Spring is in the air…and my savings as well ! What can I do to get back on track ?

With Spring comes sunny weather, drinks or cocktails on terrace and the craving to wear colourful and vibrant colours. This is it. With that in mind, it’s pure temptation to go to Zara and I didn’t resist to it. I mean, it’s a pleasure for the eyes to see the spring-summer collection and let your mind escape from the routine to think about holiday, city break and beaches. Additionally shopping therapy was a must-have. I needed to pamper myself for a long time and it was a golden opportunity to do it right now.

After that how can we even think about savings seriously ? It’s hard but I learn that when you truly need to pamper yourself and you have been disciplined for ages, you can afford to have a real treat. The secret is to get back to your disciplined mindset as soon as you pampered yourself and this is where I found it  tricky because… there are so many beautiful things out there, books, make up, jewellery, lingerie etc…

My exception to the rule started to create pure dilemma where I was tempted by everything and I truly feel as if my savings were also in the air but deep down I knew I needed to sort out this issue. What I did is to remember precisely what are my long term goals for this year, in a nutshell what I want to achieve this year and which budget do I need to reach my personal goals. And honestly by just doing this mental workout, my craving for shopping lessened to completely disappear for good. So, yes it’s great to have a treat and pamper ourselves but keeping in mind our goals is the ultimate key to get back on track.

Credit featured picture : Anthropologie, Sunset maxi dress

Being Present, Being Aware, Being You

When I meditate, I am tuned with my self in an incredible manner. The world around me vanish gradually to let my mind takes this space and let freely my thoughts flow with no control, restriction.

My breathing is so calm, peaceful that I reach a state, a state where I  have the feeling to be in countryside walking in the grass or in front of the beach watching the sea acting in its own way everyday. You really do notice some tiny details which make you realise that life is precious, beautiful and love should be celebrated.

It’s not even 15 minutes to escape for my mind, to feel liberated and do whatever it want to do. And for me, being able to relax, to reach this peaceful flow where everything is quiet, where I can embrace the silence around me is invaluable.

We truly need these moments, small but important “me time” to regain our balance, increase our awareness and change our thinking process. With practice it becomes easier like a stroll in the park, sometimes it’s like being present in a emotional storm but ultimately the gift of meditation is to learn being present, being aware, being you.

Credit featured picture : nieuwebegin.tumblr.com

A delicious escape : Hot chocolate !

This is it. Winter is upon us and it is so freaking cold ! And with that, just a craving for coziness, comfort and a nice cup of hot chocolate to start my day, in a nutshell, a hot beverage to wake up slowly and enjoy this delicious drink alone and escape from to do lists, calls and meetings that I need to deal with in a few hours. Have a good day beauties and try to start the day slowly but surely.

Credit featured picture : homemadewithlove.com

Spicy, creamy, yummy : Chai tea latte !

Just to dip my spoon in the creaminess of this beverage makes me dream and land in in a cushioned place of comfort, coziness and warmth. This is what I need to wake up gently and face what lies ahead.

Feeling the warmth of the cup against my hand and let the taste of this hot drink warm my body, my heart, my soul. All the noise vanish around me and I am in pure heaven because, because,  I enjoy being in the moment and savor this drink slowly, delicately.

This is how the Chai tea latte of Brew Wandsworth makes me feel, try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to win : a break, a me time, a bubble of happiness.