How To Transform Your Body ? Position Yourself As The Creator

The feeling to work on yourself, to exceed your limits with effort and sweat is so worth it. You have this effect to be grounded in your effort to improve, progress at your own pace.

Because you set your own expectations, you feel free and empowered. There is no pressure , just the sheer pleasure to move your body, to feel your muscles working and to know intuitively that it’s working. For your body, your mind, your soul.

It is a connection that our body and mind crave to work in unison with us to create the design and beauty we want. This partnership is so precious and powerful that igniting it is key to feel balanced, comfortable in your own skin and confident.

Confidence lies in the knowing, the core feeling that we are working in great collaboration with our body to learn another language which is called exercise/ workout. Your body needs to live this dance everyday to transform the way you want beautifully and harmoniously.

Transform your body requires patience, perseverance, faith and consistency. Why ? Because you are the creator, the creator to create this phenomenal flow of energy to design you body. The Power is in your hands. Position yourself as the creator. Grab it and own it.

Create Your Own Opportunities, Create Your Own Success, Create Your Own Life

Don’t wait for the right time, the right moment to jump in the unknown, stop thinking, analysing every detail just Do it! Your action will create consistent steps showing to the Universe/law of attraction that you are committed, passionate about what you want and it will respond to it if you believe, feel and act on it.
Your feelings are like antennas for the law of attraction to give us what we want, added to that positive and powerful thoughts and feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude and more you will attract opportunities leading to these feelings.

Do not judge situations, events or people because we are most of time completely ignorant of the rationale, details and background leading to such situation. Judging is a push towards more negative feelings and move on from it takes time. For this reason, I always listen to my intuition to be compassionate instead of judgemental and wait to know more about the truth. Such attitude help me to remain happy and grateful for everything in my life.

Create your own life. What does it mean ? It means being proactive to make your dreams come true, to take risks, to be more visible, shine your light, your passion to be seen and heard. So many of us are extremely talented but are blocked by limiting beliefs, fears holding us back. If you truly want to take the steps to create your own success, you have to get out and share your passion. Not selling, no sharing to help genuinely others and working gradually to remove these fears and old beliefs. Your willingness to change will allow you to rise and shine as you crave to and being supported by the Universe whether the purpose of your mission is to genuinely helping others.

So, you know what you need to do right now, send this email awaiting in your drafts for ages to create the opportunity you want, ask a meeting for the pay rise that you deserve, draft your first business card for your online business or take the plunge of travelling alone, whatever you dream to do it, you have the power to make it real, just Do It, it’s Time.

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Fitness Balance : A question of choice

Doing my workout is not a chore. It is a time to look after myself, focus and build this connection between my mind and body. It is in another way to love my body, love myself everyday.

However I can’t help to notice that is truly important to find a balance between doing a workout you like and punish your body. It can be really easy to follow the craziness of the fitness industry and instead of loving your body, you will seek perfection through fitness. And this is seriously dangerous. Obsession, strict diet or regimen won’t lead you anywhere where you should be in peace with yourself.

Stop caring about what people think. Stop listening to your negative thoughts and negative people. Push them away from your life. I have, of course, body insecurities like everyone,  I  would like to be more this, to be more that but I know that it’s crucial to find a balance, to listen to me before doing something about it. My insecurities won’t vanish like water in the desert of Gobi and I am well aware of that and prefer this way. I prefer to have the time to commit, to make an effort daily to make progress, improve everyday and  design my body the way I want to be to my pace. This is ultimately again a question of choice, a balance between consistency, indulgence and perseverance. Easier said than done but the beauty of it is we have all our life to find it.

Grit – The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth

I am intrigued by this book because at the time where we will soon reflect on this year, I like to know that reaching my goals is part of a continuous work to be determined, perseverant and consistent. Added to that your passion and you have the ingredients to thrive despite all the roadblocks which will try to demotivate you. I like the idea to explore and identify the rationale behind our goals, to know what it is helping us to use most of our potential, unlock it and pursue with clarity our dreams.

This is a book I will read because it will guide me, once again to re-align my thoughts and reach my goals with time and grit. I will, of course, keep you in the loop to confirm whether this book help me to empower myself.

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Find your balance

It’s so easy to lose our balance, to be so focused on one subject that you have to prioritise it and deal with it. I went through an emotional rollercoaster from February to July. It is only mid July that everything exploded in my face and I have to pick up the pieces and learn from my mistakes. Oh boy I did it but I wasn’t the only one to be at fault and I ensured for this to be written where it should be.

I have to start again. Think about myself, what I wanted to do and more importantly find where I am, right now in my life. From this point, I came back stronger, smarter and wiser from it. I let go of what I couldn’t change and focus on what I can do to empower myself. Everyday. Because once I put my mind to do something, whatever the time I will do it, it’s called perseverance, consistency and willpower unless I am sick, injured, I will work relentlessly to achieve my goals. This is where it’s incredibly difficult to find a balance between hard work and take a break. Balancing things out is never easy, I think it’s truly a question of willpower, intuition and wisdom. You have to listen to your inner voice, your body, your mind, to know where you need to push or step back.

I prefer personally to work hard and bring quality to it instead of working hard and doing many mistakes along the way. But this is hard, ultimately you have to trust yourself and this is the greatest asset we all have but disregard it so often. You have to stop that. Quiet down the noise around you, take a deep breath and just listen to it, either give you some me time or meditate, you will hear it and more you will do, more you will be comfortable with it. Just do it, give yourself a break, a me time to reflect, listen and focus. To empower yourself. To find your balance.
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Meditation : my anchor

As a working mum, juggling is one of my skills. But before to do so, it’s good to find the secret, the tool, in a nutshell your lifesaver when you are coming back from your holiday relaxed and rejuvenated and you have to face work, childcare, appointments, family matters and others. I, decided, to meditate again when I heard about the Headspace package Patience because in the bustle and hustle of London, patience is not my forte.

However, meditating by listening to Andy Puddicombe’s soothing and gentle voice helps me considerably to remain patient and calm in many situations either conflicting or not. Being able to do so everyday is a life-changing experience. Your awareness is acute, your focus is better and your ability to find new ideas or solutions increase. Sounds a bit too good to be true but this is it. It’s real, true that practising meditation consistently helps your brain to rewire and put you at ease with the environment around you. You are sending positive and calm vibes and people, consequently are receptive/responsive to that.

You are nourishing your inner calm and strength by learning how to meditate, how to reduce the chaos in your mind caused by the chaos of your life to reach a state of calm and serenity. I know it really sound unachievable when we are overloaded by information, responsibilities and expectations from others. However, I truly think that meditation is an efficient response to resolve a lot of our worries, concerns and various diseases.

With meditation, it’s like regaining your posture, your place in the world in an harmonious manner and be more compassionate with others. It’s like walking in the grass at sunrise and marvel at the wonders of the nature. It’s an open door to let your mind have a go, breathe again, relax or just be. I manage much more events or circumstances in a calm and quiet manner than previously and, I have to say, I am amazed by the result of this package Patience. I went back to it because learning patience to diffuse your daily impatience is permanent on a long term with consistency. It also increase your intuition i.e. to know when it’s time to set some boundaries and stand up for yourself. Meditation is my anchor and I am so glad mindfulness is part of my daily life. I strongly recommend you to give it a try, you would not be disappointed.

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