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Self Care and Body Positivity with Iskra Lawrence

When we really start to enjoy Spring, we know that Summer is not too far. With that in mind, we cannot prevent ourselves to think what we will look like in a 👙 on the beach. Oh yes, we all are strong, confident but like everyone we all have body insecurities. This is where I came across this Ted Talk and honestly, it’s the first time I found a talk so honest, refreshing, liberating with very good tips. Hearing the experience of a model who went through hell to finally reached a love for her body is truly uplifting and inspiring. Self care and body positivity are essential to love our body and respect it. Enjoy !

Urgency, stress, anger, pressure ? Use the Power of Your Mind to stay in control

This is it ! a bloody urgent email from an incompetent person pushing me to act asap and I can feel my temper rising to the top ! Not only my anger is triggered by the lack of professionalism of this contact but also my stress is rising high up to the sky because I feel now pressurized when I shouldn’t be put in such situation ! And you know what ? I just want to stuff my mouth with a big, tasty, and fatty burger to fill this need, this gap created by my stress and my anger… just because of one email and one person…Unbelievable ! But this time, I am aware of my changing mood and, even upset I don’t want to jeopardize my good work of eating well because of this individual. So, interestingly my stress triggered my hunger, my dear hormone leptin is happy to jump in the wagon to help me, the problem is, I do not want to. And this is where, by myself I am taking long …