Août : Le mois de l’anticipation !

Voilà Août est déjà là et l’été du moins à Londres à du mal à refaire surface. Pour autant, je ne perds pas espoir que le soleil va à nouveau pointer le bout de son nez pour nous rappeler que l’été, c’est le temps pour s’amuser, faire la fête, célébrer et aussi se reposer. Oui, avoir le temps de faire ce qu’on aime, de découvrir de nouvelles choses et d’oser plus que tout croquer la vie à pleines dents.

Donc vous devinez sûrement que le travail n’est pas vraiment à l’ordre du jour pour moi et pourtant ça l’est ! Parce que ce mois-ci c’est le mois le plus calme, le plus zen pour un paquet de business et c’est le moment de peaufiner, je pense vraiment votre stratégie pour atteindre vos buts et avoir un succès retentissant à l’automne ! Oui parce que vous, vous serez prêts, à briller de mille feux, fruit de votre labeur durant ces mois d’été et récolter les résultats. Quelquesoit votre domaine, Août peut s’avèrer le mois de l’anticipation pour certes, faire la fiesta et passer de bons moments mais aussi être prêt pour cette rentrée !

Moi personnellement, c’est mon attitude à la rentrée de Septembre, je la prépare tranquillement, sûrement en Août  et en automne, je suis un vrai rayon de soleil et garde la pêche en toute circonstances! Je bouillonne d’idées, de projets et je les réalise 1 à 1 avec patience, une énergie de feu et détermination.

Alors, si vous voulez restez positif et dynamique pour cet automne, vous savez ce qu’il vous reste à faire ! Bonne journée beauties !

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Kanye West – Touch The Sky

Being adventurous, excited and enthusiastic about the opportunities that you can attract or create yourself to make your vision a reality : this song is such a reminder for me of that and also to fully enjoy my life. Enjoy !

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The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

When you woke up like me and need a good boost to start your day, positive, happy and to enjoy your life to the fullest, this song is perfect to kick ass your day and tonight ! Enjoy !

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Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

You cannot like this upbeat and dynamic flow created by Bruno Mars, it’s fun, energising and give you the urge to dance, to enjoy your time and just have the best time of your life ! This is so good to start your weekend with these happy vibes , enjoy !

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Jennifer Lopez – Papi

I discovered this song and video on Youtube recently and sometimes after all, it’s better to enjoy a small bite of a cookie because you never know what can happen. Listen my dear and watch , it’s quite surprising, funny and a bit scary for me but to the end her man will be here for her. Enjoy !

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Usher : She Came II Give It II U ft Nicki Minaj

 From the first notes, you anticipate un je-ne-sais quoi, a beautiful voice, an intriguing one drawing your attention to make you escape from your routine, to enter his world. A good sound which gives you the tempo of the song that takes you…you feel like you’re in a secret nightclub, hidden, forbidden to express, dance and drop the masks! No more secrecy, pretenses, just a revelation, a celebration of fun, dance and rhythm, enjoy !
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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 : The Trailer

I really can’t wait to see the next one. Everything has been put together to create a great, brilliant and stylish movie. It is a sci-fi movie and we can see below the trailer of it and anticipate with pure pleasure and excitation that this movie will be absolutely EPIC !!! I love baby Groot, he ‘s so cute !!!! and the music is A-wesome !!! It’s going to be hard to wait !

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Bruno Mars : 24K Magic

Damn !! he’s good, really good and he knows how to dance, him and his friends. Yes, he did it again, brilliantly to create an upbeat song which gives you the craving to have fun and party. Party and showing off in style, in a nutshell to be talented. Enjoy !

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White Baby Shower

On my way to a big baby shower with a dress code,  a gift list at John Lewis. This is pretty well organised by the sound of it. And with a hot weather we have today, I am going to enjoy this time away from my hubby and my choupette to cuddle them even more when I will come back.

To be honest, now that I am in a cab, chilled and relaxed I am happy. But this morning I went into panic mode when I saw the dress code and the gift list. Thankfully, I had the idea to contact the hosts before to lose the plot completely!!! and yes, I am wearing white from head to toe !

A few hours later…

My god, it’s so good to mingle, chat and laugh between women to celebrate all together the pregnancy of our friend. I don’t know who created this party but it was well thought.It is the opportunity to celebrate, take part in the incredible journey that our friend is going to live next month. Most importantly, it is a celebration of sisterhood at its best. With summertime, prosecco, infused water with mint and cucumber and good food ,everything is there to have a good (DAMN) time between women!!