How To Bring Clarity In Your Life ?

Clarity is such an essential word to help us having a precise definition of what we desire. Nonetheless it’s not necessarily easy to bring clarity in your life don’t you ? Sometimes we just want to chill out, enjoy our weekend and let this idea of clarity in the dressing. Yes, we all did it!

But if we removed any tiny judgement we have to do this clearing job and decide for good to declutter our head, our mind ? to create the life we Love? Wouldn’t give you a try?

Contrary to what everyone asks us, let’s define what we don’t want in the themes dear to you. What you don’t want in your life right now ? Is it debt, conflict with your loved ones, health issues, noisy or toxic people, a bad manager, a fight with your best friend ? Lose money stupidly ? What is it ?

Take time to list anything coming in your mind. More you will let yourself dive into responding to these questions, more you will create space for what you want. Get out your fears, concerns, doubts is the catalyst for change because you are taking the courage to let them go by releasing them. And by doing that, you are in the process of empower yourself, BIG time !!

Why ? Because you create space for your desires, for your hidden, deepest desires, for your wishes, for the life you want to create, a life you LOVE. Everything you want becomes crystal clear in your mind, Adios complexities, the how, “the yes, but”, you’re just open the door for MORE and this is powerful my friend.

This exercise apply for any subject and remove any expectation, any pressure because this exercise naturally lead you to your desires. Jennifer Longmore, Gabby Bernstein and Andy Puddycombe used it to bring clarity in their mind. So my friends, what are you waiting for ?

How To Be Yourself Unapologetically

If you feel overwhelmed

If you feel stuck or pressurised

If you feel like a hamster running in a wheel and never see the end of it

If you just learnt that your health is not going to a happy ending

If you feel that people are taking advantage of you

It’s time to learn saying NO. Because saying YES is costing you too much now. Now is the time to set up empowering boundaries and to define what is acceptable for YOU or not. This is what we call get back your power and respect yourself.

It’s also time to put yourself as a PRIORITY. No more excuses, this time you’re going to make a radical change for the best. Not only you’re going to pamper yourself but you’re going to SCHEDULE these bubbles of happiness where everything is vanishing in the background for only being in the present and appreciate, this TIME, only for YOU.

I learnt the hard way to create these “me time” for myself being a working mum and creating my business. I was so eager to move forward that I lost myself in the process and truly found my balance when my doctor told me that my pace is too intense for my health. It’s scary, tough, it’s like your heart cracked open and I realise with tears in my eyes that I am still vulnerable. It’s not the truth sometimes we want to hear, but ultimately its very cathartic to make some changes to regain your balance and be kind with yourself.

Make yourself a priority. You are enough. You are more than enough. Be Yourself unapologetically.

How To Grow ? Embrace The Storm for Freedom !

It is when the storm is coming…that you can truly see it and despite your gut telling you to stop, you run into it ready to fight, to stand for yourself and to know the truth.

When this is happening, a myriad of questions are exploding in your head to rationalise your feelings, your overwhelm need to let out your anger, your frustration and your refusal. Your brain is trying to find the answer to the issue, to put words on what you experienced.

But above all this fucking drama, after the storm passed, you do understand that the source of it is this ugly and blatant fear holding us back, keeping us small, scared and worried. And this is when you step away from this vicious circle, you say Adios to this limiting mindset and you make the conscious choice to fight for better, for love, for harmony. Because this storm is a miracle in disguise, to show you what needs to be changed for good and for ever.

Embrace this storm, this need to scream because you feel trapped, exhausted and lost. Honor your feelings. Cry. Fight back. Be the change you want to bring in your life.

What Are The Keys To Navigate Between Reality And Social Media ? Priority and Focus

You are the one to decide, you are the one in charge of your vision, destiny. Your choice reflect your goals, values.

And ask yourself this question : what is the most precious for me ? What is the priority for you right now ?

Interconnected, living in a frenetic world if we want to. You can stop, take a break, slow down the pace of our life. Everything is a question of choice. What do you prefer ? Having a drink with your besties or scroll down Instagram for hours ? Doing your meditation or seeing new notifications and just take a look at it ?

New notifications, new emails, new texts, it’s like there is no end to this relentless flow of newness, information and communication. But is digital communication the new way to interact with each other ? Let’s change the way we choose to communicate i.e. with consciousness, boldness and power. This time instead of losing yourself in the social media world, let ‘s try to make a break of it, to decide when and how long we will spend our time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Create your own manifesto to make the digital communication your friend and not your enemy, like “I will use, enjoy social media when I decide to, how long I want to and my choice is my power, my strength, my style”. What do you think about it, isn’t it powerful to reframe your position ? Me, I love it, it is such an amazing way to empower yourself and feel that you are not a slave of the social media world.

After using this tool,  you just need to make  a list of three goals you want to focus and stick to it. Three smart goals, achievable, doable and aligned with your intentions. Just give a try and let me know your thoughts !

My Friends, It’s Not Only Your Thoughts Creating Your Reality, It’s Your STATE !

When you feel low, under the water, unexpectedly annoyed, going through the motions, trying to decipher why you have the impression to move in muddy waters, Hum hum… your ego is taking over the control of your mind. It’s, we can say it, sometimes debilitating or completely out of order when you work relentlessly to witness it and stop in his tracks. But, yes, there is a but, when your fear is holding you back, when you are worried to leave your happy zone to get more of it.

What does it mean ? As human beings, we have this inner drive to evolve, to have more, do more to feel completely fulfilled. It’s never ending unless you convince yourself or someone convinced you that there is no “more” in your life. This drive is the catalyst to push us further, the key ingredient to sustain our motivation, the grit for our dreams to come true.

It is when your ego, not happy about taking a risk will try to stop you in your tracks. Yes, we are wired to protect ourselves and the only way to get out of it is to learn about it and disempower our ego. Yes, this is where call your intuition for help is NOW. Because she will respond, she will help you and move you out of this box where your mind is trying to keep you.

Even more your dreams, your desires are the fuel for your spirit, for YOU to believe, to act and to trust the process no matter what. So, when you feel yourself confused, lost, call you intuition, meditate, pray, read the last book of Gabby Bernstein, use a breathing technique to shut up your mind and Sunshine, you will see the light, the joy to have overcome this battle with your ego, once again.

What is “funny” is that you can see, notice that something is wrong, that you are overanalysing the situation, balancing the pro and the cons , trying to reassure you that everything is fine when deep down you know that this weak argumentation is bollocks!

You are getting despite yourself on edge, got triggered by a comment from your mum in the phone, irritated by the lack of understanding of your hubby because your mum is pushing again your buttons now… … totally, quick to snap or respond with agressivity with no reason and because you feeding your initial annoyance with more infuriated energy, you are so upset that you don’t know how to decrease or stop the emotional storm you have created. Yes, my friends by your thoughts, feelings and state as Tony Robbins said it (your vibration, your frequency, your vibes) you’re vibrating so much anger that everyone around you is of the same vibe as yours. This is your curse and power. Power if you are aware about it. Curse if you are playing the victim and let yourself governed by your emotions.

At this point, what would you do ? Empower yourself or playing the victim ? You have the choice my dear friends and I am sure you will choose the good one !

May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein : Encouraging, Funky and Powerful !

“May Cause Miracles” : it is one of the books I have read daily and with a real pleasure. Why ? Because it is a self- discovery journey about you, your ego, your intuition and the relationship you have with your body, with money and others.

Yes, it’s look like an extensive program but the tone wise as well as funky and encouraging of Gabby truly motivate you to push further and to uncover your limiting beliefs, your illusions and beliefs. She is guiding you, holding your hand as well as letting yourself experience fully the discovery of your mind and deepest secrets.

She is a spiritual badass defining spirituality in her own terms and giving a refreshing, modern perspective of what is being spiritual nowadays. I learnt to embrace the power of Forgiveness which is bloody difficult (!) but with such a freedom effect and pure lightness that I dived into it fearlessly.

Until now I am still using some of the daily affirmations that truly shift my mindset and help me to change my perspective and be open to more miracles. Yes, a miracle in this book is having a shift in your mind resulting from what you are learning, witnessing and celebrating. If you want to know more about yourself and discover your spirituality, this book is definitely for you : encouraging, funky, meaningful and powerful, you won’t be disappointed at all if you are open-minded.

I truly recommend you to read, it is a must read to regain your balance. Honestly I cannot wait to read her new book ” Judgement Detox” out in January, we are spending too much time to judge instead of being focused on our goals. I will, of course tell you my thoughts about her new book very soon !

Have a great day beauties !


Create Change At Any Age Is Possible.

I watched this video and it truly reminded me that any small action has an impact to the world around us. Having the courage to challenge the injustice or the preconceptions so young is a beautiful and powerful statement that each of us, we can truly create change and empower ourselves everyday. At any age.

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Avene : Le sauveur de ma peau POUR TOUJOURS !

You won’t believe it but this is true. I went through another crisis of my bambina skin and I slowly recovered from it.

Oui, je sais après tout ce qu’elle a enduré, moi aussi j’ai pensé que ma bambina de peau était a l’abri, en sécurité pour briller de milles feux et faire sa cocotte. Détrompez-vous, après avoir clairement expliqué à ma future conseillère beaute la sensibilité de ma peau et l’avoir écrit noir sur blanc dans le formulaire avant d’avoir mon facial, j’ai cru, j’ai fait confiance sur ma peau sera chouchoutée et plus jolie que jamais !

A mon grand désarroi, après, je dois le dire un facial qui est une expérience à faire, j’ai fait la razzia des soins prodigués sur ma bambina pensant reproduire l’effet apaisant, hydratant et agréable sur ma bambina de peau a long terme. Avec cette expérience de luxe, je n’ai pas questionné ou vérifié encore les ingrédients des soins que je devais acheter. J’aurai dû. Oui parce qu’une fois rentrée chez moi, j’ai voulu regarder, me pâmer devant ces petits bijoux de soin pour ma peau quand horreur et damnation, j’ai vu et réalisé que tous les soins que j’avais acheté contenaient tous les ingrédients allergènes que ma bambina de peau NE TOLÈRE PAS DU TOUT. Et le résultat ne s’est pas fait attendre. Des le lendemain, j’ai eu droit à une éruption de boutons et croyez-moi je n’étais pas d’une humeur folichonne.

J’ai contrôlé bien que mal ma colère, d’abord regrettant amèrement d’avoir fait confiance à cette conseillère beauté et surtout à avoir baissé ma garde mais la leçon de cette mésaventure c’est que plus jamais je ne permettrai à quelqu’un de me faire un facial sans vérifier tout par moi-meme.

Cela m’a appris à rester vigilante devant les mirages des soins miracle qui regorgent de promesses immédiats et blindés d’ingrédients allergènes pour ma bambina de peau. Et je suis revenue, soulagée vers les soins Avene qui ont énormément aidé à (encore) apaiser, soigner et hydrater ma bambina de peau outrée du traitement qu’elle a reçu. Je me suis fait rembourser tous les soins et bien fait comprendre que c’est la dernière fois que je ferai un facial avec cette marque. Mon message a été bien reçu. De cette crise, je vous demande de rester vigilante pour vous, votre peau pour éviter comme moi une crise de votre bambina de peau. Heureusement, maintenant elle a retrouve sa peche d’enfer !

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How To Know That This Relationship Is The Good One ?

Sometimes it’s good to see, acknowledge what went wrong in a relationship, not to turn any discussion into a cat fight and try to respect each other. It seems like it’s far from easy for some to stay respectful and behave like adults when emotions are involved. Why it’s so tricky when feelings, lies, love, deceit are enterwined to not be damaged and leave this relationship ?

I am far to be the expert in relationships but I can’t prevent myself to try elevate people or friends when they focus on the lies instead of the facts. Objectivity and intuition are keys to truly know what’s going on, what are your deepest feelings and if this relationship make you feel good or bad.

With love comes trust. Trust is essential to build a strong and deep connection with your partner…and this is where the challenge lie because with love comes also respect. Respect for your partner, yes but most importantly in this case Respect for yourself. This is the key element to refer to when you have a gut feeling, a sensation, a pit in your stomach that something is not right.

When you feel disappointed, that you brushed off another detail that your intuition noticed, that you do not feel listened to or even appreciated. When you feel under pressure to satisfy someone instead of being accepted for who you are, Beautiful Souls it’s time to end this relationship. Don’t sabotage yourself by trying to save someone else.

A loving relationship is not a trap but is a safe place where you can go to. When this is not the case anymore, save yourself first and preserve your uniqueness. It’s time to reflect, to learn from this experience, to cry if you need to cry, to feel free if you realise that you gained back your independence and love yourself, love yourself even more unapologetically for being You.