The perfect nude with Bobbi Brown !

My god it’s so good to do some shopping on Friday afternoon by a sunny day, it’s pure bliss to start your weekend ! I went to Selfridges with one of my friends to check the new lipstick collection of Charlotte Tilbury as well as see what the other brands are doing.

It is when I shared my dilemma to find the perfect nude that my friend, expert in make up advised me that she found her nude with Bobbi Brown and she never, ever has been disappointed !! So illico presto, I grabbed the opportunity to be in the beauty temple to check what Bobbi Brown can do for me. One of her artists took the time to identify my taste in terms of color as well as texture and quickly to my surprise came back with two brown lipsticks. At first, these lipsticks look like milk chocolate but she explained to me that these are the lipsticks close to my color skin and pigmentation so I tried… and the result was beyond my expectations. Ladies, I found the perfect nude of the nudes with Bobbi Brown and I couldn’t believe it !!!!

I continued to try both of them and to the end I really love both of them. I couldn’t choose only one, it was impossible!! I challenged myself to put one of them everyday to make it worth my investment. Because this is an investment, a financial as well as an emotional one, wearing a lipstick gives confidence, a feeling to be more feminine than ever and to carry it with sexiness and elegance. A way to empower yourself for the day and achieve your goals with grace and feminity.

I have to tell you, once you look at the new Classics collection which is a mix of her last classics mixed with new colours, you tempted to try the other colours. I tried the Plum Berry lipstick and the result was pure awesomeness, pure gorgeousness!!! This lipstick is a killer, the colour is truly beautiful with a creamy texture like my Rich Cocoa and Chocolate. This one is on my list for the next time. I cannot forget it!

In a nutshell, I would recommend to anyone to go to the Bobbi Brown counter to find your happiness for the perfect nude or lipstick. She is talented to create colours suiting any skin and I love the quality of her products. Bobbi Brown is the perfect antidote to bring back your confidence and your gorgeousness!

Credit feature picture : Bobbi Brown