What Is Appreciation To Truly Grasp It?

It is an innate feeling to appreciate what is around us. It is gradually to see your vision, your reality taking place and notice these little details every day. It’s like coming out of a bubble of revolving negative thoughts, overanalysis to see your world as it is. And this is where it’s YOUR turn to observe, listen and appreciate.

Sometimes it can be a job offered to your sister, the beauty of the sky after a violent storm, a good chat with your best friend, a compliment from someone. Small, simple events which make us feel alive, happy and part of the steps to have a good day. When you do notice all these little details, you do realise what is appreciation.

Appreciation is a feeling arising in our mind when we start to be aware, to set up our own pace by being organised for instance or changing our habits slowly but surely. It sounds cliché at first because we have been brainstormed to believe appreciation means slowing down which is the contrary of the motto of our time which glorify busyness and productivity.

But this is where it’s crucial to realise this : without appreciation, there is no taste for life, no thank you for what we have, no time to reflect and the risk to be engulfed in a vicious, stressful and negative circle. And this run has to stop. We need to take back control of our life and make the right choices.

Because we have this power, we need to use it meaningfully. And it’s only by being grateful that we can see where we are and what will be our next path/ direction. So, take the time to write down for what you feel grateful each day and your mind will help you to see more and more what you can truly appreciate in your life.

I am doing it daily and I discover all the beautiful gems in my life that I never noticed until now. It is sometimes life-changing or emotionally strong but I am coming back from these moments stronger, happier because I am learning more about myself.

Appreciation is a virtuous circle as well as a door to knowing yourself continuously. Let your life be a sunshine by accepting appreciation in your life.

Je l’entends rire et c’est la plus belle chose au monde

Je l’entends rire et ça me fait chaud au cœur. C’est comme une avalanche de joie qui descend sur moi et je ne peux m’empêcher de sourire. Ma fille est heureuse et c’est la chose la plus importante pour moi. Une fois qu’on est en weekend et que le soleil brille de mille feux,  on ne veut que ça des bulles de bonheur, de joie et de lumière qui se multiplient pour vivre, vivre, pleinement vivre.

Si mon rôle est de la rendre heureuse, la protéger et être un modèle pour elle, alors être mère me va comme un gant parce que c’est le job le plus dur et celui où on apprend énormément sur nous-mêmes, sur la vie et sur nos forces et faiblesses.

Sa joie réaffirme mon choix de vivre dans la joie et de me concentrer sur le positif, de voir plus haut pour prendre du recul et apprécier ma vie tous les jours avec mon amour de fille et mon homme. Bon week-end à tous !

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London : My City

Going on holiday to see something different, breathe some fresh hair and experience a quieter pace of life is great. But you know what ? I am happy to come back to London, where there is always something to see, to do, to try. I like the choice we have to explore, experience and discover new ways of living or entertaining.

I really appreciated to go back in France seeing my family and friends. I needed to spend time with them and gives them a little bit of ooomph to their days. But I miss the beat of London, everything was more calm, quiet, relaxing but I was not in the mood to slow down so much.

I wanted living in the moment, being in the present and enjoy my time with everyone, in a nutshell bring to them positives vibes, encouragement,energy and take it easy to realise the chance they have to enjoy their life. Sometimes we are so caught up  in our thoughts that we lose the essence of life : being grateful. Being able to boost the energy of my loved ones, bring to them sunshine and light is something I am doing naturally and generously.



The Dilemma of Motherhood and A Renewed Sense of Appreciation

Time was my ally during this break where I focused on myself, my family and friends. I was thrilled to be on my own, to have plenty of time to do whatever I wanted to do. I kept in touch with my hubby and bundle of joy with Skype. However I didn’t expect that my daughter seeing my face on a screen and not next to her will make her so sad. She didn’t want to have cuddles from her daddy, wanted to be alone to cry. It broke my heart when my hubby called me for help and I could hear her in the background…completely heartbreaking.

Knowing her sadness to do not have me around really makes me wonder if it wasn’t better for her to do not see me for a few days instead of realising daily that I wasn’t with her which will worsen the situation. Most of the books for parents advise to keep in touch with our children, what I totally agree with. But in this case, I noticed more the negative impact of this guidance than anything else and decided to do not call her via Skype. I spoke with my best friend which confirmed my opinion, not an easy decision for us mums but when they are babies or toddlers, they are not aware of the concept of time.

Let me tell you that I was looking forward to seeing my daughter and my hubby. My bundle of joy was excited and happy to see me and I learned from her daddy that her sadness bubble vanished when she didn’t see me via screen. In a nutshell, a real confirmation that I made the right decision.

Additionally, when your energy levels are fully restored, you can’t wait to share it with your loved ones as well as appreciate even more what is your family life. I felt grateful everyday for the blessings I have in my life and going on holiday is a revelation to embrace even more the concept of appreciation.

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Just a drink and everything is falling into place

I never felt so good, it’s not due to my workout, it’s just because I am working from home today, feeling a bit down and feeling sick and despite this difficult start, I am feeling much more better because I am taking my time to enjoy my chai latte and it’s truly blissful.

Just a few moments to pause, being in the moment and appreciate the taste, the warmth if my beverage instantly calm me down and awake my mind, my senses. Just a drink and everything is falling into place.