What Is Appreciation To Truly Grasp It?

It is an innate feeling to appreciate what is around us. It is gradually to see your vision, your reality taking place and notice these little details every day. It’s like coming out of a bubble of revolving negative thoughts, overanalysis to see your world as it is. And this is where it’s YOUR turn to observe, listen and appreciate.

Sometimes it can be a job offered to your sister, the beauty of the sky after a violent storm, a good chat with your best friend, a compliment from someone. Small, simple events which make us feel alive, happy and part of the steps to have a good day. When you do notice all these little details, you do realise what is appreciation.

Appreciation is a feeling arising in our mind when we start to be aware, to set up our own pace by being organised for instance or changing our habits slowly but surely. It sounds cliché at first because we have been brainstormed to believe appreciation means slowing down which is the contrary of the motto of our time which glorify busyness and productivity.

But this is where it’s crucial to realise this : without appreciation, there is no taste for life, no thank you for what we have, no time to reflect and the risk to be engulfed in a vicious, stressful and negative circle. And this run has to stop. We need to take back control of our life and make the right choices.

Because we have this power, we need to use it meaningfully. And it’s only by being grateful that we can see where we are and what will be our next path/ direction. So, take the time to write down for what you feel grateful each day and your mind will help you to see more and more what you can truly appreciate in your life.

I am doing it daily and I discover all the beautiful gems in my life that I never noticed until now. It is sometimes life-changing or emotionally strong but I am coming back from these moments stronger, happier because I am learning more about myself.

Appreciation is a virtuous circle as well as a door to knowing yourself continuously. Let your life be a sunshine by accepting appreciation in your life.

How To Grow ? Embrace The Storm for Freedom !

It is when the storm is coming…that you can truly see it and despite your gut telling you to stop, you run into it ready to fight, to stand for yourself and to know the truth.

When this is happening, a myriad of questions are exploding in your head to rationalise your feelings, your overwhelm need to let out your anger, your frustration and your refusal. Your brain is trying to find the answer to the issue, to put words on what you experienced.

But above all this fucking drama, after the storm passed, you do understand that the source of it is this ugly and blatant fear holding us back, keeping us small, scared and worried. And this is when you step away from this vicious circle, you say Adios to this limiting mindset and you make the conscious choice to fight for better, for love, for harmony. Because this storm is a miracle in disguise, to show you what needs to be changed for good and for ever.

Embrace this storm, this need to scream because you feel trapped, exhausted and lost. Honor your feelings. Cry. Fight back. Be the change you want to bring in your life.

How To Set A Powerful Intention This Year

What is an intention ? It’s the decision to make a choice and direct your energy by doing so. For instance, you can set up your intention to have a day filled with gratitude and joy. By doing so, you will focus your energy to anything bringing this outcome and attracted by you, (the Law of Attraction is a cheeky player), you will see, witness events, circumstances, results leading you to live in this state. Everything is Energy. The key is to know and direct your energy to what you want.

What is even better to set up intentions that you will achieve successfully is to create an intention from your soul and not your ego.

An ego intention is for instance to lose weight to do not feel judged or because you lost your boyfriend. The feelings behind such intention is often struggle, anxiety, lack, fear and a lot of should. An ego intention is rooted in the desire to be validated by the society, by others. Whereas if you choose to lose weight  to be fit and healthy, behind it, lies a beautiful idea of love, expansion and limitless possibilities that your soul aspire to. To reach a state of wellbeing and being comfortable in your own skin for yourself. The roots of this intention are so meaningful and positive that you will remember about it and naturally your mindset will shift to reach this intention.

So take the time to think about what you want to achieve this year and identify if your intentions are from your ego or from your soul. It is a fantastic empowerment exercise that I learned yesterday from Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman and I loved it !


Dear Sister, I Wholeheartedly Support You

The patriarchy is not happy. But seriously who cares?! And it’s time for them to see the real truth. Women do not accept to be harassed, underestimated, diminished by their expectations, preconceptions or judgements. Women are ready to fight for equality, for their rights, for their body, for their health and define their uniqueness with bravery and boldness.

The time is coming where women support each other, unified by the same desire to live authentically,unapologetic about their choices, their decisions, their life.

A modern woman is a woman with a Wonderwoman mindset, she wants to make a difference in the world, embracing her difference and owning her power. She will relentlessly rise and overcome challenges because she is the one faced with issues to resolve daily. Everyone is expecting from her to do it because they know that women are peacemakers, good at finding new solutions or ideas.

However, this time, yes this time, the modern woman look around her and saw the absurdity of it all : before to resolve the problem of others, she has to deal with this ongoing issue, she must fight for her, for her voice to be heard, to be respected, to own her power and challenge the status quo for her rise.

Yes, it took us ages to realise that we have been educated the way people want to see us. Thankfully, our mothers, fathers instilled in us the fire to be strong, independent, empower ourselves to live the life we want. Now, more than ever, the world is your oyster if you decide to be. Dare to begin and now that I wholeheartedly support YOU.

What is Being Vulnerable ?

Being vulnerable, what is it and why are we so afraid of it ?

Because it means once again we can suffer, we give all our heart to this person without games, calculations or manipulation. We want to show our real self and we are taking the risk to be hurt. Because deep down , we know that we need to show our authentic self to have this chance to find Our love, recognise it and be with him/her for ever.

In our increasingly frenetic world where we are put under pressure constantly, we are sometimes not ready to remove our layers of protection to show our true self but being vulnerable is ultimately a strength not a weakness.

Being vulnerable is to show your ignorance, your limits without shame, without excusing yourself for it.

Being vulnerable is let your tears drop on your cheeks, to have a blurred vision, accept it and let it go.

Being vulnerable is let your emotions taking over your mind and let your heart beating harder.

Being vulnerable is delving into your traumas, your emotional wounds and release them.

Being vulnerable is to give your trust, your everything.

Being vulnerable is being hurt because it will take time to recover from it, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years because time is needed to heal.

Being vulnerable is to admit our mistakes, our past actions and forgive ourselves.

Being vulnerable is accepting your humanity and embrace it.

Being vulnerable is understand the circle of life, happiness is linked to sadness, there is no strength without vulnerability,there is no black without white, no yin without yang.

Being vulnerable is to let go of the past and reveal your authentic self to live your life on your own terms.

Being vulnerable is to open a door for love, light, joy and ultimately healing.

Being vulnerable is being authentic.

Comment apprendre énormément ? Être perdue dans la blogosphère !

Et voilà ! On y est, les couleurs d’automne se fanent sur les arbres pour faire place à des arbres dénudées de leur apparat et sujet aux frissons de l’hiver. Oui, dans un ton familier, on commence vraiment à se les cailler. Place aux doudounes, aux matières douces et chaudes pour hiberner et préserver notre vitalité. Vitalité n’a pas été la réponse de mon corps et esprit. Bien au contraire. Le froid m’a vraiment poussé à hiberner et à recharger mes batteries.

Je viens de sortir de deux jours non/stop où j’ai dormi comme un bébé et ma fille a suivi mon style. Fatigue accumulée, mal de dos, l’hiver qui pointe sa petite bouille et des réveils matinaux, très matinaux ont poussé mes limites de résistance et résilience.
Je n’ai jamais dormi autant depuis la naissance de ma fille ce qui peut expliquer le besoin de mon body and mind to black out.

Loin d’être désagréable, cette petite cure de sommeil m’a aidé à regarder la réalité en face : j’adore écrire, inspirer, booster le moral des troupes et je veux en faire mon job. Les détours et challenges d’un entrepreneur sont comiques, enrichissants (toujours) et une véritable boîte de Pandore si vous ne demandez pas de l’aide. Réellement.

Depuis fin Septembre, je me suis retrouvée dans une bataille intergalactique à choisir quelle galaxie sera la plus belle, la plus pratique pour changer le design de mon blog. J’ai été patiente, persévérante, un véritable bouillion d’idées et d’innovations de toutes sortes pour transformer mon blog. Je voulais qu’il doit plus audacieux, plus coloré, plus Moi pour connecter plus avec vous. Au lieu de cela, j’ai eu vraiment l’impression de me retrouver comme Ulysse 31 dans une nébuleuse sans fin pour vous retrouver.

De cette aventure, j’en ai appris que faire un changement requiert du temps mais aussi un emploi du temps défini avec une deadline réaliste. Vouloir transformer le design de votre blog en deux semaines est impossible surtout si vous avez seulement une vague idée de ce que vous voulez.

Cherchez, fouiller, posez des questions et surtout demander de l’aide. Si vous voulez que votre idée devienne réalité, vous devez la sortir de vos pensées, la formuler par écrit et la rendre vivante par votre voix et passion.

C’est comme ça que le processus de création prend toute son ampleur : quand vous avez eu le courage de parler de votre idée, le premier pas est déjà fait. Ne reste plus qu’à demander de l’aide à votre tribu/bande, vos amis, vos potes, vos best friends qui croient en vous. Parce que vous êtes à la porte d’un nouveau monde où le language est différent et vous avez tout à apprendre surtout si vous quittez WordPress.com for WordPress.org.

La seconde solution, c’est de trouver la compagnie, la boîte de web design qui va réellement transformer votre idée en réalité. Ils sont là pour ça. Être créatif ne veut pas dire nécessairement être une bête, un master en technologie. Chacun ses compétences, chacun ses forces. Heureusement d’ailleurs !

A la fin de cette péripétie, je peux vous dire que j’ai appris vite et énormément en peu de temps. Je sais exactement ce que je veux pour mon blog. Je connais encore mieux mes forces et mes faiblesses. Demander de l’aide n’est pas une faiblesse mais une force.

Sortir de ma zone de confort est la meilleure chose qui me soit arrivée. Soyez patient, le monde tourne à 100 à l’heure pour nous faire perdre la tête, vous avez le choix de ne pas vous conformer à cette mentalité stressante. Faites confiance à votre intuition.
Perdue certes mais j’en suis ressortie plus confiante, plus persévérante et motivée à transformer ma vision en réalité.