What Is One of the Keys For Success ? It is Strategy My Friends !

What I learned is that behind any goal you want to achieve, you need to have a robust strategy. In a nutshell, each goal you will achieve is purposefully connected to your ultimate goal.

The idea is, like a new building, you’re going to work on the foundations, the materials, the design before making it real and this is exactly what you need to do for the achievement of your goal. It’s like mapping the way to your goal/ desire/ wish. Because your focus is always directed to the success  of your goal, you will not be side-tracked or demotivated.

The key is to have a reminder of your purpose and knowing that we are getting closer from it daily, weekly, monthly is like from a telescopic view, we will create a kaleidoscope view which is your goal vision.

Because we are so much bombarded by information and so many choices that we can lose the plot and truly lose our focus. And it can happen BUT we have the power to say NO and to do massive action for change. And this is YOUR power. When you embrace change, everything you desire is going to happen my friends. Dive into it and enjoy the ride !

How To Transform Your Body ? Position Yourself As The Creator

The feeling to work on yourself, to exceed your limits with effort and sweat is so worth it. You have this effect to be grounded in your effort to improve, progress at your own pace.

Because you set your own expectations, you feel free and empowered. There is no pressure , just the sheer pleasure to move your body, to feel your muscles working and to know intuitively that it’s working. For your body, your mind, your soul.

It is a connection that our body and mind crave to work in unison with us to create the design and beauty we want. This partnership is so precious and powerful that igniting it is key to feel balanced, comfortable in your own skin and confident.

Confidence lies in the knowing, the core feeling that we are working in great collaboration with our body to learn another language which is called exercise/ workout. Your body needs to live this dance everyday to transform the way you want beautifully and harmoniously.

Transform your body requires patience, perseverance, faith and consistency. Why ? Because you are the creator, the creator to create this phenomenal flow of energy to design you body. The Power is in your hands. Position yourself as the creator. Grab it and own it.

Do You Want To Set Yourself Up For Success ? Let Me Show You How !

Any new achievement demands to create a flow of creativity, determination to see step by step that we’re getting closer to your goal. Our brain is wired to look for evidence either that we succeed or fail, hence the reason of the importance to write down/celebrate any tiny success. It’s a fantastic booster for your self esteem, your confidence and your motivation. Your energy rise, your joy bring you more enthusiasm and a kick ass, positive attitude to keep going.

And honestly, we all know it. The tricky question is :

  • How I can ensure to stay consistent ?

This question ask us to delve more into explanation and to look at the state of our life. Let’s do it in a slow and conscious manner, shall we ?

  • What are you doing daily consuming your time ?
  • What are the roadblocks/barriers to carve out some time to work on your project, continue your research or update your CV ?
  • What is holding you back each time ?
  • How long are you spending  on social media, responding to emails, watching TV ? Hum, hum I know already that our time on social media can be pretty, pretty long when we are honest with ourselves.

So my friends, the method is :

  • to identify the tasks consuming your time.
  • put in priority the tasks that truly matter to you.
  • schedule them in your diary to see your dream, project, desire come into our reality.

You can be really surprised when you start to be aware where you focus your energy all day. Trust me ! This exercise has been a real eye opener for me ! I cut off my time on social media, unsubscribe to tons of mail lists and I found an inner balance that I LOVE !

The key ingredient is to make a choice to focus your energy on the tasks which truly matter to you and to manage your expectations when there are roadblocks.

Set up small expectations they day you are tired or exhausted, for example, work on your goal 15 or 20 minutes and the day after, you commit to work on it longer for instance 1 hour. It’s a question to add flexibility in your consistency to ensure that no matter what, you will still spend time to work on your goal.

Act consistently, keep your faith and grit high and stay positive. With that, you will set yourself up for success, no matter what.

I’d love to get your take on this…

What is the first action YOU would take to build your consistency ?

With love



How To Bring Clarity In Your Life ?

Clarity is such an essential word to help us having a precise definition of what we desire. Nonetheless it’s not necessarily easy to bring clarity in your life don’t you ? Sometimes we just want to chill out, enjoy our weekend and let this idea of clarity in the dressing. Yes, we all did it!

But if we removed any tiny judgement we have to do this clearing job and decide for good to declutter our head, our mind ? to create the life we Love? Wouldn’t give you a try?

Contrary to what everyone asks us, let’s define what we don’t want in the themes dear to you. What you don’t want in your life right now ? Is it debt, conflict with your loved ones, health issues, noisy or toxic people, a bad manager, a fight with your best friend ? Lose money stupidly ? What is it ?

Take time to list anything coming in your mind. More you will let yourself dive into responding to these questions, more you will create space for what you want. Get out your fears, concerns, doubts is the catalyst for change because you are taking the courage to let them go by releasing them. And by doing that, you are in the process of empower yourself, BIG time !!

Why ? Because you create space for your desires, for your hidden, deepest desires, for your wishes, for the life you want to create, a life you LOVE. Everything you want becomes crystal clear in your mind, Adios complexities, the how, “the yes, but”, you’re just open the door for MORE and this is powerful my friend.

This exercise apply for any subject and remove any expectation, any pressure because this exercise naturally lead you to your desires. Jennifer Longmore, Gabby Bernstein and Andy Puddycombe used it to bring clarity in their mind. So my friends, what are you waiting for ?

What Is Being Yourself ?

Being Yourself is speak your mind.

Being Yourself is to stay aligned with your values.

Being Yourself is to embrace your uniqueness unapologetically.

Being Yourself is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Being Yourself is to define your happiness on your own terms.

Being Yourself is to empower yourself every day.

Being Yourself is staying true to yourself.

Being Yourself is to share your gifts, talents with the world.

Being Yourself is to embrace your humanity and spirituality.

This Is Your Time To Play Big !

If you have one thing that you desire most than anything, surround yourself with people having the same philosophy, mindset than you.

Once you will put a strategy in place to reach your goal, you will distance yourself from the persons, toxic, noisy, not willing to support you and embrace the new You. It can be painful but ultimately it is cathartic to find your tribe,your community.

We all strive to fulfill our desires and passions. We know deep down that pursuing our desires is like climbing a mountain because this is what we heard, learnt from our family, relatives, colleagues or friends. But listen to your inner voice, let her guide you to make the unfamiliar familiar, to face your fears, to bust off your limiting beliefs and to create a life you LOVE.

A life on your own terms surrounded by your tribe where you will positively impact the life of others while being free. Free of rules, of the should, have to, to truly transform your life and the life of others. My friends, you can do it.

All of us, we are seeking to connect, to make a difference in the world to leverage our uniqueness and be a creator. To share our knowledge, our skills, our talents in a savvy way and create our own happiness, our own bliss. Like you, I will not give up until I will make reality my vision.

Life is an adventure, a fabulous journey that we have the chance to live. Don’t ever forget about it. This is you time to shift your mindset.This is your time to play big.

How To Sky Rocket Your Confidence ?

Confidence is a word we hear a lot. Whatever you are right now in your life, in your career, love life, confidence is essential to convince, be respected, live in harmony with others and feel comfortable in your own skin. But what is the core, the source of your confidence ?

There are four keys to unlock your confidence and cultivate it no matter what.

1. Knowing Yourself. Yes, know your strengths, weaknesses, your improvement areas. Your triggers, your values are fundamental to build your confidence. When you know that you ‘re good at something, you feel, think and act confidently.

2. Consistently Practice Self Love. I cannot emphasise enough how Self Love is vital to feel balanced and confident. Honestly, this is one of the first step to accomplish mentally (your ego is going to say : what the hell is going on !??), physically ( your ego is in the stage to be drama queen…) and emotionally (your ego is in the stratosphere right now! I know !). But let me tell you, managing the life crisis of your ego is normal, is even good sign … Why? because the ego is here to protect you, keep you in a comfort zone and when drama, comparison, overanalysing or excuses are coming up at light speed, you know that you are on the path to LOVE yourself, this time for GOOD. Self Love is an ongoing practice, more you will make it familiar to your mind, less your ego will intervene but first, you have to face your ego drama queen. You can do it.

3. Your Motivation. What is the source of your motivation ? Is it to be happy, enjoy your life, being healthy or be comfortable in your own skin ? The core of your motivation is the purpose behind all your acts. The challenge is to keep yourself aligned with your purpose. Are you doing a self check ? A kind of review of where you are right now to reach your desires ? Just do it and cross-correct (if necessary), don’t judge yourself (we are human beings, not perfectionists!), just make another choice, this time a more conscious choice. This exercise is excellent to step back and empower yourself and keep going in the right direction.

4. Continuous Learning. When you are still eager to learn, keep your mind open to new possibilities, think differently, you are inherently building your confidence as an individual because you are learning daily. You are expanding your ability to think, create and THIS my friends is invaluable. It’s not being arrogant, it’s being knowledgeable to continuously grow. Knowledge is power. Power to fuel your confidence positively.

Give a try this week to use one of these keys and tell me the results. Your confidence will reach the sky!

Are You Ready To Change Your Life For Good ?

You know, we are not kind with ourselves. There is this famous voice working on our fears and limiting beliefs and trying to convince us that staying stuck is safe. But you can SERIOUSLY reduce the power of your ego by taking action and have faith.

Yes, faith. Faith in your skills, your talents, your gifts, in a nutshell Faith in yourself. You have a dream, plenty of desires and you don’t know where to start ? I completely understand you. There is so much out there, how can we differ the good from the bad ? Which person can we trust ?

Your best ally is your intuition. Ask for guidance and your intuition will show you where you need to go to truly change.

Everything is happening for a reason. If you are here reading my post is because you need it, you want to change. You want to be supported, cheered up and celebrate your victories. I went through the same dilemma and it is when I decided to listen, be conscious of my thoughts and feelings that magic happened.

You see, we have been conditioned and our parents as well that life is hard, money is a struggle BUT when you flip these limiting beliefs, you open yourself to something new, different, unknown and exciting.

Don’t you want to create your own path in this life journey and make it extraordinary, awesome beyond your wildest expectations ?

These are not fake promises. If you are putting the work to change your mindset, everything is possible. If you have a dream, you know that you can make it real. Gabby Bernstein, Jennifer Longmore, Harv Eker, Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman, Tracy Anderson, Christie Marie Sheldon, Elizabeth Purvis, Marie Forleo, Lisa Nichols, Emily Fletcher, all of them know it.

You have the idea, the faith, the perseverance. These are not secret tools, everyone can activate them if you are READY this time to change your mindset for good. So, are you ready to change your life for GOOD ? If so, let me tell you, I will be here to cheer you up, support you and show you the badass rockstar that you are !

How To Be Yourself Unapologetically

If you feel overwhelmed

If you feel stuck or pressurised

If you feel like a hamster running in a wheel and never see the end of it

If you just learnt that your health is not going to a happy ending

If you feel that people are taking advantage of you

It’s time to learn saying NO. Because saying YES is costing you too much now. Now is the time to set up empowering boundaries and to define what is acceptable for YOU or not. This is what we call get back your power and respect yourself.

It’s also time to put yourself as a PRIORITY. No more excuses, this time you’re going to make a radical change for the best. Not only you’re going to pamper yourself but you’re going to SCHEDULE these bubbles of happiness where everything is vanishing in the background for only being in the present and appreciate, this TIME, only for YOU.

I learnt the hard way to create these “me time” for myself being a working mum and creating my business. I was so eager to move forward that I lost myself in the process and truly found my balance when my doctor told me that my pace is too intense for my health. It’s scary, tough, it’s like your heart cracked open and I realise with tears in my eyes that I am still vulnerable. It’s not the truth sometimes we want to hear, but ultimately its very cathartic to make some changes to regain your balance and be kind with yourself.

Make yourself a priority. You are enough. You are more than enough. Be Yourself unapologetically.