I Do Not Forget You

I didn’t write for a moment because my friends I am hyper busy.

I am creating my new website on my own and this experience really stretched my comfort zone.

But so far, so good and you may guess, I am a tiny demanding with how I want my website to look like.

So this the reason why I am not writing as much as before but I do not forget you, to the contrary I am preparing something for you which will blow your mind (in a good way, of course!)

After all, my passion is to inspire, motivate and empower YOU !

Happy Friday

With love


We All Deserve To Create A Life We Love

Back from a short break in Brittany, it made me realise how taking a break is essential. I needed to rest, relax, reflect and be on my own to recharge my batteries. Any woman should give her permission to look truly after herself. It’s  a question of self-care, self-love and respect.

Additionally it is a fantastic booster because your motivation is jumping in your face, the why of doing so much, thinking so much and attain milestones without even seeing it…and it pushed you to slow down, to pause, to reflect. Your body, mind, soul are craving to have these moments, these present moments to re-calibrate, to question yourselves without judgement, to realise your achievements and where you are in your journey.

Despite the frenzied pace of our world, we have this choice. This ability to consciously make a decision to shift our attitude, embrace a positive mindset to perceive solutions, ideas you never thought previously.

This is an ongoing practice that honestly, I love because I see people transforming in front of me, feeling good, reassured and confident that they can find the solutions by themselves. The light in their eyes when they have this lightbulb moment is priceless.

I attended a Coaching training for Performance that confirmed to me, once again that inspiring, motivating and empowering people is my passion. Guiding people to think different is like magic for me and everyone deserve it. We all deserve to create a life we love.

Self Care Is Good But Self Love Is Even Better !

It is when the truth is slapping in the face that you always stop yourself in your tracks. Your all awesomeness start to dip down and you start to be worried, concerned and put yourself in the guilt box. Because you knew. You knew that it was time to slow down, disconnect from the digital world and make yourself as a priority.

Self care is good but Self Love is even better. If you love yourself, you will take care of yourself, if not it’s time stopping, dipping your toes in the distraction sauce and focus on the essential stuff which is only YOU.

Yes, no need to find reasons not to, excuses when your doctor ask you to have an ultra sound to check if you have a disease that you’re not aware.

Was it scary to hear that ? Yes !

Did I go into the drama rollercoaster that my dear ego wanted to ? No.

Did I feel down and needed some time to reflect ? Yes.

Did I change my habits straight away ? Yes

The result of it, today is my last day before to go on holiday for a well deserved break ON MY OWN. Don’t wait until the last minute, listen to your intuition and have the courage to change for good. My friends, Self Care is good but Self Love is even BETTER !

What Is Being Yourself ?

Being Yourself is speak your mind.

Being Yourself is to stay aligned with your values.

Being Yourself is to embrace your uniqueness unapologetically.

Being Yourself is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Being Yourself is to define your happiness on your own terms.

Being Yourself is to empower yourself every day.

Being Yourself is staying true to yourself.

Being Yourself is to share your gifts, talents with the world.

Being Yourself is to embrace your humanity and spirituality.

Celebrate Any Tiny Victory Every Day !

Today is my birthday and I have decided to celebrate any joy I am going to experience today. Whatever it is small, minor, big or phenomenal I will celebrate it with all my heart and be grateful for that.

By staying positive and resilient, I am going to focus on the lessons I am learning today and you know what ? Every day! It is easy to go back on autopilot and let our ego do the show and minimise our personal growth by focusing on the circumstances but we are not our circumstances.

We are so much more and by deciding to be what you want to be (in terms of identity) you will already just by decision feel a slight change in your attitude when facing adversity. You will know deep down that no matter what, you will succeed, reach your goals and where you dreamt to be.

By celebrating any tiny victory, you are giving a boost to your self esteem and it is excellent to write down these celebrations because at the end of the day, you will see that you are pretty amazing and blessed if you are making the effort to do it. You will feel valued, loved and supported. And THIS is the cherry on the cake !

Have a great day Sunshine !

Be Inspired, Motivated, Empowered by Gaëlle !

You may have noticed that the name of my blog changed. It’s not Be Yourself by Jolia but Be Yourself by Gaelle. A small change which translate my desire to do not hide anymore behind my nickname on Internet Jolia and to embrace this change wholeheartedly… because it’s TIME !

I used to navigate on Internet with this name since Caramail (which mean it has been for ages !!!) and I feel this drive to connect my true identity with my blog that I love.

I think it is truly the time for all of US to take action, step into our power and be unapologetically ourselves. It is a door for more authenticity, an identity statement to rock 2018. So with this new intention,  you will hear much more about me my friends to inspire, motivate and empower You !

2018 ? Are You Ready For It ?

Are you ready for it ? Today is the last day of December 2017. The day where you want to celebrate the upcoming New Year as well as think about what you experienced and learnt this year. Or let’s say what you want to change in your current lifestyle for more self awareness, discovery or personal growth ?

Firstly celebrate your successes this year, set  your intentions for 2018 and find your word(s).Yes, did you already think about your WORD(s) for 2018 ? Yes, the word or words you want to live into for 2018 ? I am going to find mine either by journaling or by using this free meditation Finish Strong, Start Stronger and exercise by Ziva meditation.

What I did, I had the opportunity to have a free reading of my birth chart with a fantastic Astrologer. My friends, having faith and determination is primordial, having the opportunity to know more about your future is an opportunity to do not miss. Because  if you trust yourself, particularly your intuition what you will ask would be a confirmation of your own feelings for 2018…and this is exactly what happened to me. If you can do it, do not hesitate, just do it.

Yes, we all agree 2017 has been a hell of a year for everyone, intense, challenging and shaking all of us big time. We all desire now for 2018 to be a year where we will claim our place in the world unapologetically and stay true to ourselves, where we can rise, shine and be the actor of our own life.

With this in mind let’s celebrate the end of an awakening 2017 to dive into 2018 full of promises, abundance and magic where our dreams will come true. I wish you all a fabulous and Happy New Year 2018 !!!!!


Christmas : Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love

At last, the countdown can really start now. Christmas is at our fingertips and the feeling of it is pure joy. I think that experiencing moments of joy and celebration now is the antidote to overcome all the challenges of 2017.

Sure, we still have a few days after Christmas but we all know sooner than later 2018 will be pleased to make its entrance into our world.

So let’s go back to present. In a few hours, Christmas will be celebrated in many homes with excitement, joy, kindness. Time to truly chill out, rest and enjoy family and friends.

Time to just being in the moment, conscious of this wonderful time to truly be grateful for what we have and cherish these times. Yes, time for being fully present and spread a message of love around us.

As Gabby Bernstein said in her book “May Cause Miracles “, gratitude is the attitude and I would add that forgive people who hurt you is the perfect time to free yourself from this emotional baggage for GOOD.

I wish you all to spend a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. May this day bring you so much love, happiness and joy that we would like that this day never end.