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Slim down, tone your body or just eating healthy : Protein Haus is the solution !

Now that I am working in the City, let me tell you something : I have an astronomic choice to eat whatever I want. Seriously. When you are a foodie like me, you cannot wait to give it a try. Despite plenty of choices, I went to Protein Haus because I was intrigued by the variety of drinks, smoothies, juices, snacks and lunchs that they offer everyday. And of course, always packed with enough protein to nourish your body. And yes, it’s definitely packed with protein. I can see my Manager drinking the Bruce Lean or the Berry Protein after her workout. And she like their protein shakes. I think, especially when you are looking to slim down, tone your body or just eating healthy, protein must be your fuel. So, unsurprisingly when you have Protein Haus on your way to find your next lunch, Protein Haus is the solution. Can be a bit pricey to the end but this is again a question of budget for each person. I tried their no bake energy balls …

A break in a flower garden ? Yes, with Clarins.

I like to look after my eyes more than ever, especially with products or brands committed to use the benefits of plants to soothe, protect my eyes. Clarins is part of the brands I am trusting for years. So,when I chose a small version of this gentle eye make up remover, I was curious to see the results. I haven’t been disappointed. Delicate with your eyes ? Absolutely, you feel it immediately when using it. Using floral waters ? Yes, floral waters (cornflower, camomile and Damascus rose) are known to be the best to gently clean your eyes. The smell is amazing ? Yes, it’s like entering into a fresh and light flower garden and have the privilege to be the guest. Therefore, yes this product is good and delicate for your eyes. So, if you are wearing light make up and have sensitive eyes, this product may be the solution for you. Credit featured picture : Aesthetic content