Beau Taplin : his writing is pure beauty !

The first time I read his words, they just resonated in me, managing to get through my inner barriers and touching my heart. Either his words are melting chocolate for my mouth or beautiful, meaningful music to my ears.

At first, I thought that this talented person was not part of this world anymore when I realised my mistake by finding his profile on Instagram  and spending hours to read his poems, words, nice blend of meaning, emotion and so powerfully combined that my heart, all the time thrills by reading it. He creates a symphony of words, gentle music to my ears, giving me the ability to escape from routine to listen to my heart and acknowledge my deep hidden feelings. His writing is pure beauty.

If you are seeking a meaningful present for someone attentive, sensitive to words and delicate, his new book Bloom will exceed his/her expectations and will bring a genuine and happy smile to their face. This book is also on my Christmas list, after all it’s never too late to prepae one !

A extract of one of his poem, see below, enjoy !



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Daring a Dream by Nora Roberts


When you are reading a book and so engrossed into it that you forget the time. That you have a strong connection with the main character because you understand her hunger for success or fame. Her need to be someone, to be different, to make a difference and to fuck up badly. Yes, shit happens. Everyday…and you need to pick up the pieces, raise and shine again on our own. It’s always good to have your friends that you consider your family to support you, no matter what’s happened because they know who you are and truly love you.

It’s spicy, daring and hot to meet a man matching your hunger for an exciting and adventurous life. To argue, tease and compete with someone who knows you by heart, it’s magical. The guy able to get on your nerves as well as being caring, understanding and making you laugh is the One but I never encountered two fictional characters who ignited in me so much emotion, reaction and action. I mean when you are flirting, playing and the man opposite to you is ready for this game and outsmart you, infuriating you, pushing your boundaries for your own good and gorgeous, this is hard to resist. But Margo Sullivan has all the beauty, power and heart to have what she dreamt. She needs like all of us to believe, fight and love.

I love every single page of this book. It had me hooked from start to finish, had me giggling, smiling and laughing out loud in my bed at 2am when I couldn’t sleep. This is a real page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed … a truly wonderfully crafted novel that I highly recommend for its amazing characters, plot and storytelling. A book inspiring you to dream and fight for it. 

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Thank you

ko_no_ko.tumblr. com
ko_no_ko.tumblr. com

Thank you. Thank you to you. Yes, you gorgeous, the person who is reading this post right now, who is looking or either reading my articles because it means so much to me. My blog is my little gem and is very close to my heart. I love writing and reading and I want to share with you what I discover as well as to speak about everything lifestyle, beauty, career. I don’t want to bombard you, to the contrary I want to show you the best we can have to empower yourself and achieve your dreams. Life is tough but so are you. We will get there with a bunch of perseverance, willpower and love. Everyone deserve the best and it’s good that the world start to be familiar with this idea.

Let’s not forget that life means joie de vivre, enthusiasm. For this reason, we need to have fun, enjoy the sun, enjoy the time with our friends and family. It means also that I will post soon some articles quite fun because we need to laugh, isn’t it?

In addition, my mind is buzzing with a lot of ideas, articles, features and collaborations. I can’t wait to share all of this with you. Everything is in the making and I hope you will like it. Thank you for your likes, thank you for being you.

Yoga girl aka Rachel Brathen

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Yoga girl is genuine. She is natural and so positive. Not positive as to be naïve or innocent, but her belief that love, selflessness transforms us and helps us move forward, learn about ourselves is amazing. Her daily practice of yoga help undoubtedly to live in the moment and to be aware of the world around her. Be aware, it is stop letting our negative thoughts, criticism, belittling us, learning every day to understand the origin of our thoughts and reveal the positivism of every situation. It is a long process, to work our mind, to teach it to be positive.

By her smile and her innate talent to share her emotions, she allows each of her followers to connect with her and realize that we are lucky to be alive, to enjoy life to the fullest, to have this inexhaustible joy and learn from hard knocks as from our mistakes. Authentic because she does not hesitate to also share her pain, her sadness as much as her love for her family, her husband and friends. Without artifice, she express her need to share her passion but also the cons to have a business, attract lust and to be in meeting for hours with lawyers when the only thing she wants is to send them away. She just wants to share her passion, teach yoga (Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Stand-Up Paddle board yoga) worldwide and stay connected with her followers.

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

Yoga, meditation, love , one might think that this idyllic and bohemian life is the result of golden teenage years… which is very far from reality . Yoga girl was a real rebel , attracted by the forbidden, she was a teenager in constant rebellion with her environment and society and destroying her life by taking alcohol , drugs and others, she was the epitome of  ” l’enfant terrible” , destructive and rebellious teenager. This is yoga that helped her to soothe and remove her demons, to give her a better perspective of life, of what she wanted to do. It is now one of the most respected yoga teachers in the world, a guru for some, a friend to others, she has the ability to touch people , their emotions, their doubts, to get her message and stay true to herself, she is stunning .

Credit : instagram yoga_girl
Credit : instagram yoga_girl

She is also so human , generous and has a real smile from the heart ! She has written a book which is a New York bestseller and I learnt so much by reading her book ! She is a balm to the heart and a real joy to follow on Instagram meditate, practice yoga every day, sharing her life with us. I ‘m on Instagram as two million followers and she inspired me to meditate, reflect on the meaning of life, take advantage of this time and achieve my goals with a smile. In short , I love her !!

Instagram : YOGA_GIRL (Rachel Brathen ) Website: http://www.Rachel

“I heart London” de Lindsey Kelk : finito, terminé

Voili voilou j’ai terminé le dernier volet des aventures d’Angela Clark et ça vaut vraiment le coup de lire ce livre. Rebondissements, pétage de plombs, crise de larmes et de joie, l’histoire dans I heart London se déroule à 100 à l’heure. Fous rires, hangover,prise de tête, règlements de compte, I heart London est un condensé d’action, de suspense, fous rires ponctué de moments de tendresse,d’amour et d’amitié. Un livre que je recommande à lire parce qu’on ne sait jamais comment la fin se finira.