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Usher : She Came II Give It II U ft Nicki Minaj

 From the first notes, you anticipate un je-ne-sais quoi, a beautiful voice, an intriguing one drawing your attention to make you escape from your routine, to enter his world. A good sound which gives you the tempo of the song that takes you…you feel like you’re in a secret nightclub, hidden, forbidden to express, dance and drop the masks! No more secrecy, pretenses, just a revelation, a celebration of fun, dance and rhythm, enjoy ! Credit featured picture :

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 : The Trailer

I really can’t wait to see the next one. Everything has been put together to create a great, brilliant and stylish movie. It is a sci-fi movie and we can see below the trailer of it and anticipate with pure pleasure and excitation that this movie will be absolutely EPIC !!! I love baby Groot, he ‘s so cute !!!! and the music is A-wesome !!! It’s going to be hard to wait ! Credit featured picture :