I Couldn’t Keep It For Me !!

Hi there,

I couldn’t keep it for me, honestly this interview is fa-bu-lous !! Don’t miss it.

You are wondering what I’m talking about.

Here we go : I watched the last interview of Marie Forleo with Franchesca Ramsey on Marie TV and

Mama mia ! this interview is a breath of fresh air in the saturated social media world. Marie did the walk and share helpful tips and bites of wisdom that you’ ll love to know.

I like that Francesca has confidence to share her experiences and lessons in a meaningful and funny way

This woman is a killer combination to make your learning pop of your inbox !

Quality over quantity, enjoy the present and switch off my phone for a day is sacred for me.

The thing you desire : your Time is at your fingertips.


Watch this video, it’s worth it.


My Friends, You Are A Human Being, Not A Human Doing !

Do you take the time to give yourself a break ?

Do you take the time to eat ?

Do you take the time to listen to yourself ?

Do you take the time to reflect ?

Do you take the time to be, just be, in silence and not thinking about the next thing to do ?

You are a Human being, not a Human doing. Act as you are born to be.

Reclaim your time by scheduling what truly matters to you.

Reclaim your time by setting empowering boundaries.

Reclaim your time by choosing wisely your tribe.

Reclaim your time by spending time with your loved ones.

Reclaim your time by daydreaming.

Reclaim your time by choosing choice, patience and passion.

What would YOU do to act as a human being today ? Leave a comment below.

What Is Appreciation To Truly Grasp It?

It is an innate feeling to appreciate what is around us. It is gradually to see your vision, your reality taking place and notice these little details every day. It’s like coming out of a bubble of revolving negative thoughts, overanalysis to see your world as it is. And this is where it’s YOUR turn to observe, listen and appreciate.

Sometimes it can be a job offered to your sister, the beauty of the sky after a violent storm, a good chat with your best friend, a compliment from someone. Small, simple events which make us feel alive, happy and part of the steps to have a good day. When you do notice all these little details, you do realise what is appreciation.

Appreciation is a feeling arising in our mind when we start to be aware, to set up our own pace by being organised for instance or changing our habits slowly but surely. It sounds cliché at first because we have been brainstormed to believe appreciation means slowing down which is the contrary of the motto of our time which glorify busyness and productivity.

But this is where it’s crucial to realise this : without appreciation, there is no taste for life, no thank you for what we have, no time to reflect and the risk to be engulfed in a vicious, stressful and negative circle. And this run has to stop. We need to take back control of our life and make the right choices.

Because we have this power, we need to use it meaningfully. And it’s only by being grateful that we can see where we are and what will be our next path/ direction. So, take the time to write down for what you feel grateful each day and your mind will help you to see more and more what you can truly appreciate in your life.

I am doing it daily and I discover all the beautiful gems in my life that I never noticed until now. It is sometimes life-changing or emotionally strong but I am coming back from these moments stronger, happier because I am learning more about myself.

Appreciation is a virtuous circle as well as a door to knowing yourself continuously. Let your life be a sunshine by accepting appreciation in your life.

How Can You Change Your Consciousness ? Take Back Your Power

Give up  the idea of following a step by step guide to show you how being present. We all have this power, to decide, to make this conscious choice to cut off Internet and social media to look around us. I am taking the train daily and I see everyone, practically everyone glued to their mobiles.

Why ? because someone smart had this idea to create so much possibility for these tiny or huge mobiles to hold everything : music, calls and an astronomical number of apps that we can do everything with them.

And this is the problem. Instead of connecting with people around us, we connect with this gem of technology and we cannot live without it. Is it really what you’ re going to become ? A slave of the modern technology ?

No, if consciously, you decide to take back your power and to make the choice to cut off social media when you want.

You have this power. Take it back, look around you, all the tiny details that you miss, all the opportunities you can have just by being more conscious, the lightbulb moments of creativity, the inspiring ideas popping in your mind when you do not expect it, discover something new, open your perspective, shift your mindset by challenging the status quo, dance to your heart content, there is so much more out there to live, to enjoy and to appreciate. Make the choice to see it.

Part 2 – How To Declutter Your Mind ? Give A Try To Ziva Meditation, You Will Never Regret It !

It is often when you expect the least that someone is exceeding your expectations. Because you accept to give a try, to open your mind to new learning, this is where the “amazing” can happen. As you may know, one meditation blew my mind last year and I wrote an article about it last year. However, because I was interested by learning about new topics, I didn’t pursue my interest for Ziva meditation.

It’s only when I joined their Facebook group and really enjoyed the Facebook live that my interest for this meditation was re-ignited. I like the honesty and elegance of the founder Emily Fletcher but also her straight forward manner to explain the art of meditation and the science linked to it. It is fascinating and learning more about the mind, how my brain functions is something I love. So, when she created Ziva online, an online course to learn meditating as per her Ziva method, I felt challenged and intrigued because I truly not a newbie to meditation. Headspace has been my anchor during tumultuous times and I am meditating everyday. (I made the mistake to do not meditate a few times and I commit for this to never happen again!!)

As you can guess, I gave it a try and until now, never, ever regretted it. This meditation brought phenomenal results in my life : no more stress, natural balance in my diet, better sleep, ability to face and overcome challenges and stressful situations, more patience, harmony with my loved ones and more creativity. Your creativity is like liberated, able to expand and flow naturally and better connection with your mind and body.

What I truly loved is the foundations given by this meditation detailed below :

  • Disempower the preconceptions and judgement that people have about meditation
  • What is really meditation
  • What is mindfulness
  • What is manifesting
  • How is it combined with neurosciences
  • How the neurosciences confirm the benefits given by practicing meditation
  •  What is the good way to meditate
  • How to become a self-sufficient meditator
  • How Ziva meditation can uplevel your performance
  • How Ziva meditation can help you harness your potential
  • How Ziva meditation can help you create a life you love

On the last day of this course, I wrote this post in the Ziva Online Facebook Community which is a testament of the excellence of Ziva meditation.

“Day 15 : Ziva brings me so much peace, clarity and harmony in my life motivating me to set more empowering boundaries and to live with grace and beauty. I feel so at peace after my meditation and I am amazed by the results of it. It’s maybe the last day but it is truly the starter of a practice for life. Thank you so much Emily and Ziva team for your energy, commitment to change our lives.”

Part 1 – How To Declutter Your Mind ? By Creating Space !

I decided to declutter, BIG time. In fact, I wanted to do so for a moment and the e-book by Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman gave me the boost to declutter in a big way. They advised to throw, give 27 items not used or not bringing joy during 9 days.

I dived into this challenge straight away. I was ready to declutter BIG time and I knew the endless benefits of it : clarity, peace of mind, minimalism but above all, I was responding to a calling : to create space in my mind and environment for something new, different in alignment with my intentions for 2018.

Let me tell you the first two days were awesome, I decluttered with so much energy that this decision made me happy all the day. I felt free, light and excited. On the 3rd day, it was another matter, I still wanted to do it but felt torn. I already threw so much stuff that for me, nothing was left to declutter or give. This is where instead of giving up, I played the investigator and decided to persevere. After all, the challenge was to push me out of my comfort zone and it WORKED ! I was struggling, gauging what could leave my flat once again.

I stopped because I didn’t find anything to throw or give. However I couldn’t accept my defeat to declutter only for 9 days, so I started over and this time I thought carefully of all the items I could let go with no issues in each room of my flat. I really took the time to see what I have in a new light : books, magazines, cooking books, make up, skincare, shoes, clothes and more and more. Accumulating things is a manner for us to feel secured, to feel safe and reassured about our power of buying. The downside of it is we can be manipulated by the media, marketing that buying such product will change our life, our habits for good.

To the end, I managed to declutter my flat during 9 days and throw 27 items per day. It was exciting, challenging, getting out of my comfort zone and epic. Ultimately, the result of it, I am feeling so free emotionally and spiritually. It’s like make the decision to remove the heaviness that you are carrying all day without even realising it, it’s truly cathartic and  refreshing to open yourself to new ideas, thoughts, opportunities by just decluttering your space. Give it a try, you have everything to win !

What Is One of the Keys For Success ? It is Strategy My Friends !

What I learned is that behind any goal you want to achieve, you need to have a robust strategy. In a nutshell, each goal you will achieve is purposefully connected to your ultimate goal.

The idea is, like a new building, you’re going to work on the foundations, the materials, the design before making it real and this is exactly what you need to do for the achievement of your goal. It’s like mapping the way to your goal/ desire/ wish. Because your focus is always directed to the success  of your goal, you will not be side-tracked or demotivated.

The key is to have a reminder of your purpose and knowing that we are getting closer from it daily, weekly, monthly is like from a telescopic view, we will create a kaleidoscope view which is your goal vision.

Because we are so much bombarded by information and so many choices that we can lose the plot and truly lose our focus. And it can happen BUT we have the power to say NO and to do massive action for change. And this is YOUR power. When you embrace change, everything you desire is going to happen my friends. Dive into it and enjoy the ride !

Do You Want To Set Yourself Up For Success ? Let Me Show You How !

Any new achievement demands to create a flow of creativity, determination to see step by step that we’re getting closer to your goal. Our brain is wired to look for evidence either that we succeed or fail, hence the reason of the importance to write down/celebrate any tiny success. It’s a fantastic booster for your self esteem, your confidence and your motivation. Your energy rise, your joy bring you more enthusiasm and a kick ass, positive attitude to keep going.

And honestly, we all know it. The tricky question is :

  • How I can ensure to stay consistent ?

This question ask us to delve more into explanation and to look at the state of our life. Let’s do it in a slow and conscious manner, shall we ?

  • What are you doing daily consuming your time ?
  • What are the roadblocks/barriers to carve out some time to work on your project, continue your research or update your CV ?
  • What is holding you back each time ?
  • How long are you spending  on social media, responding to emails, watching TV ? Hum, hum I know already that our time on social media can be pretty, pretty long when we are honest with ourselves.

So my friends, the method is :

  • to identify the tasks consuming your time.
  • put in priority the tasks that truly matter to you.
  • schedule them in your diary to see your dream, project, desire come into our reality.

You can be really surprised when you start to be aware where you focus your energy all day. Trust me ! This exercise has been a real eye opener for me ! I cut off my time on social media, unsubscribe to tons of mail lists and I found an inner balance that I LOVE !

The key ingredient is to make a choice to focus your energy on the tasks which truly matter to you and to manage your expectations when there are roadblocks.

Set up small expectations they day you are tired or exhausted, for example, work on your goal 15 or 20 minutes and the day after, you commit to work on it longer for instance 1 hour. It’s a question to add flexibility in your consistency to ensure that no matter what, you will still spend time to work on your goal.

Act consistently, keep your faith and grit high and stay positive. With that, you will set yourself up for success, no matter what.

I’d love to get your take on this…

What is the first action YOU would take to build your consistency ?

With love



How To Bring Clarity In Your Life ?

Clarity is such an essential word to help us having a precise definition of what we desire. Nonetheless it’s not necessarily easy to bring clarity in your life don’t you ? Sometimes we just want to chill out, enjoy our weekend and let this idea of clarity in the dressing. Yes, we all did it!

But if we removed any tiny judgement we have to do this clearing job and decide for good to declutter our head, our mind ? to create the life we Love? Wouldn’t give you a try?

Contrary to what everyone asks us, let’s define what we don’t want in the themes dear to you. What you don’t want in your life right now ? Is it debt, conflict with your loved ones, health issues, noisy or toxic people, a bad manager, a fight with your best friend ? Lose money stupidly ? What is it ?

Take time to list anything coming in your mind. More you will let yourself dive into responding to these questions, more you will create space for what you want. Get out your fears, concerns, doubts is the catalyst for change because you are taking the courage to let them go by releasing them. And by doing that, you are in the process of empower yourself, BIG time !!

Why ? Because you create space for your desires, for your hidden, deepest desires, for your wishes, for the life you want to create, a life you LOVE. Everything you want becomes crystal clear in your mind, Adios complexities, the how, “the yes, but”, you’re just open the door for MORE and this is powerful my friend.

This exercise apply for any subject and remove any expectation, any pressure because this exercise naturally lead you to your desires. Jennifer Longmore, Gabby Bernstein and Andy Puddycombe used it to bring clarity in their mind. So my friends, what are you waiting for ?

What Is Being Yourself ?

Being Yourself is speak your mind.

Being Yourself is to stay aligned with your values.

Being Yourself is to embrace your uniqueness unapologetically.

Being Yourself is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Being Yourself is to define your happiness on your own terms.

Being Yourself is to empower yourself every day.

Being Yourself is staying true to yourself.

Being Yourself is to share your gifts, talents with the world.

Being Yourself is to embrace your humanity and spirituality.