Slim down, tone your body or just eating healthy : Protein Haus is the solution !

Now that I am working in the City, let me tell you something : I have an astronomic choice to eat whatever I want. Seriously. When you are a foodie like me, you cannot wait to give it a try. Despite plenty of choices, I went to Protein Haus because I was intrigued by the variety of drinks, smoothies, juices, snacks and lunchs that they offer everyday. And of course, always packed with enough protein to nourish your body. And yes, it’s definitely packed with protein. I can see my Manager drinking the Bruce Lean or the Berry Protein after her workout. And she like their protein shakes.

I think, especially when you are looking to slim down, tone your body or just eating healthy, protein must be your fuel. So, unsurprisingly when you have Protein Haus on your way to find your next lunch, Protein Haus is the solution. Can be a bit pricey to the end but this is again a question of budget for each person. I tried their no bake energy balls and whey protein oats and frankly, it is tasty and healthy. So, if you want to give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

They offer a personalised service, to choose the ingredients for your smoothies or juices as well as a meal prep service for those committed to eat lean food on the go and for their snacks. Protein Haus is a good and positive concept when your focus is to eat more healthily and you are working out regularly. You need this post workout drink to recharge your batteries and get on with your day. I am taking my protein shake at home that I love but sometimes a juice or a smoothie packed with goodness (to curb cravings for instance) is the key to stay committed to your eating plan. And Protein Haus is , for me, the solution in this case ! Try it, you will not regret it!

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Shakira and Carlos Vives- La Bicicleta

In need of sun and I know with Shakira, I won’t be disappointed. She is everything you want and so nice and humble at the same time, she is so refreshing and authentic, I like her for that. Enjoy !

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A break in a flower garden ? Yes, with Clarins.

I like to look after my eyes more than ever, especially with products or brands committed to use the benefits of plants to soothe, protect my eyes. Clarins is part of the brands I am trusting for years. So,when I chose a small version of this gentle eye make up remover, I was curious to see the results. I haven’t been disappointed.

Delicate with your eyes ? Absolutely, you feel it immediately when using it. Using floral waters ? Yes, floral waters (cornflower, camomile and Damascus rose) are known to be the best to gently clean your eyes. The smell is amazing ? Yes, it’s like entering into a fresh and light flower garden and have the privilege to be the guest. Therefore, yes this product is good and delicate for your eyes. So, if you are wearing light make up and have sensitive eyes, this product may be the solution for you.

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Your skin is kaputt? Clarins created the solution !

Girls, Ladies I was lucky to do some shopping in Normandy when I noticed this new skincare product created by Clarins. I have to say, it is firstly the package and the vibrant colors (orange, blue and green) who attracted my eye or should I say my attention. I  started to look attentively at it and asked some questions about it to the Clarins team. In a nutshell, depending of the reason of your bambina de peau bien kaputt, you have three options : energise,  detox or repair your skin. What I appreciated is the detail of each event which can lead to use one of these boosters, for example if you are living in a big city quite polluted, the booster detox is for you. Or if you are a mum running all over the place to juggle family and career, you surely would need to use the Booster Energy.

More importantly, it is in fact a booster for your current skincare routine, a real and performant  therapy for a temporary period where Mr Clarins will play its role to make your bambina de peau more beautiful than ever and give you this glow that we’re all looking for ! A nice promise when spring is in the air and we can’t wait to be ready for summer! Given that Mr Clarins has the talent to always make us happy, I am pretty sure that this new skincare product will do its job perfectly.

Ballabooste, je vous aime !

Jolia with Ballabooste earrings.
Ballabooste earrings.

J’ai un véritable coup de coeur pour les boucles d’oreilles de Ballabooste. A chaque fois que je passe en France voir ma famille, je découvre les merveilles et les innovations de cette marque de bijoux fantaisie et d’accessoires de mode accessible a tous. Les modèles sont variés teinté d’inspiration soit moderne, minimaliste, ethnique ou orientale. J’ai eu de la chance de trouver quelques modèles magnifques en solde a Galeries Lafayette que je n’ai pas hésité a acheter !

C’est hier quand j’ai perdu une de mes boucles d’oreilles de cette marque que j’ai cherche assidûment comment je pourrai trouver ce modèle que j’ai découvert un peu plus la marque en détail, qui se développe aussi en accessoires et qu’on peut suivre sur Facebook et Instagram.

Je retourne bientôt en France pour un petit break, je pense déjà à la valise à préparer et à télécharger des films Walt Disney pour ma choupette d’amour et les dossiers à boucler avant le jour J, y a pas a dire l’anticipation c’est ce qui nous sauve de pas mal d’embrouilles ! Et attendez, je garde dans un coin de ma mémoire de passer a Monoprix ou les Galeries LAfayette pour m’offrir une jolie boucle d’oreilles !

Wine, chocolate and my body

I used to go to bed early, most of the time tired and more than happy to rejoindre les bras de Morphee. But my discipline in terms of food, my internal combat to move on from events wasting my emotional energy created a need to relax with a glass of good red wine and one square of dark chocolate.I love red wine but didn’t expect to make an habit to drink red wine everyday…which finally for my own relief I am not doing because I relax but found myself a bit too lost and fuzzy.

I hate losing control so easily, so I prefer to enjoy my glass of red wine at home in front of a good movie. It seems like unconsciously that I decided to watch again the movies related to Marvel heroes, Avengers Assemble, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor.

Sometimes the need to be entertained is stronger than anything to chill out and realise that finally this day was no so bad. However, today my body demands rest. For this reason, I am leaving you to feel asleep in a few minutes and wish you a FANTASTIC day for tomorrow !