2017 – 2018 : Finish Strong, Start Stronger with Ziva Meditation

I used the guided visualisation by Ziva meditation to design my goals in 2018 yesterday evening. The experience ha been meaningful, cool and elegant. I truly think that the creator of Ziva meditation, Emily Fletcher has the innate talent to convey the values of mindfulness, fun and elegance packaged in an authentic way that I love.

To come back to it, firstly with this visualisation, you are going to acknowledge your successes of 2017, what you achieved to finish your perspective about 2017 on a positive note. After and this is the exciting part, Emily will guide you to imagine what do you want to achieve in different areas of your life in 2018 : professional, personal, physical, spiritual, financial and in your home life. Because letting your wild imagination create what you wish and pick the first thought coming to your mind for each of these areas is your goal, is setting your intention in such a clear way that you will feel delighted about it.

This exercise brought to me so much clarity of what I wanted to achieve and open my perception that this is the time to create these goals, craft them in a way to reach them with a strategy in mind. Further to that, you have to choose the world we are going to love into 2018, a word, beautiful reminder of your drive for this year. My word for this year is commitment. Commitment to my business, my body, my family and friends and my dreams. Since I have done this exercise, I feel so motivated and empowered because with clarity and willpower, everything is possible.

So, if you feel lost, overwhelmed or need more time to be in tune with 2018, do this exercise, it is a real awakening  for your hidden dreams to bring them to light to make it your reality.

Elegance and uniqueness with Whistle + Bango

I am wearing a necklace that I bought at Stylist Event. This necklace, by its design makes all the difference to my outfit simply but surely. I am able to wear it all the time and I am really attached to it.  This gold plated necklace is hand finished in London by skilled jewellers and can be personalised with little letter onto glossy, grey or cream resin. At the time when I bought it, I didn’t have a chance to have one personalised with my initials but this didn’t stop me to buy the grey version of this barrel rock necklace on the same day. Added to that, a fantastic discount, I couldn’t resist to this new beauty.

Elegant by the materials, personalised with your wishes, designed to make a statement and personalised with your letters, words, names, this is the perfect gift for Christmas ! I would be over the moon to have a second necklace and one personalised bangle for Christmas !!