you are going to acknowledge your successes of 2017, what you achieved to finish your perspective about 2017 on a positive note. After and this is the exciting part, Emily will guide you to imagine what do you want to achieve in different areas of your life in 2018 : professional, personal, physical, spiritual, financial and in your home life. Because letting your wild imagination create what you wish and pick the first thought coming to your mind for each of these areas is your goal, is setting your intention in such a clear way that you will feel delighted about it.

This exercise brought to me so much clarity of what I wanted to achieve and open my perception that this is the time to create these goals, craft them in a way to reach them with a strategy in mind. Further to that, you have to choose the world we are going to love into 2018, a word, beautiful reminder of your drive for this year. My word for this year is commitment. Commitment to my business, my body, my family and friends and my dreams. Since I have done this exercise, I feel so motivated and empowered because with clarity and willpower, everything is possible.

So, if you feel lost, overwhelmed or need more time to be in tune with 2018, do this exercise, it is a real awakening  for your hidden dreams to bring them to light to make it your reality.

The Power of Forgiveness by Ziva Meditation : profound, liberating and enlightening !

I recently discovered the Power of Forgiveness with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation. Having the ability to forgive a person, yourself from what this person did or which mistakes you have done is a powerful tool to regain your energy. By learning acceptance and compassion and apply it in your daily life, you learn to forgive with a big F. Take this step is brave and show your vulnerability. However, contrary to what you may think, forgive someone who hurt you or yourself is a sign of strength in emotional intelligence. By acknowledging the impact that this person had on you or the negative emotions/chat you have about yourself, you are witnessing to release yourself emotionally and energetically from these situations.

When you are ready to do so, to take a leap of faith and gave the courage to forgive, it is an uncomfortable journey but the result is worth it. Most importantly the result is the opening to another kingdom : your freedom, not constraints, no limits, you are freeing yourself from this person or traumatic event. Maybe one, two, three and more sessions will be necessary to release these persons or emotions but carry this personal journey is amazingly liberating for your body, mind and soul.

I just listened to the free audio and by forgiving this person, I free myself from the anger, disappointment, gossip talk I had about him to truly with the power of forgiveness release him, cut energy cords between you and me and feel truly and blissfully free. And the power you regain is indescribable, forgiveness is an empowering tool to not be overlooked because it is an act bringing more love, compassion and acceptance into our world.

If you are feeling at loss, resentment, anger fire up within you just to think about this person, empower yourself today with the Power of Forgiveness and regain your emotional freedom,

4 Uplifting Bites To Boost Your Focus And Success That You Need To Know

I attended a Neom Organics event two weeks ago and the subject the Art of Connection really resonated with me. What is the art of connection nowadays? Are we able to connect authentically and most importantly how?

When I was in holiday, I reprogrammed my mind to disconnect from the digital world by switching off my mobile.

It’s simple, easy and straightforward but what’s happened when you’re back at work?

I have 4 kick ass bites to boost your focus and success now :

1.Blast off these notifications

Between the promotion emails with tons of discounts, great deals with the brands I love, the social section of my Gmail exploded since I’m part of several Facebook groups and to the last the emails, the real emails I need to give my attention to are increasing every day.

How can we organise this constant flow of information ? By setting bridges to stop this flow. How ?

Let me tell you : I switched off all the notifications making my heart beat faster, i.e. that I took the bull by the horns and decided to receive only reminders for the calls I need to give, for my meetings and tasks to do per day. Asana is awesome for that. Since then, freeing myself from these tech reminders made me feel like a million bucks and my self esteem and confidence skyrocketed! Use the technology to serve you, not to be a slave of the digital world.


I cannot tell you the number of emails I received in my personal inbox per day and I was litteraly losing a precious time to read, organise and respond to everyone. What I did firstly is to unsubscribe to all the emails I am happy to receive but pure temptation for my monthly budget. It’s when you start to get tired that you start to resolve your shit and one day, illico presto I did it.

Every email received, I asked myself this question : Is this email is adding value to my day and my objectives ?

Yes – I read the email.

No – I unsubscribe from this mail list immediately. Pronto.

3.Connect with Your Tribe

When you feel bored, not challenged intellectually, going through the motions without being very present, give a call to your friends. The friend who will tell you the truth with no flowers, the girlfriend who will get you out of your moodiness and push you to fight, the brother who is always here to support you no matter what, each of them know you from the core and are the best to elevate you, push you to be yourself and become what you want to be. They believe in you, they love you and this is priceless. Look after your tribe.

4.Develop Your Awareness

Being aware is the gift from the Universe. Seriously, because with this power in your hands, you know, you see, you feel when you are in misalignment with your vibes. Meditating is opening the doors to new perceptions of the world around you because you are willing to see it and this is the first step. Secondly, you deepen  your empathy, your kindness, you re-learn to being compassionate with others. Why ? because you understand on a higher level the world, the power of your ego and intuition and make the choice daily to fight for love or hate. The meditation app Headspace is awesome for beginners and Ziva is the best meditation I have ever tried. The power is in your hands, it’s time to harness it.

Which one of these bites are you willing to apply now ? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Elle me rend patraque mais je l’adore !

J’adore ma fille mais être réveillée par elle au milieu de la nuit plus d’une fois dans la semaine alors qu’elle a 4 ans commence à me rendre patraque. Mademoiselle est dans sa période difficile pour manger et a un appétit d’oiseau si elle ne voit passe qu’elle aime dans son assiette. Forcément au bout de quelques jours, ce changement commence à se remarquer par ces réveils sonores et chanteurs au milieu de la nuit. C’est à ce moment que Mademoiselle veut papoter et refaire le monde, sérieusement et puis quoi encore !?!?? Elle me fait mourir de rire 🤣 même si je sais que je vais ressembler à un zombie le lendemain.

D’ailleurs, je suis réveillée depuis une demi-heure et je commence à émerger lentement de mon état de comateuse réfléchissant à ce que je peux faire pour retrouver mon mojo. Faire du sport pour booster mon énergie, méditer pour rester zen et concentrée ? Hum, hum je pense que je vais faire les deux pour commencer ma journée d’un bon pas avant de partir en formation pour apprendre les avantages d’Excel 2013.

Bonne journée à tous !

Headspace : The Savior Of My Mind

There are  some days when you are so overwhelmed by your emotions that you are truly struggling to keep it hold together. More you are trying to diffuse your pain by keeping yourself busy, more your sadness, anger or loneliness is holding you back in this emotional storm.

It is when you need someone or something to give you a hand, a friend, colleague, stranger that you have this lightbulb moment or your usual reminder to meditate with Headspace. This is what happened to me this morning. I totally grabbed this opportunity to let my mind calm down with the soothing voice of Andy Puddicombe.  I started to be aware of my breathing, to relax my body when breathing out and the concept of mini-meditations for breathe, restore or unwind completely transformed my state of mind. From agitated and uncontrollable my mind became calm and zen. Yes, just with these meditations.

It really helped me to start my day with the right mindset and zen attitude to face various pressures at work between deadlines, escalations and unexpected workload to be completed in two days, seriously sometimes better to step back and not to take it too seriously.

What I love also about Headspace is their new style and format : more interactive, more tailor made to your needs : you can jump from a package to another , choose the length of your meditations and give a try to new packages like Productivity.

There is a new Series section entitled Brave which comprise the package Regret, Anger, Change and Restlessness. I love the concept to help us train our mind in challenging situations and/or intense emotions. We truly need that now when you are so close to the edge sometimes without even realising it.

In a nutshell, innovation and novelty are included in the Headspace app and give you even more this impulse, this need to dig deeper to calm down, train your mind to be your best friend. I completely agree with you, it’s taking a lot of time, practice and consistency but the benefits of it are priceless. Just give it a try, you will not regret it !

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Lose The Plot Or Hold It Together ? The Soution : A Good Cry

When you feel ready to explode because you are accepting or taking too much shit in your life, it’s time to step back. Because deep down you feel disrespected, not listened to , frustrated by the state of things and trying to hold it together : with breathing, going outside to take some fresh air, in a nutshell break the cycle of your negative thoughts and unnecessary judgements.

This state of mind, most of the time is triggered by people, called in the Power by Rhonda Byrne as Personal Emotional Trainers because they have this fucking ability to push your buttons to make you lose the plot. It can be your family, your friend, your husband, a colleague ,an enemy or as simple as that a person with no awareness of what is respect or polite manners. And this is one of my triggers. Staying polite in front of such people is extremely difficult because you want to get these people out of your life illico presto. What I learned is not react, observe, analyse and to do not give an ounce of my emotional energy to these people. Easier said than done because this weekend, my patience has been tested e-very-day!!

I chose the option to hold it together , to rein my whirling and intense feelings of frustration, annoyance and anger for the sake of my daughter yesterday…but ultimately holding so much is not healthy. We need to let it go in private, have a good cry to release all of these negative and particularly powerful emotions. Yes, sounds horrible or weak for some, healing for others, a good cry is the solution in these cases. Let it go allow you to create space to analyse the situation, identify the root cause of the issue and find a solution. Most of the time, the solution is already in you but you need firstly to accept your feelings by acknowledging them, surrender to them to truly overcome this emotional storm. It’s not easy, nothing is easy but the pleasure to get out of  it is priceless.

You suddenly remember the punchy and funky music to lighten up your mood, all the blessings unnoticed since this morning, that you are doing what you love right now and you are feeling once again like a million bucks. Finally a good cry is nothing in comparison to this awesome feeling.

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Joy, Positivity And Zest For Life with ? Christie Marie Sheldon !

I am in awe of the different meditations I have the opportunity to discover. As you may know, I love and preach the use of the Headspace app because it help me so much to find my own peace with my mind and with others. Learning to be patient, to slow down the run of my random thoughts, distance myself from my thoughts really change my perspective to life and what are my priorities.

Recently I learned more with Marisa Peer and discovered the meditations of Christie Marie Sheldon by virtue of Mindvalley Academy. Christie Marie Sheldon is a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer and Medium and she created a program focused on manifesting Abundance in your life. She is a firecracker and a real gem because she truly wants to empower people, make people happy by understanding their own power, harness it to make their life extraordinary. I truly like her : her joy, positivity and zest for life is intoxicating and contagious. Being around people like her or benefiting from her knowledge is invaluable.

I am currently enjoying her morning meditation and I cannot have a day without it. It is my passport to kick ass my day, keep my frequency of joy and happiness and spread my vibes to feel like a million bucks around me, it’s tonic, dynamic and invigorating and…I LOVE it ! It is for this reason that I needed to share it with you, her meditations are a real gem and everything she created is truly awesome. Most importantly, if you are ready to truly know your power, take charge of your life, then Christie Marie Sheldon is the person for YOU.

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Ziva Meditation : The Best Meditation I Have Ever Tried !

I am still shocked by the results of this meditation, it is super quick, easy to follow and truly effective. I really didn’t expect these results because I was intrigued by this Masterclass with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva meditation but honestly a bit skeptical.

I meditate on a daily basis, it is something not negotiable in my life like brush my teeth or clean my skin every morning, it help me to start the day with good vibes and intentions to make my day fantastic by being kind, patient and keep my frequency high.

So, I was intrigued by the message of Emily Fletcher and decided to attend online this Masterclass yesterday. I was tired but noticed the values of the Ziva meditation based on neuroscience studies to release stress and fill your reservoir of adaptation energy. Adaptation Energy is the ability to handle changes in expectations, in a nutshell  unpredictable events and/or circumstances testing your balance.

I also took part to a 15min meditation with Emily Fletcher right before the end of the Masterclass but I was too tired to really see the impact of it. It’s only this morning, waking up in a cranky mode that I did this meditation again to see if this meditation is useful. I felt a shift in my body and my energy pushing me to go back to sleep which I did.

I slept like a baby, like I was waking up after a few days on holiday, feeling truly rested and peaceful. I woke up revived, energised and invigorated. The reason why I am sharing my experience is because the benefits of this meditation have been so fast, so powerful and so mind blowing that I really needed to share my story with you. Should you suffer of any sleep issues, THIS meditation is for YOU. I didn’t even know that I had sleep issues or needed to sleep more.

From what I read, Emily Fletcher, the founder of this meditation is a renowned Meditation teacher which brought to the world a modern meditation method that you can truly integrate in your daily life to perform better and be a magnet of the good things you want in your life. In any case, it works fast and is super efficient, so don’t be surprised if Ziva meditation is a subject coming back in my articles because THIS meditation is pure gold in your hands !!

The Masterclass is available on Mindvalley and free until July 11th. Grab this fantastic opportunity to make a dramatic change to your life ! Near the end of the Masterclass, you can purchase the M Word program created by Emily Fletcher at a special price. This is a ‘Thank You Gift’ Mindvalley provide to the Masterclass attendees. Don’t miss it !

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Meditation And Self Care, My Saviors To Find Back My Balance

Always my savior when things unravel,  when I can feel that I am getting impatient, snapping, reacting instead of observing and act accordingly.

Yes when I feel that my inner patience is not attainable, I  know that I need to meditate, to become centred, more aware and see what are the real reasons of my increasing impatience.

Sometimes like yesterday it’s just the feeling to juggle so many things that lead me to lose my cool. Between work, food shopping, play and look after my bundle of joy, prepare the dinner and find 5 minutes to eat, I really felt that setting up boundaries is necessary to keep my sanity…and meditate to get back my dear balance.

In these moments,  we really need to stop running and this is what I did. I sat down and ate, I took the time to do it and my daughter got it and played alone for a few minutes…and this is only what I needed, a few minutes for myself to slow down for awareness and mindful eating. I also wrote my gratitude list and by doing so, I realised that I had a fantastic day and it was only depending of me to keep it that way. We have to make the choice either to run or to stop. In my case, stopping multitasking was the best thing ever because it was unproductive and self destructive for my self esteem. But this is where we all have this ability to get back on our feet, focus on the positive, be grateful and see clearly what our life is : extraodinary, exciting, challenging with so much love.

So if you feel like you are losing control, stop what you are doing, take a break, meditate, go outside, do something you love and write your gratitude list. I am 100% sure that you will feel much more better after this well-deserved break for your self care.

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