How To Transform Your Body ? Position Yourself As The Creator

The feeling to work on yourself, to exceed your limits with effort and sweat is so worth it. You have this effect to be grounded in your effort to improve, progress at your own pace.

Because you set your own expectations, you feel free and empowered. There is no pressure , just the sheer pleasure to move your body, to feel your muscles working and to know intuitively that it’s working. For your body, your mind, your soul.

It is a connection that our body and mind crave to work in unison with us to create the design and beauty we want. This partnership is so precious and powerful that igniting it is key to feel balanced, comfortable in your own skin and confident.

Confidence lies in the knowing, the core feeling that we are working in great collaboration with our body to learn another language which is called exercise/ workout. Your body needs to live this dance everyday to transform the way you want beautifully and harmoniously.

Transform your body requires patience, perseverance, faith and consistency. Why ? Because you are the creator, the creator to create this phenomenal flow of energy to design you body. The Power is in your hands. Position yourself as the creator. Grab it and own it.

Tracy Anderson London Vitality Week – Day 1 : Being Yourself

My God guys, I went to the first day of the London Vitality Week with Tracy Anderson and it was epic. You know when you are following the founder of a fitness method, different from any other workouts in the world, buying her DVDs , following her workouts via streaming, seeing her in real for the first time is amazing !

Particularly when she is everything you expected and she manage to even exceed your expectations, it’s being filled with joy for all the day. Tracy is down to earth and so nice that you feel reassured that you are trusting her to sculpt your body.

More importantly she is an advocate of being yourself, own your body and knowing yourself and this is the epitome of connection I feel with her. Why ? Because I am your cheerleader to celebrate your uniqueness and we need to empower ourselves with the right tools to own our body. Being yourself is a journey because different parameters need to be in balance : emotional, psychological, physical and energetic (spiritual) part of you. Each of these parameters are interlinked and we, as individuals need to understand these parameters to fully be connected with our mind, body and soul.

It is for the above reasons that I love the Tracy Anderson Method because this workout is pushing you to tune with your body and mind to a level you cannot imagine, it’s like a constant detox for your mind (removal of your old or limiting beliefs), for your body ( removal of your stress and emotional baggage) and tap into your inner energy to become what you want to be. And such transformation  requires persistance, determination and consistency. When you truly want to reach a state of balance where harmony or balance is your mantra for each day, you need to keep going, to believe in yourself and work for it.

The music and the heat create an intense environment where you are challenged, to find your balance, to unleash your desire to push yourself, move like you want and have fun. Everything is done for your mind to be totally focused on the moves, on you and what you can do. It is slowly but surely a creation of your own flow where this deep connection allow you to speak with your body.

I truly think that consistency and perseverance is the price to see the results you want whatever you are talking about fitness, career, entrepreneurship or relationships. It’s achievable if you decide to have the right mindset for it, to focus on the positive and do not give a damn about what other people think !

This method is giving you much more than your dream body : you will build and develop your inner flexibility, your own dynamic to feel yourself and feel confident in your body. It is really an empowering process which requires reflection, analysis to learn about yourself , what are your weaknesses, your strengths, your limiting beliefs and your resilience. And this is where your transformation will start.

Credit featured picture : Adriel Reboh for Tracy Anderson

How To Regain Your Balance

Busyness and rush is the must have in our society and in many corporations. Unsurprisingly many people feel burnout, have a breakdown or go on a sick leave for stress. When we are all aware of the danger of performance and productivity, it’s taking time, research and reflection to move from this mentality and connect with our inner self.

What I mean is to dig into us to truly see what is our purpose, what we want to achieve each day. Purpose is recently used by a lot of life coaches or spiritual leaders to help us to find our joy for life. Having a purpose is like seeing the ultimate reason of your actions daily and remain motivated to pursue your dreams to reach this purpose. However, let’s not forget that we are all human beings with strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to find a balance between our goals and our health.

Having a purpose or having goals is beneficial for your self esteem and confidence, feeling that you are moving forward BUT as an individual, you need most importantly to respect yourself.

Respect yourself is to know where it’s time to work towards your goals or take a break to relax. This is why I call Respect. Respect for you as an human being when you feel that you are acting on automatic mode, without any awareness of your thoughts or acts, in a nutshell act on autopilot.

This is where Respect is the word to stop in your tracks. To make you realise of your whirling thoughts and the impact they can have on you. To realise what you are doing to your mind, your body and your spirit. Respect is the ultimate way to fully regain your balance.

Credit picture : Speckyboy Design Magazine

The Art to Let It Go

It is one of these days… when you manage to get organised, ready to kick start your day and despite your quiet confidence, you feel drained, physically drained. You are looking for answers, is it lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of motivation ? But no one of your analysis provide you a feedback, a reassurance that you know what’s going on. It is when you just need to LET IT GO. Yes, just let your mind rest from this incessant questionnaire and nourish your body and your spirit. Focus on keeping your Happiness Pot well filled by doing what you love and give yourself the permission to rest, reflect and daydreaming.

We are so caught up by our numerous goals that sometimes we missed completely the sense of life, being in the moment and enjoy the small things to truly appreciate our life and re-learn to do nothing. Just finish your job, go back home and give a kiss to your loved ones is what really matters.

Credit featured picture : Instagram – Photo by @khschroedercom
Model @rebeccaco19

Too pretty, too stylish and so healthy : bkr I can’t resist you !

Yes this is it. Now that bkr start to be available in London, the temptation is around me…and even more difficult to resist. I bought another bottle, this time pink with a white heart on it. I think, we all need some kindness, gentleness around us and this bottle remind me this feeling.

The clean-cut design and the neutral colors give a sensational result to this water bottle and give  you the impression to buy a work of art. Seriously. Additionally, beauty and health combined are the mix that we all need, something to remind us that beauty can highlight your day and give you the motivation, the boost to continue pursuing your goals. Drinking water is essential now, if you can do it in style, let’s do it ! Life is short, better to protect her by drinking water !

Have a good day everyone !

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Healthy, stylish and beautiful : Yes with bkr !

I am completely addictive to it and I think I am not the only one. It is healthy, beautiful and so good for our environment. So what is Bkr ? This brand successfully created the must have beauty product that we all need… and what is it ? drinking water ladies as much as possible ! and this is seriously something that I am struggling with constantly despite I know I need it.

However, six key points convince me to buy this bottle.

  1. Using plastic bottles is like drinking plastic to the long term and this is not something I knew. I don’t like that at all…
  2. Drinking water is essential for the beauty of our skin and for our body. We need to drink water as much as possible to hydrate our skin and stay alert. Water means radiance, uniform and glowing skin. Drinking water means loving yourself by hydrating your body and skin regularly.
  3. Using glass bottle is the perfect antidote to preserve, protect our environment.
  4. The design of this glass bottle is truly remarkable. Handy, smart and practical, the materials used for this beauty are glass and silicone, BPA-free, phthalate free, small opening for no-spill spinning and perfect no-leak seal.
  5. Everything is in the style and it is so true. Clean-cut, smart and with a variety of beautiful colours, having this bottle is the perfect ingredient to make you even more beautiful. This product is presented like a quality piece, a fashionable creation, healthy for our body and skin.
  6. And the cherry on the cake, the colours, again are sooo pretty and they are creating different collections. I fell in love with the spiked pink bottle below !
bkr - The spiked collection
bkr – The spiked collection

Verdict : Having a small, handy and beautiful bottle in my bag motivate me everyday to drink more water. It’s like drinking a natural beauty product, after all it’s mineral water but it works because it’s healthy, stylish and beautiful, all the elements to create a best-seller product.

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