Celebrate self love instead of Valentine’s Day

I’m not single and I am not going to celebrate Valentine’s Day today. Why ?  because love should be celebrated daily, not just particularly on the 14th February. Today I want to inspire you to love, love yourself, take the time to pamper yourself and to look only after you. To all the single women and men, today do something different, crazy, risky to mark this day as the day to differentiate yourself and  do something extraordinary for you, just for you without guilt, hesitation or overanalysis.

To all the single working mums, you are the wonderwomen of our time and I am amazed by your strength, passion and resilience to raise children on your own. To all of you, celebrate self love to always bring the best for your bundle of joy and loved ones. Today is the day where I forgot Mr Valentine to focus on my bundle of joy because she woke up at dawn and needed to be cuddled by her mummy to face the day. She is now sleeping peacefully and this is the reason why I can write this post right now.

This time forget about Mr Valentine and celebrate today as a day for pure self-love.

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Me too by Meghan Trainor

These are the words popping in my mind when I am listening to this song : Fun, light and an original celebration to love yourself. Yes, sometimes you do not need to be loved, you just need to love yourself, stop to beat yourself up and to compare yourself to everyone. You are beautiful the way you are now. If you want to become the best of yourself, work for it, believe in yourself and empower yourself. Easier said than done but this is truth. So, first love yourself and enjoy this fun, funky song that I really LOVE ! Enjoy your Sunday everyone and take care !

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