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Wonder Woman : Wonder, Courage And Grace

I went to see it last week and the messages of this movie really resonated with me. At a time where hate try to engulf us and we fight to preserve and nourish our hope, light and love for life, this movie is the one to remind you vividly that Courage an Faith are everything . Standing up for yourselves, fight for your values is an incredible message that we have to keep in mind to live the life we want. I have to say, the movie is a smart balance between humour, history, peace, war and bravery.  Each day we can choose our side : to love or to hate and Wonder Woman is the personified woman which convey courage, grace and peace. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is astonishingly beautiful, an amazing athlete and so refreshingly human with no awareness of the human society. She wants to protect women, men and children, protect the world against war and her faith, her belief in her duty makes her invincible and strong. More than ever, ultimately …

Wonder Woman : The First Female Superhero Movie Worth To See

This is one of the movies I can’t wait to see. Why ? Because our modern Wonder Woman is kicking ass like nobody, she is strong, bold, beautiful and brave… and this is the pure impersonation of what any woman should be : fight for her dreams, her values and stay true to herself. Until tomorrow, I only can anticipate that this movie will be absolutely epic and spectacular. To give you an idea, just watch and enjoy ! Credit featured picture : Warner Bros

Joao Gilberto – S’ Wonderful

This song is a celebration of love as well as happiness because happiness is within us, if we open to it, signs of happiness, light, joy are all around us, it’s just a question of choice : to focus on the good and beautiful or the contrary. Once you shift the focus of your mind to the things which make you happy, happiness start to emerge within you to blossom into your reality. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture :

Summer : A Calling To Shine

You know when you can feel this IS your moment to make time for yourself, to believe in the Universe and this is your time, your time to shine. Yes with the fantastic weather, warm and sunny I just want to open my wardrobe and wear something light, summary and sooo pretty. There is nothing better to raise your energy levels and be a real sunshine all the day, make people happy and smile to enjoy live with limitless opportunities. Each morning meditate and decide what you want for your day, what your day will be and raise your energy to attract all the greatness, the positivity and enthusiasm in your day. Have a fantastic day Beauties !