A Blessing For Any Entrepreneur ? Marie Forleo !

Do you want to help people?

Do you want to share your knowledge, your talents, your skills with the world?

Do you want to positively impact the world with your uniqueness? your voice ?

Do you want to be truly yourself unapologetically?

If you responded yes to all of these questions, you know why you’re here. You know that you have a mission and the talent to make your vision a reality. But as creatives, we forget to look at one thing which is essential to become an entrepreneur : marketing !!

Oh yes, I can see you already with a frown on your head because of the pushy marketing messages you see out there, let me tell you I am not talking about that!

As you may know, you are the only one to define what is marketing for you. Let’s shift our concept of marketing and replace it by an empowering definition.

Marketing is the art of truly giving, of caring for your customers by providing them high value content and positively impact the world. What do you think about that ? No manipulation, no fake promises, no lies but to the contrary a genuine desire fuelled by passion and love to provide high quality, beauty, authenticity and empowerment to people.

My definition of marketing is close to the definition of what is Modern Marketing by Marie Forleo. I cannot tell you how I started to hear about her but her enthusiasm, optimism and her passion convinced me to watch her interviews. I am not going to lie, her style and the knowledge she gave us access to is a breath of fresh air after trying, struggling to find my path as an entrepreneur.

There is so much out there ! We are crowded with information from anywhere. With Marie, I found common sense, high value content, honestly and consistency. And I love it… and because I care for you, want the best to unlock your potential, sincerely watch her free, 3 video series to build a business on her website right now. This woman is a blessing for any entrepreneur!


My Friends, It’s Time to Unlock Purely and Simply Our Potential To Rock 2018 !!

If you have decided to meditate but you really don’t know where to start.

If you want before to delve into it to learn the link between neurosciences and meditation in an elegant and powerful way.

If you want to integrate more mindfulness, meditation and Manifesting with one practice, let me tell you my friends Ziva meditation is for YOU!

This powerful meditation method has the talent to explain how their meditation will uplevel your life for the better, for the funky and juicy stuff that you dream of. It is like find the Ali Baba cave and keep with you a Genius in your mind forever, it’s beyond all our wildest expectations because, honestly knowledge is Power and with this method, you’re going to ROCK 2018 !! Are you ready for it ?

Warning! Don’t expect that everything will be easy, a method like this one will uncover your deepest feelings, secrets to put them into light and remove your junk definitely. Ultimately you will have pure gold in your hands when you will step into growing and changing your life with this meditation…and this a no-brainer my friends, it’s time to unlock purely and simply our POTENTIAL!!! With this goldmine, 2018 is going to be YOUR year !

How To Grow ? Embrace The Storm for Freedom !

It is when the storm is coming…that you can truly see it and despite your gut telling you to stop, you run into it ready to fight, to stand for yourself and to know the truth.

When this is happening, a myriad of questions are exploding in your head to rationalise your feelings, your overwhelm need to let out your anger, your frustration and your refusal. Your brain is trying to find the answer to the issue, to put words on what you experienced.

But above all this fucking drama, after the storm passed, you do understand that the source of it is this ugly and blatant fear holding us back, keeping us small, scared and worried. And this is when you step away from this vicious circle, you say Adios to this limiting mindset and you make the conscious choice to fight for better, for love, for harmony. Because this storm is a miracle in disguise, to show you what needs to be changed for good and for ever.

Embrace this storm, this need to scream because you feel trapped, exhausted and lost. Honor your feelings. Cry. Fight back. Be the change you want to bring in your life.

Premium Streaming with Tracy Anderson : Let’s Give It A Try!

The streaming service with TA is for me pretty awesome, working out with her each week is amazing. What is even better is the launch of the Premium streaming. Tracy on her Instagram profile show us that she is working hard to provide more value, more content and even guidance from her experts. So, I have decided to give it a try.

I have nothing to lose, everything to win, the price is reasonable. Tracy is extremely professional and passionate to deliver high value content with always a strategy to create balance in our body. As you may know I am following her  method for ages and never, ever another workout helped me to have a feminine, toned and sculpted body. She is the best to empower the small muscles to design your body the way you want to if you are consistent.

This new Premium streaming promises to give us access to an exclusive content produced and presented by Tracy  with :

  • An intro video from Tracy
  • Monthly dance cardio routines
  • Muscular structure breakdown tutorials
  • Video recordings of Tracy’s in-studio Fireside Chats with her roster of leading doctors and experts
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Seasonal additions

The launch of the Premium streaming is on the 1st February. I will tell you more about it next week ! if you want to know more about Tracy Anderson Method, my previous posts are a perfect guide for any newbie. Have a great day beauties !

Celebrate Any Tiny Victory Every Day !

Today is my birthday and I have decided to celebrate any joy I am going to experience today. Whatever it is small, minor, big or phenomenal I will celebrate it with all my heart and be grateful for that.

By staying positive and resilient, I am going to focus on the lessons I am learning today and you know what ? Every day! It is easy to go back on autopilot and let our ego do the show and minimise our personal growth by focusing on the circumstances but we are not our circumstances.

We are so much more and by deciding to be what you want to be (in terms of identity) you will already just by decision feel a slight change in your attitude when facing adversity. You will know deep down that no matter what, you will succeed, reach your goals and where you dreamt to be.

By celebrating any tiny victory, you are giving a boost to your self esteem and it is excellent to write down these celebrations because at the end of the day, you will see that you are pretty amazing and blessed if you are making the effort to do it. You will feel valued, loved and supported. And THIS is the cherry on the cake !

Have a great day Sunshine !

Be Inspired, Motivated, Empowered by Gaëlle !

You may have noticed that the name of my blog changed. It’s not Be Yourself by Jolia but Be Yourself by Gaelle. A small change which translate my desire to do not hide anymore behind my nickname on Internet Jolia and to embrace this change wholeheartedly… because it’s TIME !

I used to navigate on Internet with this name since Caramail (which mean it has been for ages !!!) and I feel this drive to connect my true identity with my blog that I love.

I think it is truly the time for all of US to take action, step into our power and be unapologetically ourselves. It is a door for more authenticity, an identity statement to rock 2018. So with this new intention,  you will hear much more about me my friends to inspire, motivate and empower You !

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality ? Create Your Vision Board !

This is it guys, time to make your vision a reality by creating your vision board. Yes, a vision board is a fantastic manner to put your dreams, goals in pictures and to move them forward in the physical world.

It is of course good to think, to dream about it but my friends it’s even better to make them visual for your own motivation and willpower. Seeing your dreams is a trigger to keep your ultimate goal in ind and to direct your focus efficiently. No more distractions, finito the time to feel stuck and unsure of yourself. It is time to put yourself in priority and create the life you want.

With this fabulous drive in you, schedule a time for you to create your vision board, to choose the pictures, the words, the affirmations or mantras you want to see in your environment.

Why is it important to make a vision board ? Your imagination is the key to realise your dreams, to unlock this key, you need to visualise what you wish for daily for your mind to remember about it and lead your drive towards your dreams. Your mind needs to be remembered.

Choose in particular words or affirmations which will amplify your faith, your grit, your trust that what you want will come into your life. Your faith and positive attitude are your superpowers to co-create with the Universe. Learn each day to be conscious of your thoughts, feelings and energy and you will match the energy of your desires.

My vision board is in progress, the fact to see it already makes me so happy and determined to reach my goals, I love the feeling of it !! You will feel excitement, hope, joy to see and feel that this TIME is YOUR time to go for it, being unstoppable and empower yourself for good. My friends are creating as well their vision boards either with PowerPoint, through apps or like me manually and I love the drive that 2018 ingrained in us to create a life we love. So, block some time in your diary and take action now !