How Can You Change Your Consciousness ? Take Back Your Power

Give up  the idea of following a step by step guide to show you how being present. We all have this power, to decide, to make this conscious choice to cut off Internet and social media to look around us. I am taking the train daily and I see everyone, practically everyone glued to their mobiles.

Why ? because someone smart had this idea to create so much possibility for these tiny or huge mobiles to hold everything : music, calls and an astronomical number of apps that we can do everything with them.

And this is the problem. Instead of connecting with people around us, we connect with this gem of technology and we cannot live without it. Is it really what you’ re going to become ? A slave of the modern technology ?

No, if consciously, you decide to take back your power and to make the choice to cut off social media when you want.

You have this power. Take it back, look around you, all the tiny details that you miss, all the opportunities you can have just by being more conscious, the lightbulb moments of creativity, the inspiring ideas popping in your mind when you do not expect it, discover something new, open your perspective, shift your mindset by challenging the status quo, dance to your heart content, there is so much more out there to live, to enjoy and to appreciate. Make the choice to see it.

The key ingredients to keep our sanity in this frenetic world

My day start to be hectic especially when I have to overcome good or bad news at light speed. Whatever the current state of the situation,  I am turning to the present to make a decision which will help me moving forward in a positive direction.

Easier said than done isn’it ? I  know I hear you guys, this is so difficult in practice to turn any setback to transform it into a positive learning. The problem is, if we’re not doing it, we’re going to have a serious breakdown. During these days, I have the impression to be a boat captain dealing with a violent storm! It’s only when I am taking a deep breath or close my eyes during a few seconds that I can feel the frenetic pace that I impose on myself. Why have we got this habit to deal with everything quickly as if we cannot wait to deal with something else ??

Lack of time is maybe the response to my question. Or as simple as it is, we have to much to do. Busyness is lethal for our emotional being to the long term. Seriously. I did it, juggling, multitasking and lost my focus. It took me time to regain it and feel myself again. So, when you feel ready to lose the control of the situation, just STOP. Yes, take a deep breath, look around yourself, go out to take a drink, a coffee just to get away of this craziness and trust me, you will see with clarity that everything will fall into place and that there is no need to run, run, rush , rush every DAMN DAY. Patience, focus and priority are the key ingredients to keep our sanity, not the contrary. And enjoy life to the fullest.

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Fitness Balance : A question of choice

Doing my workout is not a chore. It is a time to look after myself, focus and build this connection between my mind and body. It is in another way to love my body, love myself everyday.

However I can’t help to notice that is truly important to find a balance between doing a workout you like and punish your body. It can be really easy to follow the craziness of the fitness industry and instead of loving your body, you will seek perfection through fitness. And this is seriously dangerous. Obsession, strict diet or regimen won’t lead you anywhere where you should be in peace with yourself.

Stop caring about what people think. Stop listening to your negative thoughts and negative people. Push them away from your life. I have, of course, body insecurities like everyone,  I  would like to be more this, to be more that but I know that it’s crucial to find a balance, to listen to me before doing something about it. My insecurities won’t vanish like water in the desert of Gobi and I am well aware of that and prefer this way. I prefer to have the time to commit, to make an effort daily to make progress, improve everyday and  design my body the way I want to be to my pace. This is ultimately again a question of choice, a balance between consistency, indulgence and perseverance. Easier said than done but the beauty of it is we have all our life to find it.

Fight and bubbles of happiness

Tracy Anderson said : “it’s a real big fight to show up for our physical selves. ” I  will add to it being a woman is like being an Olympics athlete all your life.

For this reason, we need to create several bubbles of happiness, barometer to keep our focus , sanity , joie de vivre. All these bubbles will be efficient if you keep at building them everyday and this is where the challenge lies  : create boundaries to always have some time for yourself is damn hard. Because we have been educated to look after our loved ones, to sacrifice us for them, to do the best for them without telling us that first of all, we need to take care of ourselves as well.

I think it’s only now that emerges this sense of consciousness that we, women, ladies need to have some time for recharge our batteries, pamper,  indulge ourselves to come back stronger, rested and ready to fight. Fight for our family, our friends, our career, our dreams. Fight to achieve our dreams. Fighting to empower ourselves, think outside of the box and pursue our dreams relentlessly.

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Beyoncé – Mine ft. Drake

Beyoncé and Drake : a surprising duo who created a song which the expression, the dance, the artistic work is brilliant in its simplicity. However you have this fighting pace which make evolve the song, which makes you think and go back to your senses, change the channel and focus on the important. An engaging pace, a meaningful one.

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Live passionately

wpid-8f9d4ff1b932c5b6c77cfda66908554f.jpgYou know what ? I am not looking forward to the New Year. Why? Because for one time, I am happy where I am, I want to pursue my goals for 2015. I want to indulge in the present, to remember about my achievements and be accountable for it. I want to see the time flying by and not running behind it, I  simply want to enjoy the present time fully, completely, to feel truly alive and be happy. Is it to much too ask ? I don’t think so and you know what ? I’m not going to wait for the approval of someone,  I will grab this opportunity to live passionately, enjoy this time between autumn and winter where I can eat with gourmandise spelt and quinoa scones with ricotta and rhubarb jam very yummy!  I can’t wait to enter into this festive period which is Christmas, I am craving comfort food, mulled wine, chai tea latte but also Christmas decorations, Christmas markets and this atmosphere of goodwill around us. At any moment, live passionately, remember to be grateful for what you have and create your own happiness.

A painful experience

ad5a39c163773b1fd2ad5c94a16583a7I am so much in pain you cannot imagine….yes, I am still sore from my last workout even myself I cannot believe it ! I wanted to do something different to wake up  my body, one thing is sure, this is definitely done !!! For every normal movement i.e. to walk or to sit, I am feeling deeply each of my muscle move in harmony, only this normal process makes me wince constantly. I am taking my protein powder to reduce the pain but this solution is slow to show its results. I also tried to massage my muscles but just the touch of my daughter’s feet on my leg gives me the urge to scream in pain.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect for my muscles to react so drastically but I didn’t do a strength training session for a long time…I discovered in my last workout session the weight and the challenge to workout with kettlebells. To my surprise, I completely feel my body challenged by this workout and started to sweat quickly. As my first session, I was nonetheless impressed by the real challenge to keep up with the kettlebells and by the personal trainer, focused that each one of us has a “real” workout. I really didn’t expect to be so much in pain even after two days after this session.

You can understand that after that, the last two days were rest days for me, just to walk stairs is for me like to climb up a mountain, this is ridiculous, I am working like a penguin and I am fighting to keep up with my dynamic daughter, bloody hell, I am telling you next time, my new workout will be Power Plate, I don’t expect (hopefully) to suffer so much ! I know that ultimately to be so sore is proving that my body will be stronger tomorrow but still…