Wonder Woman : Wonder, Courage And Grace

I went to see it last week and the messages of this movie really resonated with me. At a time where hate try to engulf us and we fight to preserve and nourish our hope, light and love for life, this movie is the one to remind you vividly that Courage an Faith are everything . Standing up for yourselves, fight for your values is an incredible message that we have to keep in mind to live the life we want.

I have to say, the movie is a smart balance between humour, history, peace, war and bravery.  Each day we can choose our side : to love or to hate and Wonder Woman is the personified woman which convey courage, grace and peace.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is astonishingly beautiful, an amazing athlete and so refreshingly human with no awareness of the human society. She wants to protect women, men and children, protect the world against war and her faith, her belief in her duty makes her invincible and strong.

More than ever, ultimately Wonder Woman convey the message that believing in love is the key for peace. This movie is what we truly need to keep fighting for peace and harmony whatever the issue you are dealing with.

I believe that each woman believing in Love and fighting courageously for her values/beliefs is an incarnation of Wonder Woman. It is our turn to change the world with Love.

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Ask for Help, You Would Never Regret It

Yesterday, I saw that asking for help is the best gesture to do when you feel at loss and overwhelmed with anger, irritation and bloody frustration. My bundle of joy decided to organise a samba party until 11pm or midnight to wake up in the middle of the night to request my attention. Obviously used to sleep deprivation, I managed to be Wonderwoman for a few weeks but now I can feel my demeanour gradually changing.

So, after my anger levels went to the stratosphere, I just spoke to let go of everything : lack of everything, too much to cope, to handle, need a break, enough of stupid emails, of the lack of professionalism of some people, of a serious lack of sleep. And, this is where the magic of communication operated. By opening up, I let show my humanity, my ability to be vulnerable, lost and tired.

And, all of us we can be empathetic i.e understand the issues of others, put ourselves in their feet. And when you ask for help, everyone wants to help you. In one day, I received so many good piece of advice that I have plenty of options/strategies for my daughter to be in the arms of Morpheus in a timely manner.

I feel so much better now, especially relieved and reassured that I am not the only mum to struggle with sleep routine for my baby. So, the lesson of it is whatever is bothering or concerning you, let it go by speaking about it. It will save you tons of worries, headaches and overanalysing. I am grateful to have received so much help in a short period of time when I take the courage to ask for help.

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Don’t take things too seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously, take it easy  

Why ? Because it’s going to kill your day. You need to take some distance from the events affecting you to see the humour into it. You need and this is the hardest part to let go of your need for control and accept that in certain cases laughter is your best weapon to move on. Of course I am not telling you to laugh if you have a relative sick or seriously injured. No, what I am saying is learn to appreciate what each circumstance, event will bring to you, not only knowledge, strength but also this ability to laugh of the irony of some situations in which you got involved. Of the strictness of some of your rules, ways to be which can be either debilitating or simply limiting your true potential.

Laughing is another version of letting go. Move on without resentment, anger and freeing yourself from the past to live in the moment and build your future.

Taking it easy is being kind with yourself, avoiding setting unrealistic goals to kill your mojo and enthusiasm. Taking it easy is being smart, smart to step back, observe, listen to your inner voice and act on it.

Not taking yourself too seriously is letting your humanity breathe, accept your imperfections and work at your pace to be the best version of yourself. Every goal is taking time to be reached , it’s much more clever taking time to plan it than beating yourself unnecessarily when you do not see any results after two days…seriously.

In a nutshell, if you want to reach a goal for the new year, be smart about it and allow yourself some “me time” or treat (when you need it) before to get back on the road to make your dream come true.

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Stay positive

I love to keep my curiosity and know what’s going on in the world but recently we have been bombarded by negative, bad stories constantly. It is alway in the adversity that love and optimism is even more present and tangible like a wave around us. People when you take the time to look at them, smile at them or just run behind them because they lost something and give it to them are grateful. Grateful that in our quick paced world, we still have the ability to be kind and human.

To be positive is not to be naive, i think to tthe contrary it’s a sign of maturity to know that beyond the ups and downs of our life, there will be always a happy outcome, sometimes it really sound impossible, delusional but this is where you will be amazed by the wave of love and optimism which will protect you.

Be positive is a chance to send good vibes around you and to attract the same energy. To meet, attract people which will have the same mindset, attitude to life and will be passionate to push you further, to support and to love you for what you are. Your vibe attracts your tribe.We need more than ever now events which feed our inner joy, hope, humanity. To remain optimistic in each of our  interaction to create a ripple effect and counteract the negative.

Every positive thought propels you in the right direction. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful will become. The more you will share a smile or help a person in need, the more you will spread your kindness, your optimism. I know life is tough for all of us, but so are you. Don’t let someone  dim your light, simply because it’s shining in your eyes.

As Roald Dahl said ” If you have good toughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Stay positive is your key to empower yourself, to change your perspective and your key to happiness.

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Yoga girl aka Rachel Brathen

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Yoga girl is genuine. She is natural and so positive. Not positive as to be naïve or innocent, but her belief that love, selflessness transforms us and helps us move forward, learn about ourselves is amazing. Her daily practice of yoga help undoubtedly to live in the moment and to be aware of the world around her. Be aware, it is stop letting our negative thoughts, criticism, belittling us, learning every day to understand the origin of our thoughts and reveal the positivism of every situation. It is a long process, to work our mind, to teach it to be positive.

By her smile and her innate talent to share her emotions, she allows each of her followers to connect with her and realize that we are lucky to be alive, to enjoy life to the fullest, to have this inexhaustible joy and learn from hard knocks as from our mistakes. Authentic because she does not hesitate to also share her pain, her sadness as much as her love for her family, her husband and friends. Without artifice, she express her need to share her passion but also the cons to have a business, attract lust and to be in meeting for hours with lawyers when the only thing she wants is to send them away. She just wants to share her passion, teach yoga (Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Stand-Up Paddle board yoga) worldwide and stay connected with her followers.

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

Yoga, meditation, love , one might think that this idyllic and bohemian life is the result of golden teenage years… which is very far from reality . Yoga girl was a real rebel , attracted by the forbidden, she was a teenager in constant rebellion with her environment and society and destroying her life by taking alcohol , drugs and others, she was the epitome of  ” l’enfant terrible” , destructive and rebellious teenager. This is yoga that helped her to soothe and remove her demons, to give her a better perspective of life, of what she wanted to do. It is now one of the most respected yoga teachers in the world, a guru for some, a friend to others, she has the ability to touch people , their emotions, their doubts, to get her message and stay true to herself, she is stunning .

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

She is also so human , generous and has a real smile from the heart ! She has written a book which is a New York bestseller and I learnt so much by reading her book ! She is a balm to the heart and a real joy to follow on Instagram meditate, practice yoga every day, sharing her life with us. I ‘m on Instagram as two million followers and she inspired me to meditate, reflect on the meaning of life, take advantage of this time and achieve my goals with a smile. In short , I love her !!

Instagram : YOGA_GIRL (Rachel Brathen ) Website: http://www.Rachel Brathen.com