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Just a drink and everything is falling into place

I never felt so good, it’s not due to my workout, it’s just because I am working from home today, feeling a bit down and feeling sick and despite this difficult start, I am feeling much more better because I am taking my time to enjoy my chai latte and it’s truly blissful. Just a few moments to pause, being in the moment and appreciate the taste, the warmth if my beverage instantly calm me down and awake my mind, my senses. Just a drink and everything is falling into place.

A bubble of self care with Pukka

Sometimes just taking the time to enjoy a Pukka tea, feel the warmth of the cup around my hands, smell the delicate smell of it, clever mix of lemon, ginger and manuka honey and I am slowly but surely getting my precious equilibrium to continue the day. If you can enjoy this blissful break snuggled in your sofa with your favorite blanket, you have all the ingredients to make a delicious recipe which is Self care. Yes, self care after a busy weekend to recharge your batteries and finish the end of January in beauty ! Have a good day beauties. Credit featured picture :

Be happy on your own

Yes I did it. I needed so much to have a break where I could relax, enjoy, being on my own without responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love enormously my daughter and my man but when you feel ready to lose the plot despite tons of patience, mental and physical strength, it’s time to do it. Think about yourself and made the decision to escape to rest fully and properly. Because as you may know between work, family life and other commitments, our ability as woman to juggle everything can lead us to being stressed, overtired and emotionally drained. Yes, unfortunately. So, today I left London on my own enjoying a nice and safe journey to see my family and friends in France. I enjoyed being able to eat my breakfast in silence, relaxing by reading Red magazine. In a nutshell, I truly embraced the opportunity to be happy on my own. And it was blissful. Gone the guilt, being teary to leave my daughter because I really know that her daddy will fantastically …