I Couldn’t Keep It For Me !!

Hi there,

I couldn’t keep it for me, honestly this interview is fa-bu-lous !! Don’t miss it.

I am pretty sure you’re wondering what I am talking about and I am not going to let you wait any longer. I watched the last interview of Marie Forleo with Franchesca Ramsey on Marie TV and I took a lot of helpful tips and bites of wisdom that we all need !

I particularly like the fact that Francesca has a good confidence in the sense that she is able to share her experiences and her lessons in a meaningful and funny way… and laugher with learning is a killer combination. She will make you laugh and learn effortlessly.

I am an advocate of quality over quantity, enjoy the present and switch off my phone for a day, honestly you’re getting back what is the most precious thing you desire : your Time. So, I recommend you to watch this (this is below) because being inspired, motivated is what I love to offer to you!


Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Creativity ? If Yes, Take A Nap !

I am always active, always learning, sharing or discovering but when this sinusitis attacked me, I really felt under the water and felt the strong need to rest.

Yes, for some, take a nap is the secret to perform and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. I used to see one of my colleagues take a nap of 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon and kick ass the rest of his day easily.

I am a morning person, so it mean that the earlier I woke up, the better because I can do all my morning rituals and feel balanced, positive for the day. However taking a nap changed my perspective and opened new doors to me. After this nap, I felt refreshed, more awake and really in tune with myself. I felt my body ready to go, relaxed and zen : I truly felt reinvigorated and with thousand of ideas, inspirations, it’s like your rest is the fuel for your creativity to blossom amazingly well.

It is, really, my friends amazing and confirmed by scientific studies. Sleep experts have found that daytime naps can boost creativity, increase alterness and attention and they are plenty of other benefits for your overall health. So, when I don’t manage to resolve an issue, I sleep on it which mean that I let my brain come up with a brilliant idea after a good and long night or nap and it’s really working and fast !

This simple solution of having a nap is such a key element to uncover so much creativity in us that we really need to sleep more ! So, if you can have a nap ,also have some digital detox during the day and particularly before to go to bed, you will master how to recharge your creativity for good !



From The Heart : Manifesting Abundance with Yoga Girl

I may be the only one to discover podcasts but I glad I did now. And I really loved in particular the podcast from @yoga-girl (Rachel Brathen) entitled From The Heart available on itunes. It’s like sharing a coffee or a lunch with her and truly have access to her life, her real life. Despite being a yoga teacher in Aruba and organising workshops and retreats, she is not afraid to speak about her struggles, her dilemma as a new mum and ask for help. And this is what I really love about her : no fake, no lies just the truth, simple and plain truth.

She also have this remarkable ability, she really is a storyteller to immerse her audience into her world and share it generously with different guests. I must say, by listening to her podcasts it has been for me like opening the door into another world. The first subject who intrigued me was how to manifest Abundance. It is a recurring subject coming into my emails, my internet search or even Instagram and I decided to take the plunge and understand more about it.

Rachel Brathen’s experience and insight about the subject make you realise that your faith, your beliefs are key to bring profound changes to your mindset, attitude and life. Taking the time to dig deep in your values, thinking process and feelings is an exercise which requires practise to fully create your own reality and attract your dreams to make them true. Sounds too be good to be true ? Possibly but this is where the truth lies… sometimes we add too much drama, overcomplicate things, events making them worse by our negative thinking patterns and anticipating the worst, living in fear or anxiety. Living in this manner is lock yourself in a dark bubble with no light, fresh air, sun to feel and live.

I think this is the reason, going outside, take some fresh air, feel the wind caress your skin, the sun warming your face is the key to unlock this door by feeling yourself alive, feel, smell, touch, see : awake your senses to realise your chance to be alive, to make your life extraordinary and being yourself.

Most importantly, as Gabby Bernstein say : “The Universe has Your Back”. Try each day to trust the Universe, to show your vulnerability, to truly believe that things will get better. Sometimes it will require action from you but if you believe with all your heart, elevate your frequency to love, gratitude, joy, kindness, you will manifest Abundance. Just give a try, you will never regret it !

From The Heart : https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/from-the-heart-conversations-with-yoga-girl/id1219728105?mt=2&i=1000383368267

Credit featured picture : yoga girl (Instagram)