Part 2 – How To Declutter Your Mind ? Give A Try To Ziva Meditation, You Will Never Regret It !

It is often when you expect the least that someone is exceeding your expectations. Because you accept to give a try, to open your mind to new learning, this is where the “amazing” can happen. As you may know, one meditation blew my mind last year and I wrote an article about it last year. However, because I was interested by learning about new topics, I didn’t pursue my interest for Ziva meditation.

It’s only when I joined their Facebook group and really enjoyed the Facebook live that my interest for this meditation was re-ignited. I like the honesty and elegance of the founder Emily Fletcher but also her straight forward manner to explain the art of meditation and the science linked to it. It is fascinating and learning more about the mind, how my brain functions is something I love. So, when she created Ziva online, an online course to learn meditating as per her Ziva method, I felt challenged and intrigued because I truly not a newbie to meditation. Headspace has been my anchor during tumultuous times and I am meditating everyday. (I made the mistake to do not meditate a few times and I commit for this to never happen again!!)

As you can guess, I gave it a try and until now, never, ever regretted it. This meditation brought phenomenal results in my life : no more stress, natural balance in my diet, better sleep, ability to face and overcome challenges and stressful situations, more patience, harmony with my loved ones and more creativity. Your creativity is like liberated, able to expand and flow naturally and better connection with your mind and body.

What I truly loved is the foundations given by this meditation detailed below :

  • Disempower the preconceptions and judgement that people have about meditation
  • What is really meditation
  • What is mindfulness
  • What is manifesting
  • How is it combined with neurosciences
  • How the neurosciences confirm the benefits given by practicing meditation
  •  What is the good way to meditate
  • How to become a self-sufficient meditator
  • How Ziva meditation can uplevel your performance
  • How Ziva meditation can help you harness your potential
  • How Ziva meditation can help you create a life you love

On the last day of this course, I wrote this post in the Ziva Online Facebook Community which is a testament of the excellence of Ziva meditation.

“Day 15 : Ziva brings me so much peace, clarity and harmony in my life motivating me to set more empowering boundaries and to live with grace and beauty. I feel so at peace after my meditation and I am amazed by the results of it. It’s maybe the last day but it is truly the starter of a practice for life. Thank you so much Emily and Ziva team for your energy, commitment to change our lives.”

Tracy Anderson London Vitality Week – Day 1 : Being Yourself

My God guys, I went to the first day of the London Vitality Week with Tracy Anderson and it was epic. You know when you are following the founder of a fitness method, different from any other workouts in the world, buying her DVDs , following her workouts via streaming, seeing her in real for the first time is amazing !

Particularly when she is everything you expected and she manage to even exceed your expectations, it’s being filled with joy for all the day. Tracy is down to earth and so nice that you feel reassured that you are trusting her to sculpt your body.

More importantly she is an advocate of being yourself, own your body and knowing yourself and this is the epitome of connection I feel with her. Why ? Because I am your cheerleader to celebrate your uniqueness and we need to empower ourselves with the right tools to own our body. Being yourself is a journey because different parameters need to be in balance : emotional, psychological, physical and energetic (spiritual) part of you. Each of these parameters are interlinked and we, as individuals need to understand these parameters to fully be connected with our mind, body and soul.

It is for the above reasons that I love the Tracy Anderson Method because this workout is pushing you to tune with your body and mind to a level you cannot imagine, it’s like a constant detox for your mind (removal of your old or limiting beliefs), for your body ( removal of your stress and emotional baggage) and tap into your inner energy to become what you want to be. And such transformation  requires persistance, determination and consistency. When you truly want to reach a state of balance where harmony or balance is your mantra for each day, you need to keep going, to believe in yourself and work for it.

The music and the heat create an intense environment where you are challenged, to find your balance, to unleash your desire to push yourself, move like you want and have fun. Everything is done for your mind to be totally focused on the moves, on you and what you can do. It is slowly but surely a creation of your own flow where this deep connection allow you to speak with your body.

I truly think that consistency and perseverance is the price to see the results you want whatever you are talking about fitness, career, entrepreneurship or relationships. It’s achievable if you decide to have the right mindset for it, to focus on the positive and do not give a damn about what other people think !

This method is giving you much more than your dream body : you will build and develop your inner flexibility, your own dynamic to feel yourself and feel confident in your body. It is really an empowering process which requires reflection, analysis to learn about yourself , what are your weaknesses, your strengths, your limiting beliefs and your resilience. And this is where your transformation will start.

Credit featured picture : Adriel Reboh for Tracy Anderson

Neom Organics : My Lifesaver In This Frenzy World

It’s rare for me to provide a review but this time I decided to do it because I need to share my joy to have discovered Neom Organics. This brand is creating exceptional and purest products which literally blow my mind by their efficiency, beauty and purity. I cannot live without the Discovery Scent kit which is my life saver when I am ready to lose the plot. The smells are divine and the Home Mist (Scent to Make you Happy) is pure bliss in a bottle, uplifting my mood, made me smile instantly and enjoy more the small pleasures daily. It is THE product that any woman need to stay positive and happy.

Additionally the Discovery Scent kit is brilliant to identify your wellbeing need particularly when you feel tired, down, moody and out of sync. Sometimes we are so deep in this frenzy pace of life that we lost connection with our body and mind, we lost touch with the signs that our body and mind are sending to alert us that we are unbalanced. But with this kit, we have at last the opportunity to find the roots of our unbalance and therefore find the solution to resolve it. It is life changing, a precious help to protect and preserve our overall wellbeing.

It is for these reasons that I trust this brand to bring my wellbeing back to balance and harmony. Recently, I was looking to create my own spa experience with a nice bath, relaxing music and soothing light. It came as no surprise that Neom Organics pop in my mind as the brand to trust to create this blissful experience. I bought the candle Scent toDe-Stress, formulated specifically with 100% natural fragrances and 24 of the purest possible essential oils particularly chosen with the aim to eliminate stress and bring calm to the mind and body. And it really works. Each time, I feel myself stressed, or rushed, or going on autopilot, I just smell the candle, and just the smell of it slow me down, soothe me in a incredible manner to go back to my self, to my awareness and be grateful for what I have. I am in love with this smell because it is truly a fantastic product to stay yourself in this frenzy world. I sincerely recommend you to try, the smell is heavenly and such a therapeutic tool for peace and being grateful.

How To Regain Your Balance

Busyness and rush is the must have in our society and in many corporations. Unsurprisingly many people feel burnout, have a breakdown or go on a sick leave for stress. When we are all aware of the danger of performance and productivity, it’s taking time, research and reflection to move from this mentality and connect with our inner self.

What I mean is to dig into us to truly see what is our purpose, what we want to achieve each day. Purpose is recently used by a lot of life coaches or spiritual leaders to help us to find our joy for life. Having a purpose is like seeing the ultimate reason of your actions daily and remain motivated to pursue your dreams to reach this purpose. However, let’s not forget that we are all human beings with strengths and weaknesses, it is essential to find a balance between our goals and our health.

Having a purpose or having goals is beneficial for your self esteem and confidence, feeling that you are moving forward BUT as an individual, you need most importantly to respect yourself.

Respect yourself is to know where it’s time to work towards your goals or take a break to relax. This is why I call Respect. Respect for you as an human being when you feel that you are acting on automatic mode, without any awareness of your thoughts or acts, in a nutshell act on autopilot.

This is where Respect is the word to stop in your tracks. To make you realise of your whirling thoughts and the impact they can have on you. To realise what you are doing to your mind, your body and your spirit. Respect is the ultimate way to fully regain your balance.

Credit picture : Speckyboy Design Magazine

Meditation And Self Care, My Saviors To Find Back My Balance

Always my savior when things unravel,  when I can feel that I am getting impatient, snapping, reacting instead of observing and act accordingly.

Yes when I feel that my inner patience is not attainable, I  know that I need to meditate, to become centred, more aware and see what are the real reasons of my increasing impatience.

Sometimes like yesterday it’s just the feeling to juggle so many things that lead me to lose my cool. Between work, food shopping, play and look after my bundle of joy, prepare the dinner and find 5 minutes to eat, I really felt that setting up boundaries is necessary to keep my sanity…and meditate to get back my dear balance.

In these moments,  we really need to stop running and this is what I did. I sat down and ate, I took the time to do it and my daughter got it and played alone for a few minutes…and this is only what I needed, a few minutes for myself to slow down for awareness and mindful eating. I also wrote my gratitude list and by doing so, I realised that I had a fantastic day and it was only depending of me to keep it that way. We have to make the choice either to run or to stop. In my case, stopping multitasking was the best thing ever because it was unproductive and self destructive for my self esteem. But this is where we all have this ability to get back on our feet, focus on the positive, be grateful and see clearly what our life is : extraodinary, exciting, challenging with so much love.

So if you feel like you are losing control, stop what you are doing, take a break, meditate, go outside, do something you love and write your gratitude list. I am 100% sure that you will feel much more better after this well-deserved break for your self care.

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Are You Looking For An Empowering, Innovative and Efficient Workout ? Tracy Anderson Method Is The Workout For You !

I just finished my workout via streaming and I am drenched with sweat exhilarated and invigorated. Each time Tracy Anderson has the ability to create passionately new content which push the boundaries of her students and design our body in the best possible way.

There is no magic trick, it’s pure hardcore workout, perseverance, grit and commitment. As she said one time, think of your workout like you are brushing your teeth,you don’t think to do not do it, it has to be the same for your workout. And I will add, more consistent you will be, more strong and flexible you will become.

It is proven in many different areas of our life, that grit is the key to achieve our goals. And I found it powerful to do a workout which also push me to being perseverant and have a mindset of warrior. This is again un levier to apply the same mindset in my career and my personal goals.

And the cherry on the cake is seeing my body changing the way I want, to design it as I would like in a natural and physical way. It is feeling like a million bucks and my goal this year is to feel this way as often as I can.

Tracy Anderson Method is a fabulous combination of muscular moves, dance cardio taping in your small muscles to activate them. Her creativity and her method create a revolutionary content working all your muscles to bring balance where there is unbalance. I tried numerous workouts before to find her, learn how to focus and listen to my body when working out. Body mind connection plays a fundamental role when working out and we need to tap into this potential daily to design our body.

Additionally when women support each other, miracles happen and this is pure truth. All the women worldwide doing the Tracy Anderson method support each other via Instagram, Facebook…and this is pure gold in itself. Why ? because we motivate, support each other to keep going, to get back to it, make time for it and helping each other. This network is called Tamily and its power, strength and kindness are invaluable.

In a nutshell, if you want to empower yourself by tapping into your potential, seek an innovative and efficient workout and of course having fun, Tracy Anderson Method is definitely for you.

The Happiness Planner : An asset for self growth and empowerment

I waited sufficiently to let you know my thoughts about the Happiness Planner. Why ? because I wanted to use it firstly to verify if indeed it will make a difference to my life, my thoughts and my mindset. I have been intrigued and seduced by the beauty and esthetism of the planner, I am not going to lie about it. The work behind the design of it has been truly remarkable and convince me even more to offer me this beautiful and meaningful planner.

In short, while using The Happiness Planner, you’ll be encouraged to;

– Set goals & dreams that align with who you truly are; that will give meaning to your life.
– Write down goals that you want to achieve and the action plans you will take.
– Integrate more of what makes you happy into your daily life.
– Plan to make changes to the things that make you unhappy.
– Learn to see the positive in every situation.
– Learn to harness your own personal power, build mental strength, and adopt a growth mindset
– Start each day with a positive and exciting thought.
– End each day with gratitude
– Evaluate your energy and happiness level.
– Reflect on your week & month and the lessons learned.
– Set goals for improvement

I think above all the arguments to buy it, I really wanted to grasp more my time, make time for what is important and realise by being grateful of all the good things happening in my life. And it does really work. By taking time to write down my ideas, by reading everyday an inspiring quote to keep going, by seeing in writing what I achieved, what I learned, I had a better image of myself and I am feeling empowered. I know where I am and where I need to go. I am feeling more in control of  my life and more in line with my goals. I have to say, even tough I read the reviews before to buy it, I didn’t expect such amazing results just by buying a planner. My experience of it proved once again that writing down what we wish has a transformative power on our mindset. I feel motivated, committed and convinced that I can make my dreams come true…honestly it is like feeling a million bucks daily and this feeling is A-MA-ZING !

Most importantly  it will help you to increase your awareness, your positivity and ultimately change your mindset to be closer to your goals, in a nutshell everything we need to enjoy our life !! And my dear French readers, this planner would be available in French soon. I am sure that you will love this Planner as much as I love it now. I am seriously thinking to buy some of their notepads now !

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Fitness Balance : A question of choice

Doing my workout is not a chore. It is a time to look after myself, focus and build this connection between my mind and body. It is in another way to love my body, love myself everyday.

However I can’t help to notice that is truly important to find a balance between doing a workout you like and punish your body. It can be really easy to follow the craziness of the fitness industry and instead of loving your body, you will seek perfection through fitness. And this is seriously dangerous. Obsession, strict diet or regimen won’t lead you anywhere where you should be in peace with yourself.

Stop caring about what people think. Stop listening to your negative thoughts and negative people. Push them away from your life. I have, of course, body insecurities like everyone,  I  would like to be more this, to be more that but I know that it’s crucial to find a balance, to listen to me before doing something about it. My insecurities won’t vanish like water in the desert of Gobi and I am well aware of that and prefer this way. I prefer to have the time to commit, to make an effort daily to make progress, improve everyday and  design my body the way I want to be to my pace. This is ultimately again a question of choice, a balance between consistency, indulgence and perseverance. Easier said than done but the beauty of it is we have all our life to find it.