How To Transform Your Body ? Position Yourself As The Creator

The feeling to work on yourself, to exceed your limits with effort and sweat is so worth it. You have this effect to be grounded in your effort to improve, progress at your own pace.

Because you set your own expectations, you feel free and empowered. There is no pressure , just the sheer pleasure to move your body, to feel your muscles working and to know intuitively that it’s working. For your body, your mind, your soul.

It is a connection that our body and mind crave to work in unison with us to create the design and beauty we want. This partnership is so precious and powerful that igniting it is key to feel balanced, comfortable in your own skin and confident.

Confidence lies in the knowing, the core feeling that we are working in great collaboration with our body to learn another language which is called exercise/ workout. Your body needs to live this dance everyday to transform the way you want beautifully and harmoniously.

Transform your body requires patience, perseverance, faith and consistency. Why ? Because you are the creator, the creator to create this phenomenal flow of energy to design you body. The Power is in your hands. Position yourself as the creator. Grab it and own it.

How To Remain The Captain Of Your Ship With Your Ego ?

What is Your EGO ?

The ego is synonymous with fear, and produces judgement, attack, jealousy, and all the negativity that separates you from loving truth.” Gabby Bernstein

The Purpose Of Your Ego

Your ego is building false perceptions around money, happiness, relationships, self-esteem to keep you safe and belong to a community because :

a) his role is to protect you

b) he wants to survive and he cannot survive without fear. He needs to manipulate your perceptions of various concepts to make your fears more real when they are not at all. As per Gabby Bernstein in her book “May Cause Miracles” our fears are “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Once your ego will consolidate his influence with these false perceptions, your logic/rational brain will look for evidence confirming your fears. For instance, you had previously a manager micro-managing you, dismissing your opinion and judgemental. This manager left, alleluia ! You have a new manager. Unconsciously you can re-create what you experienced before by projecting your fears, anxiety onto your new manager who won’t feel comfortable with you and feeling defensive. He/she will feel your energy and react defensively. It can happen because your ego, your mind will recognise this situation, WILL RE-CREATE IT, remembering that you survived to it before, so this situation is manageable for him, can occur again.

Your Ego Is Doing His Job

What I noticed recently in the personal development world, the ego is seen as an enemy, the bad guy, the one to eliminate to truly embrace your greatness. Don’t demonize your ego, it’s the one that kept you safe from danger and unknown territories, you’re not going to label it as an enemy no ? When you think about it, it is doing purely and simply his job.

Disempower Your Ego by Feeling the Passion Of Others

When you are willing to witness your fears or old limiting beliefs, you are already weakening the stronghold that the ego has on you. I attended a training about Personal Branding and was speaking to one of my colleagues about the attempts of his ego to keep him in a comfort zone. He responded to me sadly : “My voice in my head is louder than your own voice”. But when he heard my passion in my voice when I pitched my idea, he felt motivated and encouraged to do the same and he delivered an awesome pitch later. His body language changed and automatically his presence and power. Being connected to others disempower the ego and open a space to truly embrace your uniqueness.

Your Job Is to Witness

Your job is to be aware, to witness his attempts and choose what to do. You have the choice, either to follow his thinking or listen to your intuition. From my experience, the book “May Cause Miracles” by Gabby Bernstein helped me enormously to develop my relationship with my -ing or intuition and give less power to my ego. It’s a process to gradually repositioning your ego to a role of adviser instead of commander.

When Your Fear Is Paralyzing You, Ask For Help

Immediately ask for help to your -ing, intuition. Your inner voice will guide you exactly where you need to go to demonstrate to you that your fear is just an illusion by showing the solutions. Just be open to the idea that you will receive the solution. Shedding light on our fears by asking for help is the catalyst to open a door for change and reality. From this point, your intuition will transform your fear as a learning experience and transformation.

Be The Captain Of Your Ship

You have to regain control and be aware of the purpose of your ego and intuition. Your ego is here to protect you and to protect itself and he will look for anything to do his job. To the contrary, your intuition want to make you happy, encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, see new perceptions, guide you to make your dreams come true. Your intuition is your best ally in any situation because your intuition has no selfish interest at heart.

Pursuing Your Dreams From A Place of Love

When you hear the music, any music waking up your desire to LIVE, dream, move, dance, smile, you know deep down that waiting for your dreams become true is not your style. Pursuing your dreams relentlessly from a place of LOVE, it’s the secret to remain passionate, keep going no matter what and overcome any obstacle.

It’s also time to recognise the signs most unnoticed by us, so caught up in our rushed lives but when you notice the beauty of the nature around you, you slow down to see these other bubbles of happiness : good news, a text from your friend, a new opportunity coming up, a new idea, compliments, loyalty from a colleague and so much more !

Rushing and trying to catch up with time is pointless, you will be sweaty, irritated, impatient and ready to collapse in anger mode…there is no point, better to do things at your own pace by organising yourself to preserve your zen, your cool, your flow.

And the bonus of this attitude is to remain in control, confident that you are moving forward in the right direction diligently. You will preserve your sanity, stay open to new opportunities and will truly enjoy the world around you, it is finally reaching a quiet confidence in life combined with a peaceful and loving serenity. What is more appealing than that ?

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When I Have it, My Frequency of Happiness Touch The Sky !

I was waiting for it, impatient to have it because I cannot get enough of it. I mean, having it in my letterbox every month is pure bliss and joy ! This is a celebration of happiness, good mood with improvised dance in my kitchen to express my excitement to feel like a million bucks when I have it in my hands. One time it didn’t come as usual and it practically ruined my day…for me to reverse the situation and buy it illico presto to enjoy it at last.

I think it’s the first time ever I am so overjoyed, happy to know that with it, I am going to learn more about myself, discover new ways to be stronger, wiser, happier and share their new ideas with my tribe and you. It is truly, because of it, start a new adventure where growth mindset and self care are essential for being myself and keep my curiosity for ongoing learning and authenticity.

And what is amazing it does not stop to impress me. The quality of the content, the relevance of the subjects are always perfecto like they know that this is what I need to hear, read right now to find peace within myself, a kind of confirmation that what I am doing right now is well thought and smart.

So, who is it ? and I will tell you immediately : it’s the remarkable magazine Psychologies UK edition that I truly adore !! I just received it today and my frequency of happiness touched the sky straight away, I needed to share this with you and the cherry on the cake : never, ever have I been disappointed by this work of art, quality and beauty. If you want to unlock your potential and explore new ways of self discovery, Psychologies is the magazine for You!

Sometimes, just Sometimes

Sometimes this is only what we need, not hiding like an ostrich but just, just, make the time to fully embrace the small moments, the small victories of our day : a nice workout, a warm and tasty cup of coffee, a phone call with your mum, a chat with your best friend, an email from a relative, a beautiful bunch of flowers offered by your man, a smile from a stranger, the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, yes all these tiny moments create, all together a big difference to your day, your mood, attitude towards life.

With these little bubbles of happiness, you can see slowly that happiness is with us, within us if we are slowing down in our tracks, if we embrace being in the moment, being aware. It is only when we are aware that we can recognise these signs, these happiness bubbles. Sometimes in our increasingly frenetic world where we are overloaded with information, step back, close your eyes and just listen to your breathing, to realise that You are the only who can choose peace of mind, happiness over stress, rush and frustration.

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What are the 5 Keys To Unlock Your Potential?

What is Potential ? What is having access to your full abilities and rise from it ? We often heard about this term but the meaning behind it lead to understand 5 elements/keys to truly unlock it.

1.Learn being aware of your thoughts. Change your thinking process.

Potential is releasing what you are able to do. This stage involves to go through an awareness of your thinking process, to make time to meditate and see clearly your thoughts. Being aware of your thoughts helps you to differentiate, to distance yourself from them but also to make a “daily spring cleaning” to transform your negativity into positivity, see your vision and what’s bothering you to sort it out.

2.Positivity attract positivity.

Once you are able to see the positivity into your thinking process, you will be able more freely to think outside of the box, to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Why ? because positivity attract positivity. More you will bring, communicate your perspective in a positive manner, more likely people will respond to your enthousiasm and the manner you think differently.

3.Face your fears.

Often without realising it, we stay away from big goals or playing big because we are our worst critic and adversary but when you dare face our fears, ask questions to your critic voice relentlessly until this voice will be speechless or confused by your will to dig deep into the roots of your fear. And gradually your loving voice will intervene, to support you, elevate you and demonstrate that you can do it.

4. Articulate your goals.

It’s good to have goals but it’s even better to see the path, the steps to reach it. This process involves to break down your goals into manageable chunks that you can complete it everyday to getting closer to your goal as well as giving you a sense of reality and achievement boosting your motivation to go high to reach your ultimate goal.

5.Tune into your emotions.

Your emotional intelligence is your compass, your guide to tell you what you are truly feeling with no filter. Either some ideas, lightbulb moments will resonate with you and some don’t. Either you will connect instantly with people and sometimes you will feel these relationships will be toxic for you. Your uniqueness is based on your emotional intelligence, listen to it to embrace joy as well as sadness to comeback from these experiences stronger, resilient and insightful.

6. Nourishment from the outside.

You have to provide to your body and mind what it need to stay healthy and alert. Read books, magasines, articles to open your mind and develop your growth mindset. Eat colourful foods, vegan sometimes as well as a treat to create balance in your diet combined with pleasure and taste. And find the workout you love to move your body and developing this brilliant mind-body connection.

How to Reach A Quiet Pace of Life

I noticed something quite particular living in London and with other European countries like France, Spain, Italy or Portugal. Where I always feel in a rush to manage/ juggle so many things to do when I am living in London, it’s completely the contrary in France.

All the time, I had this strong feeling that I put myself on autopilot to be able to tick off my to-do list in London. It’s a weird sensation especially when I am coming back in France, in Brittany and the pace of life is so peaceful. People are taking the time to have a coffee, enjoy their meal and being in the present, for me they are more settled because they are in harmony with their environment. It is so relaxing, to take time to do things, to get used to this pace, to this quality of life it’s pure bliss.

When I am back in London, I am trying to keep this pace, this quiet confidence allowing me to face and enjoy my day. It is very easy for a few days but I get caught up in my habit to multitask slowly but surely. This is where meditation and the brilliant Scent Discovery Kit of Neom Organics are my tools to keep myself on my tracks, to pause, realise what I am doing and decrease my pace of thought to take time to do things.

It is really a learning process to be able to speed or slow down your pace when you want instead of following a negative thinking process or imagine the worst. I think truly the key is to just ask ourselves : do we really need to stress about it? Is it the end of the world ? if your responses to these questions is no, clearly there is no need to run like a rabbit and put yourself in this frenetic pace. No point.

And unsurprisingly, it is when I am taking time to do things, to do it properly and accurately that everything is falling into place. No need to double check, check again my mobile, send several emails, just make time to complete my tasks at my pace is THE solution to remain efficient and productive. Not only you will have a quiet confidence but you will remain happy and satisfied about your day, and THIS is really the cherry on the cake to finish your day in beauty !

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Neuroplasticity and Learning : a phenomenal breakthrough in neurosciences

This Ted Talk litteraly blow my mind because it confirm my belief that we have as human beings so much potential that you are not aware of. I am an advocate of positive psychology for years because I always believed that being positive is key to change your life, to learn, to make your vision a reality against the odds.

Neuroplasticity : the ability for the brain to reorganise itself when you are learning is a phenomenal breakthrough in neurosciences. It is the scientific evidence that at any age, our brain will adapt to our ongoing learning and a brilliant hope that people with stroke, brain damaged issues can recover from it with the appropriate exercises.

This brilliant doctor Lara Boyd, brain researcher explain the limitless possibilities of our brain, it is something to listen, watch and know. Why ? Because it is the evidence that ongoing learning need to be part of our  life and most importantly we all have an inner potential which can be unlocked with neuroplasticity.

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