Bobbi Brown : From Physical To Inner Beauty

Bobbi Brown… the make up guru who built a billion dollar empire by creating an amazing cosmetic range for all skin types has decided to embark on her new journey. Yes, with the launch of her newest book ” Bobbi Brown’s Beauty From The Inside Out makes her entrance in the lifestyle and wellness arena, after helping thousands of women to enhance their natural beauty, Bobbi Brown wants to guide us to this time, feel good.

I always kept a special place for Bobbi Brown products in my bathroom because they are truly an investment and I never have been disappointed. So far, the innovation behind their products and skincare are always on point and give us the results we want.

Now to see Bobbi Brown in the wellness area is a change I am looking forward to. If her philosophy to beauty apply also to wellness, I have the intuition that we won’t be disappointed ladies !

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Do You Really Know What You Truly Want ? If Not, It’s Time To Reflect

I missed writing and reading all the posts from the persons I follow. It’s a lot to commit to you but when what you are missing is a passion in your life, it’s never too much to the end. So, yes I have been more busy than usual at work, juggling between different projects and the insanity of some new systems. Apart from that, I managed to navigate smoothly through this storm and we are close to meet our targets well before the deadline, so everything look good.

I had a fed up crisis of the astronomical number of apps to our availability and that we are using. I mean, I understand some of us love to control everything or feeling in control of their diet, fitness to reach their goals, however from my point of view, I really feel disempowered to give so much power to all this technology. Practical, efficient or easy to use ? Yes, maybe but I truly feel that we should get back our power, choose which kind of lifestyle we want without sabotaging our diet, fitness or mind.

I also can hear from many people that the traditional way to work is outdated. Working for a company, or a corporate company does not give us the opportunity, flexibility that many people aspire to. Unsurprisingly these people quit their jobs, change their career or create their own business to live the life they want. It is a calculated risk , an adventure and a fantastic way to be happy on their own terms.

Ultimately reflection and reflexion are the keys to realise what you truly want. Take the time to ask you the good questions : Do you love your job ? Do you love your lifestyle ? Are you seeing your friends and family often ? Do you manage to  make time for yourself ? Do you truly enjoy your life ? If you are feeling hesitant, unsure and unsettled about the above questions, it’s time to take a break and reflect.

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Grit – The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth

I am intrigued by this book because at the time where we will soon reflect on this year, I like to know that reaching my goals is part of a continuous work to be determined, perseverant and consistent. Added to that your passion and you have the ingredients to thrive despite all the roadblocks which will try to demotivate you. I like the idea to explore and identify the rationale behind our goals, to know what it is helping us to use most of our potential, unlock it and pursue with clarity our dreams.

This is a book I will read because it will guide me, once again to re-align my thoughts and reach my goals with time and grit. I will, of course, keep you in the loop to confirm whether this book help me to empower myself.

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Showing up to love my body

I have a light bulb moment when Tracy Anderson said : ” it is a real big fight to show up for our physical  selves”. I  never realised until now what is my attitude to my body. It’s like I heard, read all these motivation quotes which resonates in me but never truly have this moment, when you pause, have a stop in your thoughts and realise that this is what I am living right now. Showing up for my body everyday is a battle recently. I  don’t know where my motivation, my fire, my kindle went but I am not consistent as I would be. I am not beating myself up, there is no point but my attitude makes me wonder what is the reason for me, not moving my body as I love it. Is it because I need to find my own pace, my own time and no trying to be on top of everything ?  Probably.

I also know that accountability is key for me to continue and change my mindset, that getting up early to move my body is just not a challenge, it’s a real lifestyle, of showing up for my body, to demonstrate love for it and give it its time to feel excited, challenged and energised. And more I will do so, more my body will be here to support me, love me in return. So each day I will not show up to lose weight, be more slimmer, fitter, stronger, I will show up to love my body. Meditation is loving my mind, working out is loving my body. Love attract love.

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