Un message pour nos hommes : Nous voulons être soutenues pas jugées

C’est vraiment quand vous vivez en couple que vous réalisez que les hommes et les femmes sont programmés  complètement différemment. Nous les femmes, on nous apprend à aider, soutenir, à créer un cadre, un environnement familial ou on s’assure que tout est organisé, planifié et anticipé… du moins on essaye du mieux qu’on peut à…

Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

Sometimes, this is only what we want, have fun, party and have a fabulous time with our tribe with NO excuses at all ! Enjoy ! Credit featured picture : dlovato-news.com

The Yin And The Yang Of Social Media

The danger of social media is to lose yourself into it. To be excited by the likes and seek for the next picture to attract so many likes. This is so in contradiction with my personality that it took me time to put myself in people shoes and to see the roots of this addiction….

Ne-Yo – Another Love Song

Sometimes, you just need to feel better because of a song which convey so much good vibes, good energy and good style that you start to dance or smile. Enjoy ! Credit featured picture : thatgrapejuice.net